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Top 5 Best Single Blade Razors in 2017- Guide & Reviews


Nowadays, the manufacturers are hell bent on stuffing more and more blades into the shavers. That is how cartridge razors came into the scene. Sure these razors are fancy and costly, but when you are in for a close shave, nothing beats the old timers. Yes, I am talking about Best Single Blade Razors that […]

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Top 5 Best Disposable Razors in 2017- Guide & Reviews


When it comes to “Shaving,” which apparatus dominates your cabinet? Is it the contemporary electric razor or the age-old disposable ones? For me, it all boils down to comfort and habit. After weighing positives and negatives of the two types of products, I went for the old shavers. Best Disposable Razors offer you comfort, more […]

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