Best Synthetic Shaving Brush Choices: A Bottom Up Approach


If I ask you, how do you feel about “Animal Hair Shaving Brushes,” What will be your response?

I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to imagine most of you will say “NO!” That too, very loudly.

The truth is, Boar and Badger (or Horse hair) shaving brushes are bad on multiple fronts. Imagine feeling Animal hair on your skin. And the Odor!

Gross, right?

Not to mention these brushes are obtained from animals. So, there’s an act of cruelty involved which I am sure, many of you will object to.

So what’s the way out?

What is the solution?

Well, I use the best synthetic shaving brush that complements my skin and so should you.

For one, these are synthetic and don’t contribute to animal cruelty. And you won’t have to deal with allergies from different animals and performance issues.

These things offer many benefits that I looked into in great detail in the latter part of this article. As bonus, you get to have a sneak peek at my expert take on how you should buy one for yourselves.

If that’s not enough, I have a bunch of top brands lined up for you as recommendations.

Let’s get to it then!

My Recommendations for Best Synthetic Shaving Brush

ImageProduct NameOur RatingPrice
Satin-Tip-Shave-BrushSatin Tip Shave Brush4.8/5
Parker-Safety-Razor-SYNTHETIC-Bristle-Shaving-BrushParker SYNTHETIC Shaving Brush4.8/5
RazoRock-Plissoft-Monster-Synthetic-Shaving-BrushRazoRock Synthetic Shaving Brush4.7/5
The-Body-Shop-Men's-Synthetic-Shaving-BrushThe Body Shop Men's Synthetic Shaving Brush4.7/5
Omega-Shaving-Brush Omega Shaving Brush4.6/5

Best Synthetic Shaving Brush Reviews

Just to make the choice a bit easy on your part, here are my recommendations of the top synthetic shaving brushes that will stand every test you throw at them. They will meet most of your requirements.

1. Satin Tip Shave Brush the Purest Luxury Synthetic

Satin-Tip-Shave-BrushWhen you want a luxury shave brush with soft tips yet firm bristles, Satin Tip Shave Brush is the product to go to. This luxury shaving brush is made from 100% pure Synthetic fur. So, the authorities didn’t harm animals in the process.

I like the overall making of this shaving equipment. It feels extremely soft when I rub it against my face. Yet, it comes with the firmness necessary to make a creamy lather that you need for effective shaving. This product is certainly one of the best when it comes to shaving brushes.

Each product comes with a case made of paper slip. Just insert the brush in the case after use. You can take this badger hair brush anywhere you like. These cases are very much travel-friendly. A brush paired with a case will take little space in your backpack or travel bag.

The handle of this thing is a class of its own. Do you know, it comes with a rubberized exterior? The rubber makes gripping the handle easy. Anyone can grip it well between the thumb and his/her middle finger. The rubber grip makes this product less prone to slipping.

This is easily one of the best among the badger shaving brushes you’ll find in today’s date. To add to its already impressive tally of perks, it is super affordable.

Things I Like about this Shaving Brush
  • This brush comes with a soft tip to comfort your face to utmost degree.
  • The bristles are firm enough to make sure you get creamy lather when you shave.
  • 100% synthetic fur goes into the making; no animal is harmed in the process.
  • The handle comes with rubber coating that minimizes slipping while you use it.
  • One can easily bring it along to his/her vacation trip thanks to the travel-friendly case.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Shaving Brush
  • Some synthetic shaving brush reviews complained about it falling apart too soon.

2. Parker Safety Razor SYNTHETIC Bristle Shaving Brush with Blue Wood Handle

Parker-SYNTHETIC-Bristle-Shaving-BrushNothing spells “Quality” better than Parker when it comes to shaving equipment. The next synthetic shaving brush on my list is no exception. You can use it with any kind of razor. Yet, if you are using safety razors, this one here is the best suiting product for a rich and creamy lather.

I love the fact that Parker included soft bristles for this shaving brush. It DOES feel very good against your skin. Also, for all you poor souls with sensitive skins, this is a blessing you must have.

More often than not, our shaving brushes remain soggy and water drips through them. This used to happen even after half an hour after shaving for me. Then I got myself Parker Shaving Brush.

It dries very quickly in 10 minutes or so. The credit partly goes to the way this brush is kept on the acrylic brush stand. Use the stand to keep it upside down. This way, all the water will leave this brush in quick time.

The fact that this brush dries fast, makes it a perfect companion for all your vacation trips home and abroad.

Parker Shaving Brush comes with a blue resin handle. It looks classy with the soft bristles. The resin is great when you want durability by your side. Match it with your exotic shaving cabinet and the whole set up will look classy.

Things I Like about this Shaving Brush
  • Parker shaving brush is handcrafted by experts. This guarantees the superior quality you expect.
  • Dense bristles conjure up creamy and rich lather for superior shaving experience.
  • Resin handle is more durable compared to some of the other shaving brush handles.
  • The synthetic bristles are great for sensitive skin of men and women.
  • Acrylic brush stand contributes to aesthetics and makes the brush dry out quickly.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Shaving Brush
  • Some people deemed the brush too small for their comfort.

3. RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush

RazoRock-Plissoft-Monster-Synthetic-Shaving-BrushLet me give you a candidate for Best Synthetic Shaving Brush for wet shavers. It is RazoRock Pilissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush. Just to let you know, this is a “Vegan” brush. Meaning, the manufacturers didn’t harm any animals during the making of this thing.

The big thing about this commodity is that you get plissoft fiber bristles. Trust me, fiber bristles are much better than badger or bore ones. These are thicker and last for a long time.

The bristles produce thick lather that softens your facial hair. This commodity holds enough lather to account for 4 to 5 passes.

RazoRock Plissoft Monster doesn’t require any sort of break-in period whatsoever. Plus, the 26mm knot of this brush makes it a prime candidate for repeated wet shaving.

Did I forget the wonderful Resin handle?


The handle grants this shaving brush weight that it desperately needs. You get durability as well as an aesthetic boost. As a result, it looks good on any shaving cabinet.

With 120mm height, the brush is big as well. It should grant shavers a comfortable grip besides the comfortable feeling against their skin.

Things I Like about this Shaving Brush
  • The brush has thick bristles that produce creamy lather for the shave.
  • You can expect this brush to feel soft on your face from the get go with no break-in time.
  • The resin handle gives durability to the brush through the added weight.
  • The height of this brush allows people to hold it comfortably between their fingers.
  • This is a “Vegan” commodity, no animal was harmed in the making process.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Shaving Brush
  • I didn’t find any fault with this shaving brush.

4. The Body Shop Men's Synthetic Shaving Brush

The-Body-Shop-Men's-Synthetic-Shaving-BrushTrust me, finding a good enough brush for wet shaving is easier said than done. Then again, it’s not impossible. Such is the case for Body Shop Men’s Synthetic Shaving Brush. This thing costs you less than 20 Dollars. Yet, it grants you superlative shaving experience.

How does it do that you say? Let’s find out.

Firstly, it comes with soft-tip bristles. These are well-rounded. The bristle tips feel soft on your face. These things do a great job in spreading the shaving cream or gel throughout the facial hairs.

The bristles do a great job of producing quality lather when you need it the most. Unlike the conventional brushes, the bristles won’t mat together when they are wet. The brush dries quicker than others. It can be the ideal travel companion.

Only debatable feature it has is the handle. Particularly, the size of it. Some users reported the handle to be a bit smaller than what they have felt comfortable with. But to me, this small handle is just perfect since I can hold it on my palm.

Moreover, the handle is made out of Russian Birch tree. The polish on this round handle gives it the aesthetic of a high-end commodity. It is rare to find a synthetic shaving brush matching the performance level and price expectations of people.

Things I Like about this Shaving Brush
  • The bristles of this shaving brush don’t lump together whenever the brush is too wet.
  • The handle is well-polished and is made from Russian Birch Tree that gives it the looks.
  • You can take this brush along to your traveling trips home and abroad.
  • Great price vs. Performance ratio if you look into it.
  • The bristles are soft and spread the lather evenly when you do wet shaving.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Shaving Brush
  • Very few users mentioned about the bristles breaking up after few weeks of using this thing.

5. Omega Shaving Brush # 90081 Syntex 100% Synthetic Classic Beehive

Omega-Synthetic-Shaving-BrushOmega Shaving Brush #90081 just about makes onto my best synthetic shaving brush reviews’ list. I chose this brush because of the fact that the bristles are made of Syntex Nylon. Nylon, as you know, is very soft and flexible. So, when you spread lather on your face, the bristles feel nice and soft.

Omega Shaving Brush gives you really close shave. 50mm loft for bristles spreads the lather nice and evenly. The bristles are firm enough to stay upright even after repeated use.

The handle of this amazing brush shines as Chrome. It is made with ABS material. 104mm diameter allows anyone to hold it in his/her palms. Stroking your face with this thing is very comforting.

Very rarely I’ve seen an ergonomic handle that doesn’t cause strains on your hands when you are shaving for a long time.

People always seek a reputed brand and one close to home when looking for accessories. I’d urge everyone to try this Italian brand for once. The aesthetics, build quality, and performance didn’t disappoint me. I am very much sure it won’t disappoint my readers either.

Things I Like about this Shaving Brush
  • Bristles don’t fall off that much when you are using Omega #90081 Shaving Brush.
  • You won’t get any kind of odor coming out of it due to the synthetic nylon.
  • Another benefit of synthetic nylon that it is soft on your face yet firm to offer creamy lather.
  • The ergonomic handle performs well as you can grab it well when you lather up the gel or cream.
  • 50mm loft is a handy trait to have if you want to try it while exfoliating.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Shaving Brush
  • Some people found nylon bristles too stiff for their likings but it comes down to individual preferences.

How to Come up with an Ideal Synthetic Shaving Brush?

Because we already narrowed it down to a Synthetic variant of shaving brushes, choosing one would be easier than we think, right?

You are dead wrong!

Even if we narrow our choices to the synthetic brushes, we need to check on few things before we can actually buy the ideal ones for ourselves. I’ve shortlisted few of the factors that can decide which one would be the best for people looking for this stuff. Let’s have a look.

It Says “Animal Product Not Used” – How True Is It?

Synthetic Shaving Brushes say, “No Animal Was Harmed Producing this Brush.” Right? Don’t believe it because I said so. Instead, do a thorough checking on this fact.

Synthetic brushes don’t require animal fur to make the bristles. The authorities outright mention the fact on the label. You’d do well to check that before buying the package.

The reputed brands, in this case, are the safest. The brands that I suggested, are tried and tested by thousands of users for accuracy.

Check Efficiency with the Soap

The shaving brush you buy needs to hold the soap well. The synthetic bristles will have to be firm enough to hold the gel so that you can make lather with it.

The shaving soap has some water in it. These synthetic brushes tend to hold the water in for the duration of the shave. As a result, you get to lather up the cream or the gel. I suggest you buy these shaving brushes belonging to the top tier. These brushes often have the bristles that hold water efficiently.

Also, you might find these things to dry out quicker than normal ones.

Select the One with High Lather Quality

Did you notice that I keep saying, “Good Lather” and “Quality Lather?” Well, that’s because it is important. These brushes aren’t made with real horse or badger furs. That is why the manufacturers use micro fibers and have the bristles textured.

These are indeed hard on the soaps. Thus, textured synthetic brushes allow you to stir the cream or gel better and come up with thick lather. Try and buy a brush with satin tips. These are evenly spread and don’t fall off quickly.

How Gentle Are These to Your Face?

We all want brushes with stiff bristles, I know.

Here’s the kicker…

If the bristles are too stiff, they won’t move right on your face. Plus, people with sensitive skin can face rashes and red spots.

Do get the best one from products that have soft satin tips and see the magic happen. Soft tip brushes are dense at the top. They feel gentle on your skin and don’t trigger itches.

Plus, some of the high-end brushes come with hypoallergenic tips. You’ll be safe from allergies as well. These will cost you a bit more than normal shaving brushes though.

Check on the Build Quality of Your Choice

Trust me, that’s where all the comfort lies. You want a brush that has a nice, comforting, and classy handle. The brush should be easy to grab and comfortable to handle. There’s a simple calculation as to how big the brush should be for you to handle it effortlessly.

You should buy a brush that has a handle that covers the distance from your palm to the tip of your thumb. These are ergonomic handles. No matter how long you hold them for, you’ll not get tired.

Also, look at the polish, the material, and the aesthetics of your shaving brush if you can. A lot of brands tend to come up with attractive designs and quality materials to give the handles a quality boost.

Advantages of a Synthetic Brush for Shaving

Aside from the “Great” lather quality, I advocate for these shaving brushes for a number of reasons. In this part of the article, I intend to discuss the advantages any of you can attain through using them. Let's go over these one by one.

  • These things are super cheap. Synthetic brushes come at nearly one third of a price when compared to traditional ones. Also, they deliver when it comes to performance. You are never at a loss when you buy these shaving brushes.
  • Natural brushes take a lot of time to release the lather. But synthetic ones work quickly. You can lather the cream in quick time for a quick shave. These are perfect ones for a shave before a date or a meeting.
  • If you’ve had your time with badger or boar brushes, you know that these loose bristles rather quickly. I use synthetic shaving brush for quite some time now. And with my experience, I’ve seen lesser bristles biting the dust than that of the natural ones.
  • The Best Synthetic Shaving Brush candidates offer consistency in performance. In the case of animal-made ones, this is highly unlikely. Even with the same brand of animal brushes, two products might perform slight different than each other. With synthetic ones, this is not the case.
  • You don’t need THAT much time to prepare your synthetic shaving brush for the job. Just take it out, put the shaving cream or gel on your face, and lather it up. These things don’t retain water and dry quickly. That is why these are easy to use. You can get by with low maintenance as well.
  • These brushes are here to stay. Natural brushes do run long. But eventually, the bristles fall apart due to wears and tears. Synthetic fiber however, is a lot less susceptible to these kinds of damages. The fibers take a long time to fall off.
  • Last one is the obvious. Natural or boar and badger brushes use animal fur in the making. Whereas, synthetic ones use micro fibers. So, you won’t find any animals harmed or killed to obtain the skin.
  • Do you get the animal odor from boar or badger shaving brushes? Many people including myself do. That is why I’d suggest you to work with artificial fur shaving brushes. The fur itself is not real. So, there is no chance of you getting that unpleasant odor.

Parting Remarks of Mine

Finding the Best Synthetic Shaving Brush is not always easy. But from my take on the topic, you might have figured out that it is not so much difficult either. You just have to be careful and picky in your choices.

Remember, the choice largely depends on your skin conditions as well. You and your skin matter a great deal. Measure the needs, get the performance and price comparison right. In the end, you’ll have a shaving companion that will serve you for years.

These recommendations are great places to begin your hunt for the ideal candidate. Each of these things has been tried and tested by me and my friends for a long time. Give them a try and find out yourselves!

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