Best Philips Norelco Shavers in 2023: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Every one of us always seeks to improve our lifestyle and without any doubt, that includes you. Whether you are a corporate on a rush hour, a golden class businessman going on a meeting, a phenomenon in fashion industry or just a family guy with good look; you might crave for the best experience that gives your brightest look. For that, we all look for the best shaving experience before our way to workplace, a shaver that gives our best look.

I believe you have already taken so from various shavers that gave you a smooth cleaning, better shaving and are affordable at the same time. Or; this might have never happened to you, and you are looking for the best shaver till now.

I know what you are going through now and which is why; I am here to help you.

You might have heard of Norelco shavers. From my experience, Philips Norelco shavers are some of the best shavers worldwide. But let me tell you first, the series are not that much cheap. Other than that, it gives an astonishing smooth, clean experience that leaves your ingrown hair cut off. Whenever you require anything in a shaver, it is going to meet at the collection the Philips Norelco shavers. From my opinion, Norelco shavers are the best. But, what about best of the best? I’ve made a list of 10 Best Norelco Shavers just for You. 

Best Philips Norelco Shaver Comparison Table

Model nameContouring SystemCharge / RunPrice
Philips Norelco Shaver 89008 Directions1 hr / 50 min
Philips Norelco Shaver 93008 Directions1 hr / 50 min
Philips Norelco 45004 directions1 hr / 50 min
Philips Norelco 55705 directions1 hr / 60 min
Philips Norelco 6100Gyroflex 2D1 hr / 50 min
Philips Norelco 97008 directions1 hr / 60 min
Philips Norelco 2100Flex and float system8 hr / 35 min
Philips Norelco 67008 directions1 hr / 60 min
Philips Norelco 8100Gyroflex 3D 1 hr / 60 min
Philips Norelco 510Floating headsAA batteries / 60 min

Top 10 Philips Norelco Shaver Reviews

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900, Wet & Dry Edition S8950/91

Philips-Norelco-Electric-Shaver-8900Phillips Norelco S8950/90 with Lithium ion Batteries included has the cutting edge technology in every strike. It has the head movement in 8 different directions so that you can cut your ingrown hair easily & up to 20 percent more. The blade system has the V-track precision formula which positions gently on your hair and helps to cut more small hairs. It’s really amazing how the shaver strikes all the areas of the neck, jawline, face and upper lips.

And the best part?

What I liked the most of this model is the accessory. The Smart Click beard styler including 5 built-in length settings;along with the 8 contouring system gives your beard on whatever style you want.Even the blades get sharpened by the shaver’s unique cleaning system leaves the highest sharpness of the blades that can reach up to 30 percent more of your skin.

Here’s what the system is:

The SmartClean cleaning system keeps the highest quality for you whenever you press the button. The SmartClean system cleans the hair & foam with a formula that is free from alcohol and completely skin-friendly. With its dual-filtration system, it leaves your shaver lubricated to get the cutting-edge sharpness.

It gets better:

When the SmartClean system charges the shaver while the dual filtration system, so it’s ready when you need it.

Even the shaving experience gets better with the LED screen that shows precisely when the battery is getting low, whether the travel lock is on or not. By that, you can check and lock the shaver while travelling, preventing it from falling on accident. And while shaving? It even notifies you when you need a new shaving head or not. And with the 50 minute battery average life, this model has the interface with 3 level indicator and comes with 2 years of warranty. The battery life lasts for week and this is what I love the most. We have run research on 35 electric shavers on the market and considered Phillips Norelco S8950/90 as the advanced pick for the pros like you.

Though the price is healthy, here are some of the facts for which I would still prefer the s8950. Here are those:

  • Contouring system in 8 directions, cutting up to 20% more of your hair.
  • V track precision position more closely to hair up to 30%
  • 5 built-in styler settings to give any beard style you want.
  • SmartClean formula to clean, lubricate and then charges
  • LED display with 3 level battery indicator and travel lock.
  • Battery fully charged within 1 hour, and 2 full years of warranty.


Philips Norelco S9311/87, Shaver 9300

Philips-Norelco-S9311/87-Shaver-9300Philips Norelco S9311/87 has the dynamic flex heads with 8 directions. Even the 8 different directions strike up to 20% on your sideburns, neck and upper lips. The optimal cutting position is ensured by the V-Track blade systems that helps to cut more 30%.

This time, it has the SmartClick Precision Trimmer which gives the best finishing look you want. That means, it easily maintains your moustache and trims your sideburns politely.

Even the 8 different directions strike up to 20% on your sideburns, neck and upper lips. The optimal cutting position is ensured by the V-Track blade systems that helps to cut more 30%.

I was surprised by the personal comfort settings in the shaver. There are 3 types of settings such as slow, medium and fast. Slow gives the skin-friendly shave, medium gives the standard shaves and fast gives the high voltage shave when you are on hurry.Even the AquaTec technology helps to get both dry and wet shave with anything such as gel or foam; making it one of the Best Norelco shavers.

The LED display shows the battery level, head replacement indicator, travel lock condition and cleaning indicator.

What comes with the box is cleaning cartridge, power cord and a delux case.

This model requires only 1 Lithium ion battery with 1 hour battery and highest shaving time, this model gives me less tension for charging and highest comfort for using. Even with the low battery, only 5 minute charge gives a boost to take on a full shave.

However, several complaints have been seen while conducting the research that; the shaver vibrates a little bit while going on a shave. And the cleaning fluid needs to be changed every 4-8 week. This causes an extra spending on the shaver and the overall price is too much expensive, regardless of the special features.

Let’s talk about the key features here:

  • dynamic flex heads with 8 directions
  • SmartClick Precision Trimmer which gives the best finishing look you want
  • 8 different contour following system to gently go on every curve of your face.
  • V-track blade system that cuts up to 30% more.
  • 3 personal comfort modes to satisfy shaving experience.
  • LED display showing the battery level, head replacement indicator, travel lock condition and cleaning indicator.
  • 1 Lithium ion battery with 1 hour battery and highest shaving time; only 5 minute charge giving a boost to take on a full shave.


Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/41)

Phillips-Norelco-Shaver-4500Phillips Norelco 4500 with 1 Lithium ion batteries has the dual precision heads which are designed with small and medium slots that helps to reach even smaller and medium hairs. Even the model’s Aquatec technology allows to take on both dry & wet shaving, especially when you are out of the shower.

Unlike theS9311/87 and S8950/90models, Phillips Norelco Shaver 4500 has the head movement of only 4 directions. I would suggest the brand to improve the directions of the contouring system; at least to 8 directions. Other than that, the battery life is up to standard, sustaining 50 minutes cordless shaving time.

I just love how smooth and clean the shaving was I saw its integrated pop up trimmer. It really helped me to cut moustache and sideburns. Even after my morning routine, I find it the fastest as it took only 3 minutes quick charge to go on a full shave. And that extremely helps when you are on a rush. But I was sad when I realized this does not have any docking station.

After 2-3 days, when I need to shave again; the model’s Dual-blade action goes lifting hairs and cut them below the ski level.

I was happy to see Battery Low and full indicator on the LED screen. But there was not any indicator for travel locking system. I would recommend the brand to develop the travel lock system which will enhance the experience of you and me. Except that, this is one of the best norelco shavers to me.

Let’s talk about the key features here:

  • Dual-blade action to get the small hairs below the ski level.
  • Integrated pop up trimmer to cut moustache and sideburns politely.
  • Fastest cordless shaving, with a 3 minute quick charge facility for full shaving.
  • 50 minutes battery life for continuous shaving.

Although this is not the most expensive razor and not cheapest either; it requires certain improvements. I would rather consider it as the travelling pick because it has less problem with cleaning and it’s easy to travel with. In such case, travel lock would be much appreciated. Likewise, I would prefer more head directions to shave more quickly and precisely so that I can take full smooth experience while travelling.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5570

Philips-Norelco-Electric-Shaver-5570Now this is something extra-ordinary. You might be always having trouble with your rush hour to work, this is where Phillips Norelco 5570 comes into play. To break the spoiler, you can shave faster with 20% extra power boost in the shaver’s Turbo Mode. This best norelco shaver will save time and much effort you do usually on shaving. Whether you wake up late, or forgot to shave before departing, this model really helps.

I was satisfied with the head movements in 5 directions; according to the price rate. Nevertheless, I would recommend developing the number of directions as it would comply much faster with the face curve. And as always, it has the Aquatec technology where you can shave dry for convenience and wet with foam or gel for extra smoothness.

On the contrary, I saw a unique feature of the model, the Multi-precision Blade System that helps you cut long-lying hairs on the skin by lifting them up and cutting. Even long hairs and short stubble can be cut down within a few strike.

Norelco 5570 has something in extra in terms of accessories. SmartClick Nose & Ear Trimmer that I used to remove my unwanted hairs and ear hairs without pulling hairs out.

On every weekend when I see the battery gone dead, I just put it on the plug and let it charged for only 60 minutes. With that calculated, I can go for 17 shaves without any break.

Unfortunately, the replaceable blades are quite expensive and they do not last not more than 4 months. It’s really okay to spend more for good things. But I recommend to the Brand to improve the lifespan of the replaceable blades up to 8 months or more.

Let’s see what the key features show:

  • Includes Turbo mode, which increases up to 20% more power to make shaving quicker.
  • Multi-precision blade system
  • 60 minute battery charging time, sustaining 17 shaves on one charge.
  • SmartClick Nose & Ear Trimmer.
  • Head movements in 5 directions.
  • Aquatec Technology for both wet & dry shaving.

As you can see the key features here, I would recommend you using it for facing rush hour, especially when you are late on something. Though the price is not cheap at all, I suggest you to have it only when you want to buy time.


Philips Norelco 1150x/46 shaver 6100

Philips-Norelco-1150x/46-shaver-6100Philips Norelco shaver 6100 with 1 Lithium ion batteries impressed me with its Gyroflex 2D contour-following system. It helps you adjust smoothly to your face-curve, lowers your pressure and does not cause irritation.

I find it often useful when I shave after one month, when I have grown long beards. The model’s dual precision heads are designed with multiple slots that helps me shave my long beards.

I was surprised to see its 27, 1 speed settings that leaves 56,700 per minute. According to it’s price range, it is excellent. Not only that, this model has the adjustment of voltage from 100 volts to 240. Now you can guess what I am going to say next; it is really good for travelling!

Though the battery life is less than the other shavers on the market, the 40 minute battery life can even have a quick 3 minute charge option for a full shave. The LED shows 2 level battery condition systems- full & low.

According to the price range and competition, the head movements got lagged a bit as it has 5 directions. But that still is satisfactory. That’s because the precision trimmer covers up the rest including cutting sideburns and moustache smoothly. Even the SkinGlide system runs along with the skin like it’s gliding over it and cuts long-lying hairs without irritation. And as always, this model has the Aquatec technology to give convenient dry shaving & smoother wet shaving.

Now let’s take a look at the key features:

  • 27, 1 speed settings, 56,700 cuts per minute.
  • 3 minute quick charge option
  • Gyroflex 2D contour following system to adjust to face curve and lower the pressure.
  • Does not cause irritation
  • Adjustment of voltage from 100 volts to 240. Best for traveling
  • Precision trimmer cutting moustache and sideburns smoothly.
  • Skinglide system
  • Aquatec Technology
  • Docking station

According to the price range, the advantages are really great and can be good if you are on the fence of spending reasonable budget. I would love to suggest increasing the contouring systems but it’s all covered up Gyroflex 2D, Skinglide system and Precision Trimmer.


Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700

Philips-Norelco-Electric-Shaver-9700Another advanced pick of mine would be Phillips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700. The sleek design of the entire shaver makes me have a strong grasp. Even the design was bestowed with IF design awardin 2015.

The special feature I have enjoyed in this shaver is it’s digital user interface. The interface includes a built-in motion sensor that can sense the skin level and collect long-lying hairs and cut them off.

It gets better:

As the interface shows everything you need to see. Battery percentage, cleaning mode indicator, replacement head indicator, low battery indicator, travel lock indicator- you name it.

What has improved after 2015 to the shaver since then is the “V-Track Precision Blade System PRO”. With the system, I was able to collect all of hairs and my beard even in the most optimal cutting position, which I believe gave me a 30 percent more closing shave.

What amazed me the most was the Contour Detect Technology!The shaver has the 8 directions regarding head movements that are completely independent.

And the best part?

These 8 independent directions go and can give you perfect cutting in every pass and it can even guarantee 20% hairs cut on your shaving, making it smooth and clean.

Truth be told, I really loved the personal comfort setting the shaver gave me.

Let me explain that.

The shaver has 3 personal comfort settings. One of them is the sensitive mode for those who have sensitive skin. It gives gentle, but a comfortable shave. The normal mode is completely normal shave that we can have; but it thoroughly gives you a full shave every day. And the Fast mode gives you a quick but full shave when you are on a rush to work; saving your precious time!

And as always, Philips Norelco Shaver sustains the Aquatec Technology that gives you both dry & wet shaving- anything that you would love to do.

I was really surprised to see the sustainability of the battery which is Lithium ion Battery. It has the shaving time for up to 1 hour, which is really high. You just give it on charge for one hour, and it is full. Even a 5 minute quick charge can give me a full shave that i always love to do.

I know the price is a little bit healthy but the accessories along with the special features cover up the price in a proper manner. Here are the key accessories for you to have a quick check:

  • Sleek Design for a perfect & strong grip
  • V-Track Precision Blade System PRO
  • The digital use interface with 3 modes available including every info you need.
  • 8 independent contouring systems with perfection in every pass.
  • SmartClick Precision Trimmer system
  • Aquatec Technology for both dry & wet shaving.
  • Travel Lock interface for safety
  • Lithium ion battery with the shaving time of 1 hour.


Philips Norelco 6948XL/41 Shaver 2100

Philips-Norelco-6948XL/41-Shaver-2100I have always been fond of smooth& easy shave at cheapest rate. In such case, Philips Norelco 2100 has the finest touch. If you are looking for something smaller but cooler; Philips Norelco 2100 always stays at the top.

The attractive feature of the shaver is its close & cut heads. The heads give a much close cut to the face that ensures 20% more of haircut on one stroke.

You would be amazed with the durable self-sharpening blades as they do not wear off and you can have a better & faster shave. When you need it quick; you can get it.

Here’s the amazing part:

The shaver has flexing & floating heads; which can easily follow the contour of your face, neck and even jawline. The heads make the closest contact with your skin and collect the long-hairs easily and give an effective shave after all.

By contrast, I found something cooler before going on a party when I first used the pop up trimmer. It easily pops up when you do and is best perfect for your sideburns, moustache and even the back of your neck.

And this shaver has something unique on the sleeve, it’s Battery Durability. It can give you 35 minutes of shave after 8 hours of charge. Though it takes too much time to charge the battery; it’s quite good to take on small travel.

Needless to say, it’s quite affordable too.

Now let’s take a look at the key features:

  • Close & cut heads giving a close cut up to 20% more hair.
  • Durable self-sharpening blades that do not wear and give faster shave.
  • Flexing & floating heads make the close contact with the skin, covering all the contours of the face.
  • Cool Pop up trimmer to cover up sideburns, moustache and back neck.
  • 35 minutes cordless shaving.
  • Quite affordable along with the features.


Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars SW6700/91

Philips-Norelco-Special-Edition-Star-Wars-SW6700/91There’s a cool vibe I found while having gone for this Norelco SW6700/91 Star Wars Edition. I liked the style they gave to the shaver and grip. I just loved the easy & strong grip for the design. It certainly feels like you are holding a “Lightsaber” and ready to strike.

I believe you would be amazed with the special feature this shaver has. It can ensure up to 20% extra power boost for a close, gentle but effective shave. When I’m about to catch a flight and I’m getting late, I can surely have a faster shave with the turbo mode.

But here’s what’s amazing too:

This best norelco shaverhas the V-Track Precision shaving system with 72 self-sharpening blades. And the sharpness of thev-shaped blades is really extraordinary. With these two combinations, the shaver holds the gentle position on your face and cut all the long-lying hairs on the bestcutting position. Even your ingrown beards of 1 or 3 days can be cut easily as the v-shaped blades put the best cutting position and collect hairs smoothly.

The contouring detect system of the shaver is really amazing. It gave me a real touch of shaving as the 8 direction contour detect heads followed every curve of my face and my sideburns. Even for a shave after 20 days, the contouring heads cut off all of my long-lying hairs so politely. I can calculate, it enhanced 20% more cutting than usual.

I really loved the click-on precision trimmer system before going on a date recently. The click-on trimmer easily removed my sideburns, my moustache and even my back neck properly and I felt like I had a good finishing.

And the LED system enhanced my user experience. the LED shows the cleaning indicator, travel lock indicator, replacement head indicator and even 5 level battery indicator- anything you would love to see.

And the battery durability thrilled me as well. With it’s lithium ion battery, you can go up to 1 hour of cordless shaving on 1 hour of charge. In that case, I calculated that it can give you 20 shaves on each 1-hour charge only.

What if you’re on a rush?

Well, the shaver has quick charging system too. You can go for a 5-minute quick charge to give it cool & nice shave that you wanted.

Though the shaver does not have any protective cap for better safety, they ensure it by giving a hard case for travelling. Let’s have a checklist of it’s special features:

  • Turbo mode giving you 20% extra boost on shaving.
  • V-track precision pro shaving system with 72 self-sharpening blades.
  • Best contouring system with 8 directions to go all curves of face and cut 20% more hair.
  • Easy Click-on precision trimmer system to cut moustache, sideburns and back of the neck more smoothly.
  • LED system showing5 level battery indicator, cleaning indicator, travel lock indicator and replacement head indicator.
  • Battery durability of 1-hour cordless shaving after 1 hour of charge. Also has 5-minute quick charge for easy & quick shave.


Philips Norelco 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor (Series 8000)

Philips-Norelco-1250X/40-SensoTouch-3D-Electric-RazorNow Philips has made something really perfect for travelling. I love to travel a lot and I would rather prefer Philips Norelco shaver 8100 to take with whenever on the world you make a trip to. The shaver has made a good curve on the design which is upward to the heads and I loved it very much.

This shaver holds the privilege of GyroFlex 3D contour tracking system which can easily adjust to any curve of your face, specially the jawline. Eventhis contour following system can minimize the pressure on your skin and smoothly avoids irritation.

And the most amazing part is:

The GyroFlex 3D contour following system has 3 independent ways such as flex outward, pivot around and tilt inward to smoothly go on the skin line. So, it can easily follow every contour of your face and collects lying hairs to cut off.

And the shaving system?

It’s covered with UltraTrack shaving system that can cover 50% more of your skin surface and easily collects more hairs and cut off within 1 or 2 strokes. I really loved the system when it gave me a cool & quick shave within 4 minutes.

That’s not all.

This Best Phillips Norelco Shaver has pop-up trimmer along with the contour following system. And the pop-up trimmer helps me catch the sideburns and moustache so smoothly.

I was amazed to see the shaver is so travel-friendly; and at the same time, it has Aquatec Technology. I experienced both gentle Dry Shave & Smooth Wet Shave and I was satisfied with this device.

Why am I calling this travel-friendly?

That’s because I was impressed by it’s travel lock interface and a protective pouch as an accessory. In such case, you can throw it on your backpack and be ready to go. Even the voltage system can adjust from 100 to 240 volts AC; meaning you can take it on your lovely world tour.

And the bottom line:

This shaver might not have a docking station; but it proves it’s travel-friendliness by providing cordless shaving. Its Lithium-Ion cordless battery can give you numerous shave after a one hour full charge. Not only that, you can give it a 3 minute quick charge; if you are on a hurry.

Let’s talk about the key features here for your quick check:

  • Unique Design for perfect hand-grip.
  • GyroFlex 3D Contour following system to follow every curve of your face.
  • 3 independent ways of GyroFlex 3D contour following system to follow and position on more facial hairs.
  • Ultra Track Shaving system cutting up to 50% more of your skin hair within a few strokes.
  • Pop up trimmer perfect for moustache and sideburns.
  • Aquatec Technology for both Dry & Wet shave.
  • Travel lock interface with a protective pouch
  • Adjusting volts from 100 to 240 volts, making it perfect for international travelling.
  • Numerous cordless shaving
  • 1 hour charge with 3 minute quick charge system for a full shave.


Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor 510

Philips-Norelco-PQ208/40-Travel-Electric-Razor-510As I was talking about travel friendliness; I have my favorite pickup which is the Phillips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor 510. This shaver has the name “Travel Electric Razor” and it says it all. Whenever I go to catch conferences on the other side of the world, or to travel internationally; I always love to take this Norelco Shaver 510 with me. Forgot to mention, it’s quite lightweight to carry. I would say, this is the Best Phillips Norelco Shaver for travelling.

The unique feature of this razor is the Rotary type blade system. The blades are quite independent as it can follow every contour of your face and gives you a clean shave on the go. Even the blades do not wear off and you can ensure a clean & quick shave before your departure. Needless to say, these blades are quite self-sharpening.

I am quite impressed by the close-cut heads this razor has. The floating heads work independently so they can follow the hardest contours of your face including the jawline; giving you the closest shave you wanted.

The automatic worldwide voltage is quite impressive for me as well. The voltage adjusts automatically from 100 to 240 volts as I took it to many places and didn’t have any issue at all.

And the best part?

The battery life can give you up to 60 minutes of cordless shave after full charge. Though the shaver requires 2 AA batteries; I am alright with the great service this shaver gives me.

Let’s get straight to the key features here:

  • Quite lightweight.
  • Rotary blade system to give closer shave.
  • Close-cut heads working independently to follow the contours of your face.
  • Automated worldwide voltage to adjust the voltage whenever you go.
  • 60 minutes of cordless shaving after full charge.


What Made Philips Norelco the Shaving Leader?

Several unique features & specialties have become the reasons for Norelco Shaver to be the “Customer’s Choice”. Let’s see what the unique features are-

Precision Blade System

Norelco Electric shavers give V-Track, Multi-blade, SmartClick Precision and even Dual-Blade Precision blade system that ensure to cut up to 30% of long-lying hairs on any skin. Even the precision blade system follow every face curve so that any hair does not get left behind.And the amazing thing is; these blades are quiet self-sharpening.

Wet & Dry Shaving

Best Phillips Norelco Shavers have the Aquatec Technology which is quite rate to pick. This technology can give you comfort in both types of shave. You can go relaxing on dry shave and even smooth and gentle on wet shave during shower. Even it gets smoother and gentler when you take on a wet shave with gel or foam.

Lithium Ion Battery

All the Norelco Shavers have the Lithium Ion Batteries required. These sustainable batteries can take full charge within 40-60 minutes of charging. Even the batteries can take on 3 minute quick charge to go for a quick shave. It’s quite good when you’re on a rush or travelling outside.

Accessories Included

What comes with the box of every Norelco shavers include basically brushes, precision trimmers, protective cap, hard pouch for safety issues, 8 contouring heads for replacement, docking station, charging stand, power cords for charging, cleaning brushes, luxury pouch, SmartClean Pro, cleaning cartridge and even travel case.  However, these accessories vary with the arrival of different Norelco Shavers.

Easy to Clean

Needless to say; the precision heads and the self-sharpening blades are quite easy to clean. You can just put the top edge of the blades on a flow of water and there you go. Some shavers have the V-track blades which are curved as ‘V’. These blades are quite easy to clean because they do not hold the cut hairs and the hairs go flushed away.

Contouring System

The precision heads are focused on contouring system which works on every face curve during shave. Some of these shavers have 5 directions, 4 directions and even 8 directions of contour following system that work independently. And the result? They follow every long-lying hairs on the face curve and cut up to 20% more of them.

Pivoting head

Norelco shavers have pivoting heads that are engineered for perfect shaving. These pivoting heads work independently & on different directions. Which is why, it can cut up to more hairs of your face within a few stroke. Moreover, this head helps you follow your jawline, cheek and neck curve as well.

Super Lift & Cut Action

Norelco Shavers have the Precision Trimming system and even UltraTrack system which follow every long hair lying on the skin line. At this rate, the contouring system gives a hand to follow the contours so that the combination lifts up the long-hairs, collects them and cuts them off within 1 stroke. The result? You get the fastest &clean shave.


Brief History of Philips Norelco Shaver

Norelco is the masterpiece of the Consumer Lifestyle division of Philips. As the American Brand name for electric shavers and personal care products, Norelco was created during the Philishave Trademark in 2006.

But the amazing thing is; Philips started making electric shavers since 1939.

During World War 2, their activities on the market were delayed and that’s why the brand came back again on the market in 1948. The brand became successful with their two-headed model shavers which were launched on the market in 1951. Since then, the company never had to look behind for making shavers.

Basically, Norelco stands as the acronym for ‘North American Philips Electrical Company.’ All the US consumer electronics products have been retained as the name Norelco after 1981; though they ideated the name so long ago. After that, the company started co-branding “Philips Norelco” as the permanent name of consumer electronics in order to create a vast brand awareness in US and outside US.


There are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that might meet your general enquiries. Do read them in the segment below:

Can I use Norelco Shaver in my Sensitive skin?

Of course! Most of the Best Phillips Norelco Shavers have 3 personal comfort settings for shaving. One of them is the sensitive mode. In this mode, the contour following heads move slowly on the skin level and gently collect hair to cut them off. Even the SkinGlide technology prevents your shaving from irritation as they gently glide on your skin level make a close position on your facial hairs and cut them off.

Is the Replacement head of Norelco shaver available?

The replacement heads of Norelco shavers are always available on the market. You can find it mostly available at Amazon and collect as many as you want. Basically, some replacement heads often come with the box when you buy Norelco shavers in the first place. I always find it available online and there’s no need to worry for it.

Is Norelco Shaver Travel Friendly?

Norelco Shaver has always been travel friendly for both national & international trips. Basically, there will be protective caps, hard pouches, luxury pouch, travel case and so on will be available when you buy one of the Norelco Shavers. In such case, you can throw in your shaver; prepare your bags and be ready to go!

How Norelco Shaver is different from foil shaver?

Basically, the foil shavers include blades that oscillate; meaning they come back and forth. The problem I found while using the foil shavers was that they struggle with the contours of my face. That’s because the heads are rectangle shaped. That means, you have to go on your skin like upside down or left to right. By contrasts, Norelco Shavers spin around and pivot 360 degrees, giving a thorough clean of your hairs whenever you give a stroke.

Can I use Norelco Shaver for head shaving?

Of course you can! The precision trimmer heads along with different head movements cope up with the curve of your head. Because of which, the blade glide on the skin of your head slightly and gently collects your hair to cut them off. If the blades can follow the hardest contours of your face, they can do so on the easiest contour- your head curve.

Does Norelco Shaver have universal voltage compatibility?

Norelco Shaver has the universal voltage compatibility and that’s the best part of why everyone should use Norelco. Every Norelco shaver has the voltage adjustment ranging from 100 volts to 240 volts. For which, it’s best recommended for using while on a tour to other side of the country or the other side of the world. Moreover, the travel lock system of Norelco shavers give proper adjustment to voltage so you can easily use and do not have worry about compatibility while on travel.


Philips Norelco Electric Shavers are my most favorite not because I love the brand; but because I got the best experience from it. With Philips Norelco, I had every requirement met when I started using it. Nothing is compared to the best service that Norelco gives in terms of smooth, clean & gentle shaving experience. I always love to refer Philips Norelco to people because I want them to get the same astonishing experience like I did. Hope you would like my review.

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