Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews: Machines That Do The Grooming for You

Let’s be honest: No one likes heaps of hairs.

Not when they are in the wrong places. Your nostrils, fast-growing eyebrows, and hair patches inside our ears.

I won’t deny the fact that there are people who love a good chunk of nose and ear hairs. But the number is understandably small. Most of us like to keep these under control and well-groomed.

These things start to sprout beyond control during the middle ages of our lives. Unless we take protective measures, a few begin to show themselves beyond our nasal and ear boundaries.

So, how do we keep them in check?

The most common method is using tweezers and scissors. To be honest, these things are competent.

Yet, these are painful too!

Plus, you are flirting with danger of cutting yourselves with these products.

My solution is using the best nose hair trimmer there is. These tools are designed for intricate parts of your body besides the nostrils. They’ll make the job easier for people. And trust me, the experience won’t have you squealing in pain.

With that in mind, here’s a list of top models in the business with a buying guide thrown in for good measure as well. Just to teach you how to maintain these devices, you’ll find my own tips on the subject too!

In a hurry? Check out our top pick: Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer 5100

Best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer Devices in 2021

I’m sure you’ll find plenty of options when shopping for these things. Yet, I thought of including a list full of products that I thought would fit the bill and the need to keep you clean and dandy this year. These products are equally trendy and functional.

Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer 5100

Philips-NT5175/49-Norelco-Nose-trimmer-5100Although it is titled as a nose hair trimmer, this little device can trim a lot more than that. Philips NT5175 features angled trimmer that takes care of nose hair as well as unexpected hairs of your eyebrows. To tell you the truth, it is the best ear hair trimmer there is. Philips NT5175 is as sharp as it is efficient.

I chose the trimmer for a technology called “ProtecTube.” Listen, we know accidents happen. They might happen with anybody. Even with a “Pro” and the best nose trimmer in the world. But this technology ensures the trimmer has a thin foil in place to protect you from unexpected nicks, cuts, pulls, and burns.

I loved the DualCut feature it offers. As a part of this facility, you have speed and power at your disposal. One can very well handle the trimmer when he needs a quick touch-up job. The blades cut hair close to the skin. Yet, they don’t burn it. Also, the package includes combs that have rounded tips.

Getting down to the specifics, this trimmer features eyebrow combs of 3 millimeters and 5 millimeters. They are not done yet. You have 3 millimeter beard comb that allows you to trim your beard naturally. All these combs help the users to make the eyebrows and facial hairs uniformed.

Want to make it even less of a hassle? Now you can! It is ready for use right after you open the box. Two AA batteries supply the power necessary for running it.

The NT5175 is water resistant. You can put it under running water of any type of faucet. Maintaining it is even easier with a brush that cleans hairs from the trimmer. And no, it doesn’t need any oiling.

  • This thing is hypoallergenic and safe as the trimmer is completely washable with water.
  • The trimmer is waterproof and allows for a comprehensive cleaning.
  • This is a durable piece of product that we are talking about.
  • DualCut feature offers you a close-to-skin trimming experience.
  • Only the trimmer is waterproof; not the entire package of products.


Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer

Panasonic-ER430K-Ear-&-Nose-TrimmerCan they pack in a vacuum cleaning system in something as small as a trimmer? Apparently, they can! Say hello to Panasonic ER430K. With a double-edged blade and a vacuum cleaning system, Panasonic ER430K is here to dominate men’s grooming tools for decades to come.

Panasonic ER430K features dual stainless steel blades. These blades have an angled design. It helps them to cut close the skin and trim effectively. The blades cleanly cut the hair without leaving traces behind. The ER430K is the ideal machine to clip the stray hair from your nose, ear, and eyebrows.

Don’t even think for a second that these blades are going to die down anytime soon. No, they won’t. They won’t even get dull. That’s because ER430K comes with a touch of Japanese technology. This is the same technique Japanese use to make swords with. As a result, these blades are extraordinarily strong.

The blades rotate on an axis. If this is not the best nose and ear trimmer out there, it is certainly the safest. You have a safety cone which picks up the hairs and takes them to the rotating blades. As a result, the blades won’t come near your skin. The users won’t face any nick, cut or bruise.

When you take the trimmer into your hands for the first time, you’ll notice the ergonomic handle. Even with such a small tool, the makers emphasized on comfort over everything else. I love the “Sure Touch Grip.” Thanks to this, you need to gloss over your face, ear, nose, and neck just once to get a clean cut.

Cleaning it is as easy as pie. You can put it under running water and rinse the blade. I found warm water to be the best for the job. To remove the hair efficiently, you’ll have the help of a quality cleaning brush available. Are you in shower right now? Feel free to clean it using shower water as well.

Panasonic ER430K thing runs on a single AA-size battery. Of course, you can recharge it once it runs out. This thing also comes with a travel pouch for those of you who are always on the run.

  • Panasonic ER430K features Japanese design when it comes to the blades to make them sharp.
  • The ER430’s blades are curved to give you a close trim without harming your skin in the process.
  • Panasonic gives the travel freaks a pouch to carry this trimmer anywhere they like.
  • An AA-size battery is just what you need to run this trimmer without constant source of power.
  • This thing is suitable for both wet and dry shaving.
  • I wasn’t able to find any fault with Panasonic ER430K so far.


Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

Professional-Water-Resistant-Heavy-Duty-Steel-Nose-TrimmerDon’t fuss over the price tag of this product. It may be cheap in price but it’s not cheap in quality. Want proof? This professional nose and ear hair trimmer has a steel body from tip to toe. As the makers claim, there isn’t even a shred of plastic in there.

The blades are made of stainless steel as well. The construction helps the blades to cut the hair efficiently. Another thing that helps a great deal is the “Rotary Cutting System.” It allows the machine to grab the hair from the top or from the side. This system is great for stray hair.

But how do you find stray hairs that small? Well, the answer lies in an LED light. This light flashes and gives you clear visibility of the area you are going to shave. It is bright as well. Thus, you won’t have problems in picking hairs off one by one.

Did I mention the fact that this nose trimmer is water resistant. No? My bad! It is! That’s why, you’ll be able to use this as part of a dry shaving routine or as a part of a wet shaving routine in the shower.

This thing runs on a AA-size battery. Of course, it is rechargeable once it runs out. Cleaning this tool is no fuss either. One can rinse off the stubble and forget it. It’ll be as good as new.

  • The one thing I like about this trimmer is that it doesn’t use cheap plastic body.
  • LED light flashes bright and helps you to pick off stray hair one by one.
  • You need one good AA-size battery to run this device smoothly.
  • Stainless steel blades help you to get the closest of trimming jobs you can ever imagine.
  • Cleaning it is as easy as putting it under running water for a period of one or two minutes.
  • The batteries are not included with the package.


Creation Springs "Electra-Trim" Wet/Dry Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Creation-Springs-"Electra-Trim"-Wet/Dry-Nose-and-Ear-Hair-TrimmerI’m picking off the best nose and ear trimmer machines one by one and thought to give a shout to Creation Springs. The engineers here have designed a trimmer that suits both wet and dry conditions.

One thing I like about this machine is the fact that it offers you multiple attachments. Each attachment is good for trimming one type of hair. For example, you have a nose trimmer for the nose and particular ear trimmer for your sensitive auditory mechanism. Same goes for the eyebrows.

Let me tell you, the stainless steel blades of this product can be super sharp. Pair he rotary motor with it and you’ve got yourselves a trimmer with “Fast” attachments. You can do detailed trimming within minutes. Also, one can reach places where normal blades won’t even touch on.

How is it possible? Well, a bright LED light makes it possible for the trimmer to isolate a hair and trim it off from anywhere. The LED light sits at the top of this machine’s head.

When it comes to handling this small stuff, we become extra careful. Thankfully, Creation Springs did all the thinking for us and gave it an ergonomic handle. This handle makes it easy for a user to hold and use it. The casing is made of recycled plastic and a mix of rubber. While people may criticize this move, it makes “Electra-Trim” environment friendly.

The rubber grip and the plastic casing makes Electra-Trim waterproof. You can use it during dry shaving, wet shaving, and while taking a shower. Operate it anywhere with the help of an AA sized battery.

  • The casing is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable thanks to the recycled plastic.
  • The blades are very fast and sharp to cut anything and everything they find.
  • LED light here is a big plus. It helps to put a tick on stray hairs and remove them.
  • Electra-Trim has a waterproof body and rubber grip for user’s convenience.
  • The casing is made of plastic and looks cheap.


Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Groom-Mate-Platinum-XL-Nose-Ear-Hair-TrimmerIf you like something other than “Black Trimmers,” Groom Mate is your company to look into. These guys have Groom Mate Platinum XL Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer. All the features and the Matte color suits the user’s personality and savviness.

Like most of the models on my list today, this one too has stainless steel blades. These blades cut hair close to your skin. Also, people will have the luxury of a smooth and safe shaving. Why? Well, these blades won’t come in direct contact with your face or body. The patented design makes sure of that.

Are you a touch sensitive? Don’t worry! It’s on my best nose hair trimmer list for a reason. These blades are gentle when shaving the inside parts of your nostrils and ears. Just push the device inside and turn it slowly in any one direction. Then, my dear friend, you are in business.

These blades rotate to provide comprehensive trimming. The stainless steel blades don’t pave way for rust or corrosion. I do use one when I’m traveling. I’ve had this for a year or so. Rust doesn’t slow it down one bit.

Maintenance is nothing to worry about with this product at hand. As this is a waterproof product, all I do is put it under running water. There’s a screw below the shaft. I unscrew it to help the water in removing the stubble of hair inside.

  • This is one of the most stylish as well as sophisticated ear and nose hair trimmers.
  • Blades have an intriguing design that allows them to cut close to the skin when shaving.
  • The patented design of these blades make it safe and sound while operating with in-grown hair.
  • One will be able to clean the apparatus easily as it is waterproof and can be disassembled quick.
  • It remains rust and corrosion-proof even after 1.5 years of regular use. Talk about quality!
  • It can pull on your skin or hair occasionally even though the makers claim it won’t.


Andis FastTrim Personal Ear and Nose Trimmer

Andis-FastTrim-Personal-Ear-and-Nose-TrimmerOh boy! Matte is becoming favorite color of mine with all these products on my list today. Okay, people! I’ve got Andis FastTrim (model NT-1 13430) on my hands. The USP of this product is the blade quality. Unlike others on my list, this one uses surgical stainless steel. So, you know, sharp blades are at play.

FastTrim is quick! It is the best Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer out there for those who need a quick maintenance job. The blades are recessed. One good thing is, these sharp objects won’t come into direct contact with your skin. You know you are safe with this tiny tool.

Further ensuring the safety are textured “Anti-Slip” grip. It’s easy on your hand and causes less fatigue. The small size benefits people as they can maneuver through hard-to-reach areas as well.

Andis FastTrim is rustproof as well. One trimmer can last a lifetime (I mean, 3 to 5 years) if you use it correctly. With ear and nose trimmers, the blades are the components that get damaged. This small “Battery Operated” trimmer features protective cap to keep the blades safe.

Protective caps are also useful for users who travel a lot. The small size makes Andis FastTrim portable and easy to pack in small spaces. As it is battery operated, you don’t need direct electricity when working with this tool. You just need one AA-size battery for the job.

  • I love the gloss look and innovative design of Andis FastTrim; it signals elegance & Performance
  • You get sharp stainless steel blades that cut through the smallest hairs like nobody’s business.
  • Textured handle provides the users an anti-slip grip and necessary safety while trimming hairs.
  • Recessed blades don’t come into direct contact with your skin while shaving.
  • An AA size battery is surprisingly cheap to find and is a good power source for this tool.
  • While clipping hairs, you need to tilt this trimmer ever so slightly as it doesn’t clip head on.


Braun EN10 Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Braun-EN10-Ear-and-Nose-Hair-TrimmerLet me tell you a secret. I drool over Braun’s products when it comes to shaving and trimming accessories. This one didn’t disappoint me. This lightweight and good-looking machine Braun EN10 is sort of my auto choice for the list of best nose hair trimmer products.

The interesting bit of Braun EN10 is the stainless steel blades. These blades are crafted with precision in mind. People will have the benefit of innovative design and the placement of these blades. Durable Braun EN10 blades deliver a close and intimate shave.

With this trimmer at the helm, people are safe. Despite cutting it close, the blades don’t pull on your nose hair. Instead, this small-sized trimmer reaches areas normal scissors or razors can’t. The intelligent design prevents the blades from coming into direct contact with the skin.

Can you believe that this little thing has enough room for a battery? Yes, it has. You get one AA-sized Duracell battery for free with the package. Being away from a power source won’t disrupt your shaving any longer. Of course, this little thing is rechargeable as well. So, no worries!

Cleaning Braun EN10 is not a problem at all. You just need clean water. Put it under running water and you are done. Just rinse it from time to time to remove the stubble that it accumulates over time.

Furthermore, users can rest assured as it comes with a cap to cover the blades. This little cap is handy when you are traveling abroad for vacations.

  • The design of this trimmer makes it comfortable, easy, and lightweight when handling.
  • You’ll find the EN10 pretty safe with the blade design and the thin foil in place for guarding skin.
  • One can clean the apparatus just as easily as using it. Just put it under running, cold water.
  • I love that Braun EN-10 supplies you with one AA battery for free unlike most trimmer models.
  • Maintenance is pretty easy with this trimmer and it can easily clean nose, armpit and ear hairs.
  • Trust me, with Braun, it’s all good on all fronts.


Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Panasonic-ER-GN30-K-Nose Ear-Hair-TrimmerYeah, I know, there’s another Panasonic Nose and Ear hair trimmer present on the list. But I couldn’t resist including this while I had the chance. So, my best ear and nose hair trimmer #8 is ER-GN30-K from Panasonic with heaps of intriguing benefits.

This is lightweight and clips hairs super-fast. Sorry ladies, it is “Men only” trimmer. Guys can clip eyebrows, nose, ear, mustache, armpits, and pubic hair. In short, everything.

So, how does the machine accomplish it? Panasonic has an answer ready for you. All the trimmer does is spinning quietly once it is inside your nose and ears. Panasonic ER-GN30 has dual-edge blades. These blades help you to clean from the top and the sides.

But bear in mind that you NEED some of the hairs inside. You don’t want to clean the nose altogether. I have good news! The blade design leaves out optimum number of hairs needed for your nose to function properly. You don’t need to stop, check, and start again in regular breaks.

Cleaning it is super easy as well! You have to put it under running water. While you do that, it supplies water to soften the hairs up. The water spins inside and the blades rotate once more. As a result, the stubble is cleaned without much of a fuss. This is referred to as “Vortex Technology.”

If you need a quick trim while on the road, you can have it with ER-GN30. It is a compact trimmer that fits nicely in your grooming kit. Also, feel free to use it while having a shower. It is completely immersible under water for a long time. Wet shaving isn’t a problem.

Also, don’t worry about power when traveling. This thing can power itself with a AA-size Alkaline battery. Once fully charged, you can trim uninterrupted for 90 minutes.

  • Unique design makes it possible to effectively trim hair without hurting your nose or ears.
  • Dual-Edge blades are equal parts efficient and sleek. These things leave necessary hair intact.
  • This little trimmer allows you to do wet and dry shaving respectively.
  • The battery runs significantly longer at 90 minutes once fully recharged.
  • Vortex Technology allows for quick and efficient cleaning of this trimmer.
  • Some of my friends mentioned that this little thing stays good for two to three years at best.


MANGROOMER PRO Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

MANGROOMER-PRO-Essential-Nose-and-Ear-Hair-TrimmerIt’s all in the name. The penultimate product on my best nose and ear hair trimmer list is just for men. Let me tell you, MANGROOMER Pro works. Simple yet innovative blade design allows for extremely close trimming. No, essential nose hairs won’t even be touched!

The second thing I found great is the rubberized grip it offers. It’s a great addition to this “Already Small” device. Rubberized grip allows the users to hold the trimmer with ease. You can move it inside your nose and ear with supreme control and without facing any problems.

When you are done shaving, focus on cleaning this tool. With the Hydra Spin technology, maintenance becomes a piece of cake. All you have to do is to put it under slightly warm water. The blades will rotate in the cleaning mode and water will go inside. Stubble of hairs will be pushed out.

When done cleaning, MANGROOMER PRO dries itself! Yes, now you don’t have to shake the device or wipe it. There’s another little gem that is “Side-Spinning Technology.” It allows the insides of this little trimmer to dry by themselves. Believe me, the tool dries fast!

Don’t worry! MANGROOMER Pro comes with a protective cap that grants what it says. That is, protection for the blades and your safety. Also, one AA-size battery should suffice for all your vacations and tours. Care to buy the battery separately. It’s not included.

  • The rubberized grip is soft and comfortable. It allows greater control and comfort than others.
  • I like the “HydraSpin” technology (same as Vortex) that pushes the stubble outward.
  • This thing has stainless steel blades that are sharp and effective when cutting it close to the skin.
  • I didn’t forget the side vents which discard the stubble out of the trimmer mechanism for good.
  • Lastly, you have a protective cap for the blades’ and your safety along with AA battery support.
  • MANGROOM PRO takes its sweet time trimming hairs. It’s slow.
  • Not a solution for long term (more than three years) according to some of the users.


TRYM Nose Hair Trimmer with LED Grooming Light for Precision Trimming

TRYM-Nose-Hair-Trimmer-with-LED-Grooming-Light-for-Precision-TrimmingThey say, “Trimmers are too small to be ergonomic.” Well, TRYM is the best nose hair trimmer when it comes to working with ergonomics. Sure, it is a bit long but hey, the sleek design grants you much earned comfort and ease of use. So, I don’t see a reason to complain.

The blades this TRYM uses speak volumes about quality. These stainless steel blades belong to the top tier. These blades are super sharp as well as durable. Now, don’t be alarmed. TRYM follows a “Nib-Style” design that makes the blades safe for your armpits, nose, ear, and pelvic hair.

These blades are tough cookies as well. They have 2-year warranty on them.

Now, blades are not the only things designed to keep the users safe. The “Nib-Style” design allows it to use a protective cap. Call it a “Mini Pen” if you would. Whenever you decide to travel, just put the cap on and pack it in your bag. It’s safe and snug that way. The cap also keeps blades sharp for a long period.

USP of this little trimmer is a bright LED light. This light allows people to see most difficult places of their bodies better. Next time you are cleaning deep into your nose or ear, rest assured you won’t miss a mar thanks to this tiny trimmer.

Another thing you’ll be getting is a “Cleaning Brush.” We all know how pesky little pieces of hairs can be. When we are dealing with trimmers, cleaning them becomes all the more difficult. Thanks to the “Brush” you can now whisk the hairs out without stressing too much.

Here’s something you won’t typically find in other trimmers. TRYM runs on “Two” AA-size batteries. People can expect longer battery-life than any other model with same capabilities.

  • The design is sleek and I like how comfortable the handle is with this trimmer.
  • TRYM comes with two blades that are unique in design and cut close to the skin when it matters.
  • This trimmer is safe with a protective cap and unique blade design.
  • Dual AA-size batteries are perfect for a long-running trimmer.
  • One can easily go on vacations and long trips carrying this compact device in their bags.
  • Nothing comes to mind when writing about its negatives.


How Can You Pick the Best Trimmer Available?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. It’s a fancy way for me to say, “People, this is Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer Buying Guide.” Jokes apart, with so many options handed to you, one must decide which type to pick. I believe, this section of my guide will help people in choosing the best without any confusions.

What Type of Trimmer Do You Want?

To be straight with you, there are manual trimmers and then, there are those with blades that rotate. The first type involves devices that you need to operate using both hands of yours. These devices have tweezers that you need to push into your noses or ears and turn. You’ll get the hair out but painfully.

On the other hand, with rotary models, one can feel more comfortable. These are automatic so to speak. Trimmers like MANGROOMER PRO or TRYM have rotary blades. Once you plug them in or turn on the battery, the blades will rotate. As a result, people have a comprehensive trimming experience.

Rotary trimming machines are quick and efficient. There’s a small motor that takes care of everything for you. But, there’s a catch! These are bulky. So, if you don’t like motorized or bulky trimmers, go for manual varieties.

How Do You Feel about A Portable Trimmer?

Don’t think that trimmers only come in small sizes. You’ll find some models that are quite a handful (literally). There are bulkier ones too as I’ve mentioned. Of course, bigger the machine, broader are their functions. The catch is, not every device is suitable for everyone.

If you don’t go out a lot and don’t mind a few cords, bigger shavers won’t hurt. Yup, shavers. Bigger shaving tools come with trimmer as an attachment. If you have budget for it, check out some of the top shaving machines in the market.

If you are a traveler, it makes all the difference. I travel a lot. Hence, I prefer my trimmers small. People who often go on foreign tours, need a compact machine that they can pack within their sleek side-bag.

Do You Have Durability by Your Side?

When spending 50 to 200 bucks (or more) on a trimmer, make sure you solve this puzzle. You need to remember two things while getting one for yourselves. First, these things are expected to run smooth for up to 3 to 5 years. It’s only natural that you set your sights to long-term.

Secondly, your shaving or trimming pattern. If one shaves or trims hair regularly, he/she’d need a durable device to withstand regular hassles of said work and cleaning. Even if someone cuts his/hair short periodically, you’d still need a durable device to take you through the years.

Make sure that the trimmer has solid construction material like steel and a rubber grip for comfort. Don’t buy cheap nose trimmers that come with plastic body and can break from a fall from a short height.

How Do You Want Your Blades?

I am not trying to be corny. Blades are important. Some of the best nose hair trimmers come with dual blades. One can find “Single-Bladed” varieties as well. Dual blades offer people a comprehensive trimming experience. Single blades can be a bit slow, cover less ground, and take more time trimming.

You can also get trimmers featuring stainless steel or titanium blades. Steel blades do the job just fine. Yet, Titanium blades are a notch ahead when it comes to quality. Do take price into account when you are choosing. Trimmers with titanium blades will obviously cost you more than normal ones.

Pay Attention to the Head of the Trimmer

I assume you’ve decided on the type, size, and the blades of your ideal device. Next come the head of the trimming machine. Believe it or not, you’ll have options here as well.  Different options will allow you different advantages.

For example, angled head of the trimmer proves easy to navigate through tough spots inside your nostrils and ears. When you are shaving “Down There,” an angled position certainly helps. But an angled head is generally fixed into position. One cannot change these things easily.

I do have some old trimmers with fixed heads. These don’t move and take some effort when operating. One good thing about these products is that you can find quick and easy replacements when an attachment gets clogged.

How Safe is the Tool?

Safety is a valid and important point to raise when a tool claims to be the best nose hair trimmer there is. With just the right price you can get a safe machine to work with. While looking for safety options, check the blade tip. Do find one with a recessed tip. This way, the blades won’t touch your skin directly.

Also, when you are out to buy portable devices, get the one which offers you a nice cap. This cap will protect you when the trimmer is in your pocket or a bag. Blades will also remain in pristine condition for a longer period of time.

Other Features You Should Pay Attention To

When you are buying an apparatus such as the trimmer, you are bound to deal with wet shaving. Make sure your product is waterproof/water resistant or immersible under water. If it malfunctions due to cleaning it under running water, it will be a bummer.

The second thing you need to look at is the ability to clean the trimmer when needed. Some models (Most on my list of best ear and nose hair trimmers) come with a cleaning brush. The brush allows people to take out stubble without damaging the mechanism inside.

The third factor that you can take into account is the price of the product. Of course, all of us desire the ones with best of features. Pouring some extra bucks in can grant you some of the coolest gadgets. Yet, sometimes when people have a tight wallet, it is best to skip a few and find the best one that fits the bill.

How to Take Proper Care of the Tool?

Granted you now know what the best nose hair trimmer models are. With the knowledge and a bit of luck, you can choose a good trimmer by yourselves as well. But do you know how to care for your tool and keep it in top shape even after a year or two of using? Fear not! This section will teach you just that.

Don’t Forget to Oil the Trimmer from Time to Time

It might seem a bit “Old-Fashioned” to you. Yet, like so many electric devices, oiling a trimmer actually works! Every trimmer accumulates hair stubbles after a session. People might clean the tool yet small bits and pieces of hair actually stays in there. Oiling the trimmer weeds out such hair when you clean it.

As oil and water don’t mix, the hair pieces will come out when you wash the machine next time.

Often, blades run against each other when you are trimming. Go with a device for a long time and you’ll notice friction dulling the blades. Also, friction generates heat that can ruin the internal mechanism.

Oiling can reduce the friction and therefore, slow the process down. Reduced friction also causes less heat to build up. The grooming tool can stay young for longer period of time.

To oil a trimming machine properly, put one or two drops of oil on the blades. Then run the device for one or two minutes. You’ll notice rust or any other debris is slowly coming out.

Putting Too Much Pressure While Trimming? Don’t!

These machines are meant for delicate areas of people’s bodies. Areas like nose, ear, pelvic region, armpits (where it is sensitive), and even bikini lines for example. While putting pressure while plucking a hair out of eyebrow is necessary, putting too much can damage your eyes.

Same thing goes for nostrils or the inside part of the ears. That is why I advise users to rely as little as pressure as possible and focus more on maneuverability.

Done Trimming? Take the Batteries Out

I get that in case of trimmers, two batteries are better than just the one. More batteries equal to more power. But don’t get the bright idea of leaving batteries in the chamber even after finishing with the trim job. Leaving battery or batteries there can lead to slow corrosion.

These things slowly recede and damage the insides too. So, just to add a bit of caution, make sure to wipe the batteries clean after you take them out.

Same thing applies for dead batteries. Take out the dead ones and replace them with working counterparts before they damage the conductors inside.

Always Clean the Tool After the Sessions

Remember, cleaning is an important part of your hygiene. Even the best nose and ear hair trimmer can give into malfunction if not properly maintained. Regardless of what you may think, running a maintenance on these devices is easy.

Automatic trimmers often come with a function that facilitates self-cleaning. One just needs to switch the mode on. Some of the models have a cleaning brush. These can be used to take the hair out.

When cleaning blades, apply tiny drop of soap on them. Run the machine to make sure the soap froths. After a minute or so, put the machine under running water. Depending on the model, the water needs to be cold or slightly warm.

Secure the Machine

Trust me, you’d want to keep this tiny machine safe. It doesn’t matter how well-built this machine is, when it takes a fall from a considerable height, it’ll crack or break. If it drops multiple times over the course of its lifetime, the possibility of breaking increases.

That’s why, I advise people to keep it safe and well-placed so that it doesn’t fall. Luckily, the best nose hair trimmer machines come with sturdy cases. These do a great job in terms of protection. Also, try to cover the blades with a protector cap when you are traveling.

This helps a great deal and protects yourselves from accidental cuts when the trimmer is in your pockets and you are moving from place to place.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Honestly, buying the best nose hair trimmer is not all that difficult compared to keeping it in shape. But as you can see, I’ve not left any stones unturned. I’m sure after finishing these piece, you’ve gotten a tad bit better at maintaining these things.

Some of these products might look cheap, but they aren’t. You can expect them to last the long haul. Just a word of advice: Don’t get hung up on “When to shave nose or ear hair?” There’s no universal date. Everyone has a different pace at which the hairs grow. You just need to do it at the right time.

Find your “Right Time” and “Right Trimmer.”

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