Best Straight Razor for Barber – My Top 5 Recommendations

When you decide to go back to your old-school shaving style or you just think you need to give the best service to your customers as a barber, I would point you out to the “Straight Razors”. Well, that’s of course, it gives the ultimate shaving experience to you with its straight-edged maneuver. But point to be noted, there are a few pretty brands out there waving at the global market.

So, what would be your first choice?

For me, there are quite a few. I can address Parker, Classic Samurai, Black widow, but especially some models from Parker.

But why these?

Well, that’s what we are going to talk about today. We will have an in-depth insight into these best straight razors for barbers and their particular models and how they can be best suitable for you. Based on their new features, grip and shaving performance, we will figure out the best choice for you.

So sit sight, let’s dive into the research!

In a hurry? Check out our top pick: Parker SRX Heavy Duty Barber Razor

Top 5 Straight Razors for Barber Reviews

Parker SRX Heavy Duty Barber Razor

Parker-SRX-Heavy-DutyIf you are a pro and looking for something that goes with your style, Parker SRX heavy duty is here to be your host. This exclusive razor does heavy on shaving. And that’s a first, you can rely on the 2.3-ounce weight to simply put the razor on the skin and let it do its work, and lets you give less pressure on every of your stroke. The best part? You do not even need to keep the blade honed before you give the stroke.

Do you want to hear something to be impressed?

This model has “clip to close” technique that keeps the blade perfectly aligned when you close the clip. This is something I found very unique unlike in other straight razor brands. In addition, this technique makes the blade more securely in place and you can simply pull out and push the razor with your style.

But there’s more!

The blade has round exposure at its end. So whatever distracts you, you will even be able to minimize cuts with this wonderful blade compartment.

And the durability?

The whole razor along with its blade arm and the handle is covered up with Heavy Stainless Steel. Let me tell you, these stainless steel are made from high-quality aluminum! Any chance of oxidization? Not even 1 percent.

You do not need to worry about your blade choice anymore. This entire razor complies with both double-edged blades & single-edged blades and keeps them aligned to the clip perfectly. Happiness is; when the razor comes with 5 more shark blades! Above all, I always take this model up in my list of best straight razor for barber.

Let’s see the pros and cons this razor has a quick view:

Things that impressed me:

  • Heavyweight duty with 2.3 ounces that gives you less pressure on every stroke.
  • Clip to close technique to perfectly align the razor with security.
  • Round exposure at the end which I found very useful to minimize cuts.
  • Both the shaving handle & blade arm are made of high-quality.

Things I was sad with:

  • This is certainly not for beginners.
  • Not preferred by people who prefer French point razor.


Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Parker-SRW-Stainless-Steel-Straight-Edge-Barber-Razor Frankly, Parker SRW Straight Razor always stays at the highest peak of preference. You can’t simply go wrong with the quality & the market-based service Parker provides with this model. Firstly, this razor is heavier than the previous model with 3.2 ounces and perfectly shaped for amateurs. If you are hoping to cut off all of your tricky & curly hairs, this razor will give you a gentle shave. How? You can simply put the blade on your skin straight without putting any extra pressure, the weight will do the best cut on your stroke.

There’s more!

This Parker SRW model comes with 100 shark half blades; not 10, not 20, but 100! Like I said, this service will surely make you fall in love with Parker as this will save you a lot of bucks.

Impressed already?

The blade arm gets dissected like scissors. You can easily install the blades on the blade arm. All you need to do is just pull up the hinge and divide, pull out the old blade and install a new one.

And as always:

The blade has round exposure at its end. I believe that’s the type of exposure every barber in the world prefers to have, I know you will like it as well. Even if you ask why; this round exposure helps you to minimize cuts so that you can have or give a gentle smooth shave.

Happiness is:

Parker has always focused on bringing the absolute unique style of aligning the blades. In this case, this SRW model has the Snap/lock blade technique to perfectly align the blade and secure the insertion. While you are busy with your client or shaving your own beard, you will not have to focus too much on inserting the blades.

And the durability?

Though the blade arm is not made from Aluminum, I am still relaxed as they are completely Stainless Steel. But other than that, I would say the blade arm is brilliantly balanced for a great shave. And the stainless steel gives a longer durability as you can even forget the time you bought it.

Okay, let’s have a quick view of the pros and cons:

Things that impressed me:

  • Heavyweight with 3.2 ounces giving you a full force on every stroke.
  • Round exposure to minimize cuts to give you a gentle cut.
  • Snap/lock technique to perfectly align the blades during insertion.
  • Stainless Steel blade arm.

Things I was sad with:

  • Not for the beginners for the heavyweight.
  • In spite of the stainless steel, the blade arm is not made from Aluminum.


Classic Samurai CS-102 Straight Razor

Classic-Samurai-CS-102-Straight-RazorIf you are not into Parker SRW, you can take a good swing with the Classic Samurai CS-102 straight razor. Talking about performance, this razor has the blade arm completely made of Pure Metal. With the combination of the sharpness of blades, it works like a “Surgical Samurai Sword” if you want to get a baby butt smooth shave.

I will take the first round with the weight. It’s moderate in weight (1.75 ounces), but it complies so much with the sharpness of blades. The structure of the blades glides easily on your skin so you have to keep a little bit of trick by yourself. Once you are used to, you will master your shaving you will never have to replace this razor again. Care for a little advice? Go with a smooth flow, don’t apply too much pressure because it cuts everything it sees especially the soft areas.

Even you are going to have the smoothest handle into play. The grip is so strong that I can easily concentrate on every stroke I give. Or even better; it really helps me to minimize cuts during shaving.

This gets better:

If you want a razor with the highest longevity without spending extra a few dollars from your budget; Classic Samurai CS-102 is the best stuff you can get out there. This comes with a Plastic Pouch so that you can keep it for protection and rid it of Oxidization. The price is cheap enough for me to buy with a happy face.

Oh, by the way! It comes with 100 Derby Single Edge Blades. Sounds cool right?

Then let’s get straight to the pros and cons:

Things that impressed me:

  • Surgical Stainless Steel.
  • Smooth Grip on Handle.
  • Highest durability with stainless steel and Protection Pouch.
  • Pretty affordable.

Things I was sad with:

  • There’s no instruction manual for the razor.
  • In spite of the stainless steel, the blade arm is not made from Aluminum.
  • Surely not for beginners as it quite sharply in soft areas.


Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Barber Razor

Parker-SR1-Stainless-Steel-Barber-RazorNow let’s go on something with Lightweight! If you have shaving expertise up your sleeve, take Parker SR1 on your side. Though the handle is made of plastic, you get the firm grip on the handle and gently focus on your skin and there you go! You can get baby butt smooth shave on every stroke! Thanks to this, I can get an efficient grip and shave smoothly even if I’m in a too crappy mood to focus.

Then you have the rounded exposure! This is quite beneficiary for the beginners like us who want to make shaving more fun. It really helps me to minimize cuts and surely; why would I even expect cuts? It prevents any kind of it in the soft areas I need.

You have the Snap/lock technique in play too! This thing helps you to put the blade on the compartment without any constraints, the insertion part is very smooth. No need to give too much pressure, because this technique doesn’t need that.

This razor takes everything up a notch to give you gentle shaving. You can combine the round exposure with single edge half blades or dual edge blades to gently glide along your skin line. Though there is not any hinge at the upper part, you can just grab with your thumb & index fingers to simply open up the upper part. To cut short, I found installing the blade quite easy. Impressed already? The razor comes with 5 shark Super Stainless half blades, the Barber’s choice!

And the durability?

The entire razor is made of Stainless Steel but not made from Aluminum. Except that, both the handle & blade arm are covered with stainless steel; so you do not have to worry about rust or oxidization.

Now let’s jump on the pros and cons, to have a quick check!

Things that impressed me:

  • Pretty lightweight with 1.6 ounces to go with the different style you want.
  • The handle is quite smooth; gives you a good feeling when you grab it.
  • Snap/ lock blade technique so you can easily insert the blade into the compartment without giving much pressure.
  • Stainless steel on both handle & blade arm as it is longer-lasting.
  • Easy to install blades.
  • Accepts both single half & double-edged.

Things I was sad with:

  • Not for pros who prefer heavyweight.
  • There’s no hinge at the upper part of blades, this is not my opinion because most people go with the convenience.
  • The body is not made from Aluminum.


Professional Barber Blade Straight Razor Series by Black Widow

Professional-Barber-Blade-Straight-Razor-Series-by-Black-WidowMan! Let’s enter the Pro Club! If you really want something more elite, the best straight razor for barber, the executive brand Black Window comes down like “Zeus from Olympus”. Firstly, I really loved the amazing design & the craftsmanship of the razor. This beauty has the black & chrome layer covered on the cover & the blade arm, makes me recall the “Ying Yang” sign.

You can even grab it perfectly in your hand. I really found the grip enjoyable as the design works with balance by its 1.6 ounces of weight. The grip really prevented pain on the wrist, you can shave as many as you want without tiredness. Impressed already? The razor has the thumb notch system and a little ridge on the shank part so you can place your fingers properly and give more focus. Sounds cool; right?

But there’s more!

You can now have the French point exposure system! This exposure style is widened up to 1.5 mm on this razor. You can surely maneuver your work in more detail and focus on to make more stylish cuts. This is quite brilliant for experts like you who prefer to cope with many styles of trends nowadays.

Happiness is:

With all the features this razor is giving out there, it has the “Swing Lock” system for your blades to be placed with more security. Even if you are too much busy with your slippery hands and don’t notice, the blade will never go off!

And the durability?

The entire razor comes up with Stainless Steel so no worries for rusting at first. Then you have the razor entirely double-coated which triples up the longevity. You can even change the blade after one shave to keep it 100% safer and longer lasting. Wait! This is travel-friendly too, due to its lightweight. All you need to do is just throw it in a pouch, or a box! Then you are good to go! All of this features you are getting are at economic rate! If you want to go for the best at an economic price in mind, this is the one waiting for you!

Let’s see what this razor has on the pros and cons:

Things that impressed me:

  • Amazing 2-tone design, black, and chrome giving you a muscular feel.
  • Perfectly balanced with the combination of lightweight, thumb notch grip, and grip on the shank.
  • French exposure up to 1.5mm for you to give detailed work during styling.
  • Swing Lock system to secure the blades during shaving, even with slippery hands.
  • Stainless Steel and double-coated design to be 100% oxidization free.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • Quite affordable.

Things I was sad with:

  • This is not for people who prefer heavyweight.
  • Round exposure is missing so it is not good for beginners.
  • It does not come with any disposable blades.


What would you look for before buying the best straight razor for barber?

So many things you can take into consideration before your desired straight razor comes home. I’m not going to mention any technical jargon; just direct you to some main facts you would need to remember. Here we go:

Blade exposure

Before you target a straight razor before stepping in to make a purchase; have an in-depth look. See closely if the razor has actual blade type you need. Just to remind you, there are 3 blade types available in the market. Round blade exposure, French exposure and square exposure. Round exposure reflects the head of the blade quite curved like a round shape. It lets you focus on the blade tip gentle glide along the skin line. Square blade exposure are the razor heads curved up like a square and looks like a chopping knife.

On the contrary, French blade exposure are the blade tips quite exposed much further than the blade head and these are quite sharper. If you are a pro, going for French point would be perfect but in case you don’t want to do that, I would suggest the round exposure. It gives you more fun on shaving and it’s quite safer.

Blade width

You surely would want to go with your experience with the razor. In case, you can check the blade width. Blade width is something you can’t easily ignore because it makes you rely on safety. Most commonly, the blades with 5/8” are available in the market because they can give you an awesome close shave. Surely, these are for beginners to go safely on their strokes. By contrast, you can go for blades having a width of 9/16”. These blades are quite sharper, risky to use but give you a thorough shaving. They are more likely to give you a baby butt smooth shave if you master it.

Blade insertion

Shaving is a daily routine, so you might need an extra safety on while doing that. Likewise, you need to assure that the blade placement is quite secure. In case, look for the razors which give best features in blade insertion. You can see razors having “clip to close”, “snap/lock”, “swing lock” and so many techniques that make placing blades while shaving. Feel free to check them out before buying a straight razor.


I personally do not like to replace or change the razor too often. In case you want to ensure durability, go for the razors that are made of stainless steel with high-quality aluminum. Now, this combination works on increasing longevity and you can even forget the time you bought one.


This is for obvious; I would do the same if I were you. I would check for a razor that would not cut deep through my pocket. Check for a razor that has many features up in the sleeve but is cost-efficient. Trust me, these types of razors are really available in the market. Need an example? Feel free to scroll up and see how much the razors I have discussed are reasonable.

Final words

Shaving is something you would go daily, so you wouldn’t look for something that doesn’t work well for you. Finding the best straight razor for barber would be finding a needle in a haystack. But at the end of this discussion, I hope you will find the one that goes smoothly with your beard and your wallet. For the amateurs for fun, I can say Parker SRX but if you want to go for precise shaving, muscular feel, perfect grip, lightweight, travel-friendly and affordable shaving- Executive Series by Black Widow will be the best!

After all, these are the best shavers for barbers in different brands out there.

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