Should You Shave Against the Grain or Not?


Are you in hurry and doing shave against the grain to get a closer shave?

You may think that it is the fastest way to get a closer shave. But unfortunately this is also the easiest way to get razor burn, damaged your hair follicles and skin irritation.

Saving against the grain may seem to you a great idea but actually this is the worst choice for you.

Why you shouldn’t shave against the grain?

Now a days, shaving is the most popular choice of hair removal for both men and women.

If you don’t know how to shave correctly then all of your efforts will be in vain. And to do a correct shave you shouldn’t go against the grain.

Now, a question arises ‘What the grain is’?

This is the direction of hair growth. Hair can grow in all directions, especially in neck areas.

If you shave with the grain that means you are going in the same direction of your hair growth. On the other hand, if you shave against the grain that means you are going to the opposite direction of hair growth or pulling your hair back from your skin.

There is a bad rumor that, this is beneficial as it cuts the hair closer to the skin. But the truth is quite opposite to it.

Shaving against the grain pulls your hair back away from skin can increase the risk of ingrown hair which can swell up and turn into serious razor bumps. If you don’t have any razor bumps, there is a chance to look your face more reddish.

Overtime you will experience that your healthy hair follicles or your healthy skin is resulting in a serious damage.

Shave with the grain: tips and benefits

Do you think that shaving with grain means that compromise with smooth and close shave? You may think that. But, actually it is not.

You can get a close shave and a damage free skin without shaving against the grain. Yes, it is possible!

Let’s see how you will get a close shave if you shave with the grain.

Hair grows in different directions at different location. At first, you have to identify the hair growth direction. It might be little time consuming but that will help you to understand different shaving direction for different locations. At first, take a special shaving mirror. It will make your task a lot easier. You can see easily how your hair is growing. Then, just run your hand across the stubble. It will help you to understand the direction of hair growth.

Always you should keep in mind that, it is better to use single-blade safety razor. These razors can easily glide across the skin to ensure comfortable shave. There is a reduced risk of developing razor bump and irritation while you are using single blade razor comparing to multiple blade razors.

Before shaving, gently wash your face and then apply pre shave oil or cream that will soften the hairs and also lubricate the hair to so that the razor can slide across face smoothly.

Before each shave make sure that your razor blade is sharp enough to cut the hairs smoothly. Otherwise, you have to need of shaving the same place again and again. As a result, it will develop skin irritation.

The key of a smooth shave is shaving your face with much shorter strokes instead of long strokes. Take your time. Just go slowly; it will help you to avoid cuts and nicks. It will also ensure you that you are cutting every last hair.

Finally, you need to apply aftershave lotion or balm after finishing every shave. The lotion moisturises and softens your skin and prevents your skin from becoming dry and flaky. Beside this, the natural oils of after shave lotion can reduce the chance razor bumps.

For the best shave you definitely need the best shaving tools. So, before staring your shave gather your essential tools needed.

No matter whatever your buddies are doing, resist your temptation to go for shaving against the grain. Always try to shave with grain to get a flawless and a clean shaved look.

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