How to Shave Your Butt the Right Way?


Believe it or not, shaving can be quite a painstaking task. Particularly at times when you want to shave your butt. Nature placed hairs on our bums so that living in the jungles could be a bit more comfortable in earlier ages. A lot of time has passed since then and we no longer live amidst the jungles.

Naturally, we don’t need the butt hair which nature left us. It is time to shave it off. In this article, I am gonna tell you how to shave your butt and not get cut while doing so. You’ll have to do your preparations and carry out the process step-by-step. I’ll be explaining the steps. I’ll recommend few tools of the trade that you’ll be needing for the job.

Let us get right into it then!

Get the Tools Right Before You Go on to Shaving Your Ass

Getting the right tools for the job is crucial. Listen, you are shaving your bum and there is hardly any room for mistakes. Just make sure you have the following products at your disposal. I’ll go ahead and list the reasons I want them for.

  • You’ll need a safety razor, to begin with. The safety razors have guards in place. These things protect you from nicks, cuts, and irritations. They also minimize the possibility of razor burns.
  • Next, comes the shaving gel. Well, it is obvious how helpful this thing is. A shaving gel takes away discomfort from the equation. The formula smooths your butt hair to a point where you can cut them easily.
  • A shaving mirror is an absolute must for you! Be sure to get a small-sized one. This way, you can hold it in your hand and then find a unique angle to hold it. This angle will provide you visibility that you need to shave off hair from a “Hard to Reach” area.
  • The next thing you need is an antiseptic for the job. Shaving your bum can get tricky when you get to your anus. One mistake and you’ll end up cutting yourselves. That is why people need to keep a bottle of antiseptic nearby just to avoid infections from these cuts and bruises as a last resort.
  • Next, you need a baby powder. It is optional though. But this powder thing helps you in smoothing the surface so that razor moves just that bit easier on the surface.
  • Another optional product is a hair trimmer. Now, this is a thing that I advise for people who have long hairs on their bum. Shaving these hairs will be a lot easier if you if you trim the hair first into a shorter size. Or, just select a body groomer (hint: the one I recommended on my list) to get the best in shaving and trimming both.

Products that I Recommend to Shave Your Butt

Enough beating around the bush then. Let’s get into the business end of this article. I know, I hinted at different products till now. But it is time to get specific. So, here are the particular accessories that I recommend you gather up before you even dwell on how to shave your butt.

1. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor with FlexBall Handle Technology and 1 Razor Blade, Mens Razors / Blades

Gillette-Fusion-ProGlide-Power-Mens-RazorI don’t need to introduce you to Gillette shaving razors, do I? Their products are designed to deliver the best quality of service. The Fusion ProGlide Power Razor and the Razor Blade offers you the most soothing and perfect shave you could imagine.

The ProGlide Razor comes with FlexBall Handle Technology. This technology lets the blade smoothly glide over your skin adjusting to any type of contour. It’s like you can shave blindfolded. Yes, even the butt hair can be shaved blindfolded with this razor.

It can be used in both manual and power. Fusion ProGlide runs on AAA batteries. It is equipped with a microchip that does two functions – it maintains a static voltage throughout the life of the battery and it lets you know when to change the battery.

The package includes a Fusion Blade, which is as good as the body. The razor head has 5 + 1 blades, of which the five are contact blades and the last one is placed at the back of the head. This single blade is for precision trimming.

Moreover, first four of the five blades are very fine and thin that reduce any tugging or pulling. Plus, you get a very close shave. The razor head has an Enhanced Lubrastrip – it is infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers. This allows the blades to glide seamlessly, even during repeat strokes.

One blade will last a month, more or less, depending on your frequency of shave. All Fusion5 Blades fit Fusion ProGlide, so you have a lot of options.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This Gillette product shaves hair near the contours of your butt.
  • Gillette ProGlide has as many as five blades that cover greater area at a single stroke.
  • The precision trimmer allows you to remove “In-grown” hairs too.
  • If you have a sensitive skin, this razor is just for you.
  • This product is reasonably priced.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • The blades are thinner than usual.
  • Don’t try sculpting if you can’t handle razors properly.
  • People reported about some kind of razor burn while shaving with this product due to thin blades.

2. Gillette Body Non Foaming Shave Gel for Men, 5.9 Fluid Ounce

Gillette-Body-Non-Foaming-Shave-GelThe Gillette Body Non-Foaming Shave Gel is every man’s weapon of choice in their grooming endeavors. Yes, especially when you are seeking answers on how to shave your ass? Unlike most shaving gels, this one is non-foaming. As you can guess, it will not form any excess foam and still deliver great service.

This helps you to have a proper view of the area you are shaving, preventing mishaps. The Gillette shave gel is made for grooming all parts of the body. Although it is recommended for every area except your face, many have used it for shaving their facial hair with satisfactory results.

It is a great choice if you have sensitive skin and razor rashes are very common to you. The gel gives the perfect lubrication for shaving tricky areas so that you don’t face any cut or burn. This Non-Foaming gel is made for the shower. So it becomes easy to use in case of shaving hair of your butt.

This shave gel has a nice fragrance so it can be like a shower gel with more than one use. You can take it with you when traveling. The 175 ml. tube goes a long way. Depending on your needs, the tube can last almost a year. You will require only a thin layer of the gel over your body to get your job done. In short, manscaping was never easier until you used Gillette’s Non-Foaming Shave Gel.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This gel is specially designed for manscaping.
  • It is perfect if you want to shave off buttock hair.
  • I could even use this gel while I was showering without problems.
  • showering without problems.Formula used in this Gel makes your in-grown hairs soft.
  • You have lubricants to make the hair susceptible to razor blades too.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • This gel can be a bit greasy for you to handle.
  • Be careful about your skin type while choosing this gel.

3. The Shave Well Company Fog-Free Travel Mirror

The-Shave-Well-Company-Fog-Free-Travel-MirrorA good shave (even when it comes to butt hair) requires a good mirror. And the Shave Well Company Travel Mirror is probably the best product you can find. It is not just a mirror but a solution to many of your everyday struggles. Including ass shaving.

When you travel, you always don’t get a proper place for personal grooming. You know, shaving the hair of your private parts and all. Regular mirrors are fragile and so carrying them in the luggage bag is not an option. And even if you do succeed in carrying one, setting it up is too much of a trouble.

This is where Shave Well Travel Mirror comes to rescue. The mirror is tested to be immune to breakage, thus deemed “unbreakable”. This lets you to easily carry it anywhere you go. Setting it up is super easy. The travel mirror comes with a suction cup that works on almost any solid surface. Just press it into place and hang the mirror. After you are done, take it off.

The Shave Well Mirror has more surprises on offer. Firstly, it is fog resistant. How does this work? When using it in a shower, place the mirror under the shower stream. This allows the mirror to come to equilibrium with the surrounding temperature.

So, no fog builds upon its surface. Secondly, it is easy to clean. Apply a bit of toothpaste and voila! It will look good as new to give a spotless reflection. The dimensions of the mirror are 6” x 4”. This not only makes it easy to pack but also makes it easy to hold.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This thing is entirely fog free; you can use it even after hot bath.
  • You can take it anywhere due to the small size.
  • The durable design makes it unbreakable in most cases.
  • The suction cups make it easy to attach this mirror to any surface you can think of.
  • You can maintain and clean this mirror easily.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • This may need frequent cleaning and maintenance.

4. Tend Skin The Skin Care Solution For Unsightly Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair And Razor Burns, 8-Ounce Bottle

Tend-Skin-The-Skin-Care-SolutionShaving, waxing and butt hair removal leaves the skin red and with bumps. There are some commodities that can be used to get rid of them. However, none of them will work as good as this Skin Care Solution. This skin soothing liquid has multitudes of use. This is one of the few skin care solutions that can be used before and after grooming by both men and women.

Use it before butt shaving, waxing, electrolysis etc. to get best results. So how does it help? Applying it beforehand helps to improve the appearance of ingrown hair, makes it easier to pull the wax sheet and helps with electrolysis needle placement in the follicles.

However, never use it before getting laser treatment, as the liquid solution may hinder the light from reaching the skin. Of course, use the Tend Skin Solution after every grooming session.

You can apply this Skin Care solution on every part of your body, even on your face if you feel like it. It can be used for exfoliating and regular use can help your skin to glow. This solution can help to get rid of bikini rash, razor bumps redness etc. very efficiently.

In fact, you can use it as a daily skin care product. Use it at least twice a day. Always remember to apply the solution on dry skin to get best results. Both men and women can use this product, and everybody will get satisfactory results.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This solution removes the red burn marks that you get on your ass.
  • People can use this solution as much and as many times as they want.
  • The odor is pleasant and very mild in nature.
  • Men and women both can use this product without any problems.
  • Gets rid of any lumps or bumps after shaving.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • People will have difficulties with this if they have ingrown hair.

5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100, BG2040

Philips-Norelco-Bodygroom-Series-7100-BG2040If you are not sure about how to shave your butt with the Gillette razor, let me give you an electric alternative instead. Phillips is a leading name in the world of electronic equipment. They have a wide of range of body grooming products and the Norelco 7100, BG2040 is one of them. The 7100 is cordless, rechargeable. Before using it for the first time, you will need to charge it for 24 hours.

After that, every 1-hour charging will deliver 50 minutes of service. The LED light shows when it is charging when the battery’s fully charged and when it needs charging. The foldable stand makes it convenient to store and charge the machine.

It is water resistant, so you can very easily use it in the shower. The 7100 has got a 3-D pivoting head that guides the body grooming machine over the contours of your face.

The Norelco Bodygroom 7100 has got a lot to offer. The sleek devil has got two heads. On the top, there is a shaving head. This head is equipped with pre-trimmers on its two sides. These pre-trimmers provide you with a close shave without any irritation in the sensitive area I am recommending it for.

In fact, it is manufactured with materials that are hypoallergenic. So there is no risk of skin problems or rashes on your butt area. On the other end, there is a trimmer. This has rounded blades and combs so that you can safely guide over your buttocks.

Plus, the trimmer offers 5 length settings. The buttons are ergonomically placed along with the rubber grip. This makes it easy to use the Bodygroom 7100, wet or dry.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This model comes with a pivoting head to move it around.
  • You’ll be able to reach difficult contours of your butt with it easily.
  • Phillips Bodygroom 7100 comes with 5 different settings that you can use to cut hair.
  • The 7100 comes with rounded blades. These don’t scratch tender skin on which you roll it.
  • I could hold this thing comfortably with my hands.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • It is a bit fragile according to some reviewers.
  • Frequent battery changes are in order if you purchase this thing.

6. Gold Bond Ultimate Comfort Body Powder – 10 oz – 2 pk

Gold-Bond-Ultimate-Comfort-Body-PowderThere are a lot of ways to get rid of body odors and feel refreshed. Gold Band offers one of the ways – their Ultimate Comfort Body Powder. There is no exaggeration in the name. This is one of the few body powders that actually work as promised.

You realize that this body powder has bigger implications than simply being used on your butt, don’t you? It can be used by the whole family, as it is safe for both children and adults. The Gold Band body powder is 100% talc-free.

While many body powder manufacturers claim talc is good for the body, it is wholly not. This Gold Band product helps you to feel refreshed all day with one use. It helps to get rid of odor you get after shaving all your butt hair and controls the moisture content. In other words, it keeps your ass cool.

This Ultimate Comfort body powder is enriched with Aloe and Vitamins A, C, E. The included vitamins are essential for the skin and help to keep it nourished. Along with Aloe, it has Chamomile and Lavender, both of which help to soothe and freshen up.

You can use it anytime of the day. Use it in the morning, and feel its comfort throughout the day. And then use it at night before hitting the sack to get an equally comfortable sleep. This Gold Band body powder can be used in any (external) part of the body as I earlier said. This product is indeed as good as it sounds.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • The odor of this powder is fresh and pleasant.
  • People can use this powder on their entire body.
  • It is safe to use even if you have a sensitive skin.
  • It features aloe and skin nourishing vitamins.
  • The powder controls moisture of our body.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • The packaging left a bit to be desired.
  • The texture of it is coarse.
  • Consistency of this product left a bit to be desired too.

That concludes my list of products needed for ass shaving. But gathering up products doesn’t answer “How to Shave your Ass?” It is how you use those products. Let me break the procedure down in easy to follow steps below.

How to Shave Your Butt? – The Process

  • Ideally, you’d want to stay away from razor burns and any irritation while shaving your ass. These burns hurt like hell. You need to use a well-rounded razor (hint: on my list of products needed for the job). Just run cold water over it to get it ready.
  • Posture is necessary when you are doing the shaving. Face your bum towards the mirror before you start to shave. It will eliminate any strains on your part.
  • I’d advise you to shave with the grain. But if you want a close shave, you will have to go against it. Beware, shaving against the grain can cause skin irritation. It is a “No-No” if you have a sensitive skin.
  • Next up, you need to use the razor while holding it lightly over your bum. This won’t cause cuts or burns if you are careful. For close shaves, you need to rinse the shaver again and again. Be sure to run cold water over the razor to remove hair.

If you people are using the body groomer I recommended you, be extra careful and remove all the excess here before you run it for shaving again. This will deliver you the best results.

  • When it comes down to the butt cheeks, be extremely cautious. Bring the razor or body groomer down slowly on them and in between the cheeks. Shaving your “Anus” gets especially tricky since you have visibility issues.

I’d advise you to use a hand mirror to find the angle you are comfortable with. And, this angle will allow you to see where you are moving the razor or body groomer. Viewing angles are different for different people.

  • Done with butt shaving? Rinse off any leftover gel material that is there. This is where the body wash comes into play. Use cold water and then a body wash to clean yourselves.
  • The final step is wiping your bum with a clean towel. Be sure to apply some antiseptics for any accidental cuts or burns.

Avoid These Mistakes while Shaving Your Ass just to be On the Safe Side

We are talking about shaving one of the most “Hard to Reach” areas of our body. We need to stay safe while doing it. These tips below can save you from any hazards that might come your way.

  • Get a good razor or a trimmer for yourselves. Good shaving equipment gets the job done with minimum risk. You should be able to shave off the hair at one go. I’d hate it if I have to pull my razor up and down to clean hair off from a tough spot. Such repeated movements can easily cause nicks and cuts.
  • Make sure to apply the gel, body powder, and take all the necessary precautions during the job as well as antiseptic treatment afterwards.
  • Hey, go slow. Your bum is a sensitive area of your body as I am repeatedly telling you. Relax and move the shaver slowly. Take care of the contours. Clean the hair you have in the cracks. Otherwise, you might find bits of hair left in places. Now, that we don’t want, do we?

Final Words of Mine

I believe I simplified the concept of buttock hair shaving. Now, I don’t think you’ll fret or shiver as you know how to shave your butt and remain safe while doing it.

Many would prefer not to do with an electric shaver but hey, everything boils down to how you handle the shaver. If you are comfortable with it, you can use it no matter how big the shaver is.

As far as “Itchiness after shaving” is concerned, use the baby powder I recommended and you’ll be fine. Every product on my list today is special. I’ve used them for years before recommending to you guys. If you have something better in mind, do further your research based on the guidelines I offered and you’ll be fine.

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