Best Razor for Bikini Area: Choices You Can Go for in 2023

What would deem absolutely necessary in your beauty kit?

A touch-up kit?

A small powder box?

People even carry a hairbrush, waxing kit, and even a hair straightener for that matter.

So, what did I miss? Ah, a shaving razor!

You need one to take care of your arms, legs, and armpits.

Even then, the final touch is not there. Yes, these things can groom your entire body. Except for your private parts. You just CAN’T use a normal shaver for your bikini lines.

“Why,” you ask?

Well, normal razors might cause you irritations, skin bumps, burns, nicks, and cuts. Let me tell you, these things DON’T feel good when they happen along your bikini lines.

The solution?

The Best Razor for Bikini Area you can find. Specialized trimmers or an entire shaver can take care of delicate areas of your private parts without letting you worrying so much. A good product cuts down on additional expenses too!

So, wanna find out which products are best for shaving “Down There?” Interested in taking some tips on how to use them? You want to do your own research may be?

Whatever the case, this guide answers all of your queries. Without wasting more time on intros, let’s get to it in the next section.

In a hurry? Check out our top pick: Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator

Why Go for A Bikini Trimmer, Let Alone the Best One?

“Normal razors will do, it’s a waste of money; right?” Well… not quite. There are certain reasons why you need to go for a “Specialized” razors for your private parts. Let me list some of them for you.

Your bikini areas are delicate and super sensitive. A normal razor for women may account for arms and legs. Yet, it falls short and may cause irritation in your private parts. The reason is lack of hypoallergenic foil covering the blades in case of normal shavers.

The best bikini shaver often has a specific build. You may see angled blades or special trimmers. These help to give the closest of shaves normal razors can’t. The trimmer attachments often have sharp blades and different sizes of combs. These will help you in sizing up your hairs.

Best Razor For Bikini Area of Women That Deliver Results

Choosing bikini-line shavers for women is a difficult task. Especially, if you have a sensitive skin. There are very few razors that stand the test of a sensitive skin. But I can tell you, my recommendations below will certainly do. These are affordable and adept at doing their jobs.

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

Panasonic-ES2216PC-Close-Curves-Women’s-Electric-ShaverI can dish out a plethora of reasons as to why you should get Panasonic ES2216PC shaver. The most important one being that it features a bikini attachment. This thing also has a design that is “Feminine-friendly.” You have a pink colored razor that will appeal to each and every woman.

You know what? I was impressed by the quality of “Four” blades that this thing packed in. These blades have ultra-thin, dual foil and are really sharp when you compare it to other models.

These blades are here to give you a close and clean shave.

Combine them with the pivoting head and you get a razor that can reach the hardest areas of your body (not to mention bikini parts). This head is quick to pivot too.

The bikini shaver attachment is a wonder! One can shape, resize, or shave the hair off completely with this thing. One can even cut short hair to various lengths. There is a “Pop Up” trimmer that completely removes longer hair.

Furthermore, the stainless steel blades are hypo-allergenic. People won’t face skin troubles while working with Panasonic ES2216PC. Even if you have a sensitive skin, the razor won’t trouble you. These blades are surprisingly gentle to your body parts.

Panasonic ES2216PC has a trimmer that works when you need a quick touch-up job. You can do wet shaving too as the razor comes with a waterproof mechanism. I could clean this thing in minutes. I can vouch that maintaining this tool is as easy as pie.

The ES2216PC is one shaver you can travel with. It is small in size and is portable. One can even remove unwanted hair on the go with a little touchup. Feel free to take this ladies electric shaver anywhere you like.

  • If anyone wants a lightweight yet compact shaver; they’ve got it with Panasonic ES2216PC.
  • The blades are one of the plus points of this shaver as they won’t become dull anytime soon.
  • The head of this device floats independently with four blades. This gives you greater coverage.
  • I love how quickly the battery recharges; Power outage won’t stop you from looking beautiful.
  • Panasonic ES2216PC is a feminine machine. It has a female-friendly bikini trimmer too!
  • One of the few complaints about this ladies shaver is that the batter drains very fast.
  • It’s a shame that such well-designed bikini shaver suffers from durability issues due to the outer case.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women's Epilator

Braun-Silk-épil-9-9-579-Women's-Epilator9 9-579 Silk-Epil from Braun is 40% wider now. However, that’s not the only reason I’m referring this as the best bikini razor out there. Let’s explore the benefits of this tiny product together.

You know what? The Silk-épil 9 9-579 features wider tweezers than normal razors. These help you in removing short hair. If you are familiar with waxing, you know how difficult it is to remove short hairs. This little shaver pulls out hair four times smaller than waxing will do for you.

Why is this the best bikini razor (Best shaving razor overall)? Well, it comes with a huge arsenal. As many as “Seven” attachments come as a part of the product! Curious as to what they do? Well, you have the detachable head. It is flexible and adapts to the contours of your body.

Next is the precision trimmer or the Bikini Trimmer. It’s amazing how well it shaves your private parts. Also, you’ll find a “Cap” inside to guard it. This will also help you to cut your hair in different lengths.

People get a massaging cap as well. It serves the same purpose as the trimmer cap. The "Massage" attachment is good for a pulsating sensation on your skin. This epilator sends out vibrations to increase the blood flow underneath the skin. It helps by making the skin look younger.

There’s a “Skin Contact” cap too! It helps people with sensitive skin. This thing ensures the razor only remains in contact with your skin as much as you need it to be. No more, no less.

Now, don’t rush yet! There’s a bonus waiting for you guys. With Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women's Epilator, you get a facial brush that people can use to remove the makeup. It even cleanses your pores and removes impurities. With this shaver, one can do dry or wet shaving.

  • I like the fact that Braun allows users to do wet and dry shaving with this bikini razor at this price.
  • You have a smart light. It helps you see the tiniest hair on your bikini area and uproot it.
  • The pivoting head of this thing allows it to effortlessly navigate the contours of your body.
  • People have the luxury of enjoying the services of as many as seven attachments of this razor.
  • I love the facial brush that helps you in getting rid of your makeup. It’s quick and effective.
  • Very few users have mentioned this to be hurting their armpits and not removing ingrown hairs.


Philips BikiniPerfect Advanced HP6378 Bikini Trimmer Kit

Philips-BikiniPerfect-Advanced-HP6378-Bikini-Trimmer-KitIf you want the best razor for bikini area under 100 dollars, get this! It’s all in the name. As Philips advertised, this is perfect for bikini area as the trimmer kit comes with numerous options to tackle each and every hair on your body.

I think the battery leaves things to be desired with only an hour worth runtime. Other than that, this little package packs in some serious benefits.

For example, you have as many as six different attachments to take care of the bikini line, hair trimming, shaving, and hair shaping. As you know, the bikini trimmer will remove ingrown hair from the bikini lines of your body. It’ll look silky smooth when you go to the beach.

Then, you have the “Precision Comb.” Stylish chicks (like me) want to cut and even out their hairs to certain lengths. This little comb can help you do just that.

The epilator is the third attachment in line. You get to uproot your ingrown hairs for a long time with this thing. I did some touchups with the eyebrow comb too. It shapes your eyebrows evenly. If you have a single hair sticking out from the eyebrow line, use the micro trimmer to get rid of it.

Let’s say, I don’t want to have anything to do with trimming and just want to shave body hair. I can! With the standard shaver attachment of Philips BikiniPerfect Advanced HP6378, its possible. The attachment works on sensitive skin as well.

  • I loved the overall ergonomic design of the bikini razor. It’s easy to operate with.
  • I found the control panel relatively simple and easy to get around.
  • You have as many as six attachments that’ll shave, shape, and remove your hairs.
  • This thing comes precision comb that works to shape body hairs in different sizes.
  • The attachments won’t hurt your skin one bit when you use them.
  • Few of the reviewers complained about the trimmers not being as close as advertised.
  • Battery life of a mere 60 minutes is a concern for me to be honest.


Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver

Cleancut-PS335-T-Shape-Personal-ShaverLet me recommend you a unique personal “T-Shaped” shaped razor at this point. While people may prefer Braun, Panasonic, Philips or any other brand; CleanCut is no muck either with the impressive design and super sharp blades. It is equally good for men as it is for women.

This Japanese product comes with trimmers that cut close to the skin. When I say close, I mean it. You won’t feel any in-grown hair or hair patch with your fingertips after you are done. This little thing doesn’t pose a risk of pulling your skin or nicking it in the process.

So, where can you use this thing? The first place is obviously the bikini lines. I’ve seen ladies trying it on underarms and legs. People shave Pubic hair with it too. Thanks to the trimmers with this product, you can shape your hair the way you like. Or you can take them all off!

This thing runs on a battery. With regular shaving, the battery should stay good for a month. After that, you DO need to change it. Also, don’t forget to clean the blade after you are done the shaving. However, DON’T open the cover unless you’ve switched off the power.

As I said, this is equally good for guys. Boys can trim their facial hair with it. It’s so efficient that it only leaves about a millimeter of hair on the surface of your skin. CleanCut PS335 doesn’t pinch the skin while cutting the hair. So, no red spots or bloody accidents.

  • It is a good balance between price and performance according to me.
  • The machine is pretty simple to use and uses no electricity to be operated.
  • The battery doesn’t need frequent recharging and runs for a month or more depending on use.
  • CleanCut doesn’t feature extra trimmers. So, it’s a single trimmer for each and every part of the body.
  • If your skin is too hairy, working with this may become tricky for you.
  • The build quality didn’t impress me so much as the performance did.


Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women

Panasonic-ES246AC-Bikini-Shaper-Trimmer-for-WomenIt might not look like much but Panasonic ES246AC is definitely the contender for “Best Bikini Trimmer” spot and for good reasons too! This is a lightweight shaver. The weight doesn’t pull your hands down when trimming hairs. As it is portable, you can take it anywhere you like.

The blade is super sharp. Made of stainless steel, these blade performs when you need it to. I didn’t have to skim over one area of my body more than once.

I am a fan of the angled bikini trimmer attachment. The unique angle gives users the facility to trim hairs to a small length. As small as they want. Let me tell you, it won’t cause your skin any irritations or burns.

The trimmer comes with a 5-position head that makes shaving easy for people who are first-timers. You can tackle difficult areas with these positions. Also, it helps to adapt to the contours of your skin and different body parts.

I like the fact that it’s cordless and doesn’t require to be plugged in a socket. It requires two AA sized batteries instead. These are rechargeable.

My only little issue is the 45-minute runtime. It’s too short when running on batteries.

Unlike most of the trimmers, it includes a maintenance kit. You can wash the trimmer with water. It’s waterproof. However, it also comes with a brush that takes the hair off. Now, you can do a bit of touchup and clean the razor anytime you see fit.

  • This little razor is hypoallergenic and a perfect fit for a person with a sensitive skin.
  • The “Angled” Trimmer gives you closeness and painless experience when it comes to shaving.
  • The blade can fit in five positions to make your experience with the shaver a blast.
  • The stainless steel blade cuts through hair quickly and efficiently without leaving traces.
  • The handle is comfortable, I had no problem gliding the razor over my face.
  • I didn’t like the mere 45-minute runtime of the AA batteries. It’s too short for some people.


Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women

Schick-Hydro-Silk-TrimStyle-Moisturizing-Razor-for-WomenEnding my list of “Best Razor for Bikini Area” list is one from Schick. Schick is perfect for men with thick facial hair. But can it hold its end when it comes to women? As it turns out, it passes with flying colors.

First of all, the Silk razor got its name from a moisturizing serum that hydrates your skin once the shaving or trimming part is done. In case you are wondering, this is approved by dermatologists. The liquid can provide moisture to your skin for hours even after you are done shaving.

Schick Hydro Silk razor is made for more sensitive skin. The bikini trimmer is awesome in particular. Don’t think that you won’t get regular shaving done. It is a package where you get a regular shaver and a trimmer 2-in-1. One just needs to flip the handle to switch between regular shaver and the trimmer.

This little bikini trimmer is waterproof. You can use it in the shower for a wet shaving. Feel free to use it for dry shaving too. After you are done, clean it without worrying about the water messing around with the mechanisms inside. Pretty cool!

What makes this thing great is that you have five different blades with intelligent design. These blades can sense the curves of a woman’s body to perfection. When shaving or trimming, you won’t face cuts, bruises, and skin pulls.

Want to play around with the “Shaving” part a bit? Now you can! People get to choose between different heights of hair while shaving. You can take it all off or trim it to your liking. This is all thanks to the 4-setting comb that comes with this package. You can cut the hair to different lengths.

  • People have five different blades that sense the curves of their faces while shaving.
  • This razor is waterproof and can be used for wet as well as dry shaving.
  • Being a “Hydrating” razor, this one moisturizes your face, body, legs, and armpits after shaving.
  • The hydrating razor receives a boost from water when cooling your body part after shaving.
  • You won’t face any bruises, cuts, and skin pulls during shaving.
  • This razor can be quite tricky as some twisting and turning of the handle is involved in the operating process.

Things I Considered When Choosing These Models

Most razors have a trimmer for bikini line shaving. Some brands go as far as dedicating an entire product for that purpose. In any case, there are thousands of products claiming to be effective for the job. But the million dollar question is, “How did I narrow my list down to just six contenders?” Well, guys… the answer follows.

I Considered the Hair Type of Women Along the Bikini Line

Most “Top Ten” or “Top 5” articles miss this point or misinterpret it. The hair type (coerced or normal, thick or thin) along bikini lines might differ from rest of the body parts.  The problem with “Just Any” razor is that it might not tackle these patches of hair with the right care.

As a result, your skin might end up suffering from skin pulls, burns, nicks, and cuts. The solution for me was to find a trimmer that was angled or had multiple positions to work with. It will give you the freedom to shave or trim your hair to your liking.

I Am A Perfectionist!

That certainly helped me when choosing these models. I wanted my readers to have the closest shave possible without hurting themselves. Hence I chose models that have the sharpest blades when it comes to shaving. These will grant you a clean shave and a silky-smooth feeling.

Of course, I didn’t forget readers who might just want to trim the bikini lines. That’s why you’ll find some of the models with trimmers that allow you different settings to tinker with. In any case, these models will very well suffice the needs of bikini trimming as well as general shaving all over the body.

I Did the Math with the Size

I’m sure you’ll agree on the fact that the ideal size of a razor equals to comfort.

Now, when you are shaving at home, anything goes. People use razors with the long handles, the short ones, and ones where customized grips are available.

But to be honest, the grip of the handle is important and also, the ease of maneuvering it across the body. The razor’s size becomes even more significant when you travel abroad.

Travelers need compact stuff. They should be able to pack the razor in. In my experience, smaller razors do great when shaving the bikini area. That’s why I preferred smaller ones over medium size on my list.

I Considered How Easy A Razor is to Use

I keep saying over and over that convenience is the factor that should decide which shaver you are choosing. Especially, when it comes to the best razor for the bikini area.

When having a quiet and easy shave, one shouldn’t worry about cleaning the hair off the blades. You shouldn’t go into a frenzy of plucking each hair out individually.

That’s why I chose models that are mostly automatic. Electric Bikini Shavers are also on my list. These things clean themselves. Those that run on AA batteries are great too. You just need to put them under running water to see the magic.

Oh… one can use these razors for wet and dry shaving without losing performance.

I Covered the Base with Skin Sensitiveness

There are plenty of beauty enthusiasts who would love to have a bikini treatment done. Truth to be told, with most razors, they can’t. Because cutting too close to the skin might result in nicks and cuts. Unlucky people might even face rashes and red spots on skin all thanks to the sharp blades.

But I believe “Skin Sensitivity” shouldn’t rob you of a chance to wear the sexiest bikinis around. That’s why I’ve chosen razors with coated blades. Bikini shavers like Schick Hydro Silk come with hypoallergenic foils that cover the blade. This foil prevents the stainless steel to come into contact with the skin.

Generally, the foil is ultra-thin. It manages to shield your skin without causing any loss to the sharpness of the blade(s) of the razors.

How to Use the Bikini Shavers/Trimmers?

Let’s look have a sequential look at my guide here. You’ve learned what Bikini are, which are the contenders best bikini shaver, and how I chose them. Be ready for the next phase. This is where I teach you gals how to use the bikini trimmers.

  • The first rule of shaving the covered private parts is to find the perfect razor for the job. Most people will take a trip to the shopping malls for that. I’ll advise you to take a look at earlier part of the article for suggestions.
  • If you have hairs that are few inches in length, start trimming them. Cut them into a smaller size which you can manage later on. If you want to leave it at that, you can. But if you want to take it all off, follow the next steps.
  • If you want to shave your bikini and pubic areas, wet shaving is the ideal thing to do. At least, go for a nice steamy bath beforehand.
  • The next step towards shaving is to exfoliate your body properly. According to Green, a dermatologist, exfoliating is useful. It makes the short hairs on your body rise up and makes the skin soft for the next step.
  • Go for a gentle shaving cream at this stage. Ones that are fragrance-free. The substances that cause fragrance can damage the skin by drying it up. Don’t go for shaving oils either. They can close up the pores and clog your skin up.
  • Now, it comes to shaving. Make sure you move the razor in the direction of your hair growth. Also, don’t pull down hard on your skin. Do it gently to avoid nicks and cuts.
  • If you want to go another round to get the extra close shave, make sure to apply shaving cream on the spot again. It’ll help in removing remaining hairs if you’ve missed the spot or soften the skin again.
  • If you want your skin to remain soft, pat your skin dry and apply a bit of a moisturizer. Again, go for ones that don’t have any fragrance. You’ll do well to avoid AHA based moisturizers as they harm the skin.
  • Once you are done, make sure to wear cotton garments. This way, the newly shaved areas won’t irritate you at all.

Let’s End it Here

Let me tell you a secret. the best razor for bikini area won’t help you unless you prepare for the shave the right way and take care of your skin afterward. A solid list of recommendation will help you though. That’s what I intended to do all along.

As a bonus, you now know how to treat your skin before and after the shaving process too. Be sure to choose the right tool for the job and follow all the steps thoroughly. It’ll save you a lot of bucks and give you a “Spa-Like” treatment at home!

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