Remington MB4040 Review – Best Thing within Budget

Remington-MB4040-ReviewI am a very choosy fellow, and if I don’t like something I don’t keep it. I have used a number of grooming products and only a few of them are still in the bathroom cabinet. And the black Remington MB4040 Rechargeable Trimmer is one of them.

I bought this just to test for a review and have been using it regularly now. It has got a two-year warranty and already a year has passed. And I look forward to using it at least two more years. It has got very basic features and is good for your pocket and facial hair.

Lithium Ion Battery – As with Most Shavers

When designing a rechargeable electric device, the best option is using a Lithium Ion battery. These batteries can endure the long haul. They are small in size and so do not add any extra weight to the Remington MB4040. And in the case of safety, these Li-ion batteries have a very low risk of cell rupture. However, it is recommended not to charge the trimmer for a very long time.

In fact, this Remington trimmer gets fully charged in 3 hours. And once it is fully charged, the trimmer will run smoothly for 120 minutes. If you use the trimmer twice/thrice every week, the battery life will run for two weeks or more. It is better to put the trimmer on charge after every two weeks.

Titanium is the Best, Right?

Unlike regular razors, electric trimmers have a fixed head. So if you are thinking that what if the blades which come in the package get damaged or become rusty, you are not the first. I had the same train of thoughts when I first tried electric shavers/trimmers. The electric ones always have blades that will withstand rough use, water, and moisture.

Here Remington has used titanium to ensure that the blades are immune from damage. Don’t get your hopes high; the blades are not wholly made of titanium. Instead, the blades are given a titanium coating.

So how good is the coating? It is VERY good. The coating makes the blades sturdy and corrosion free. As a result, no matter how much water you use, it will not get any rust. My Remington MB4040’s blades are still as good as new due to this coating. And it’s almost a year now.

3 Blades, Multiple Functions

The Lithium Ion Powered Remington MB4040 comes with 3 different blades for your three different trimming needs. The first one, Beard Trimmer, has wider teeth, which is good for coarse and thick facial hair. The second one, Goatee Trimmer, has finer blades for providing precise cuts and details for your goatee and more. The last one, Stubble Trimmer, has finely pitched teeth that, as you can guess, is optimum for a maintaining a stubble.

However, this is just an easy way to understand what each blade aims for. You can use them any way you feel convenient. What do I do? Most of the times, I use the Beard Trimmer, as it does what I need it do.

9 Choices for A Man to Pick

The Remington MB4040 has 9 Length-Setting Options. The blades go directly over the skin, and so they can’t be used alone to maintain a certain length of facial hair. This is where the length settings come to rescue.

These Lock-in settings assist you in grooming at different lengths. All you need to do is turn the zoom wheel and set a particular length. The blades along with the powerful motor will make sure you get your desired look.

Cleaning This One is Tricky

This Remington Rechargeable trimmer features a Quick Release mechanism to easily change and take off trimming heads. And once you have got the heads off, rinsing them under running tap water cleans them well. But that is not the only place which requires cleaning.

The hairs also get stuck in the gear lying just below the trimming head. Since this trimmer is not water resistant, you can’t rinse off the main body like the head. I use a small brush to get rid of these hairs. It is important to clean these hairs because they can get into the motor.

Positives that I Found!

  • The titanium coating makes 3 blades sturdy and long lasting.
  • Self-sharpening and self-oiling blades give you the best trimming results.
  • Each of the blades has a specific use; one for trimming thick hair, one for getting precise details and one for trimming the stubble.
  • Takes 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • Once fully charged, the trimmer will run for 120 minutes
  • Powerful motor that delivers effortless and effective trimming, even with thick hair.
  • Nine Length Settings for your trimming needs.
  • The lengths of the blades can be adjusted using a zoom wheel.
  • Quick Release mechanism makes changing trimmer’s heads a swift job.

The Negatives

  • It does not have a pivoting/moving head, so it is totally up to you to glide it over your facial contouring.
  • It can’t be used on wet skin or in the shower. The main body of the trimmer is not water-resistant.
  • The Quick Release is not always so quick. The blades are harder to take off in the beginning. After using it for a month or so, the job becomes easier.
  • It is designed for trimming only and not shaving.

Before I Let Go

One thing I will tell you – the Remington MB4040 is not the best trimmer in the market with a limited budget and for basic trimming needs. Looking for a bang for your bucks? This is one of the best ones for you.

There are trimmers/shavers that do a lot more than the MB4040, but they also cost more. This is one of those products which is cheap but of good quality. And anything that comes with a two-year warranty seems pretty good. And that’s coming from a choosy guy like me.

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