How to Get a Close Shave: A Step By Step Guide

how-to-get-a-close-shaveWho doesn’t want to look him the best? I am damn sure that you won’t find a single person in the world who really doesn’t want to look him the best.

When it comes to best look, it needs proper grooming. A close shave is a prerequisite of men’s proper grooming which can define your personality and also your look.

Choose the Right Set of Tools

Before start shaving, you should gather all the necessary tools nearby. Having everything at your hand will make your task much easier. Let’s have a look what you will need to complete your shaving.

A quality shaver

No doubt that for a quality shave you must need quality shaving tools. The most important thing you will need is a sharp and quality shaver or razor. For a perfectly close shave, it is very important to choose a right shaver.

Single blade razors would be better comparing to multi-blade cartridge razors. As the multiple blade razors cut the hair too close to your skin, which may result in ingrown hair or razor bumps. Whereas the single blade razors are less likely to cause razor bumps.

If you have extra dense or coarse hair then you can go for double blade or multiple blade razor according to your requirement.

You can also use disposable razors. As often they are of low quality, you can use a razor only once or twice. Don’t forget to purchase extra disposable heads.

Many razors come with pivoting head. The pivoting head moves over the curves of skin easily that ensures you to get a close and smooth shave.

A shaving cream

Shaving creams are used to soften the hair and protect the skin from razor blade. Shaving cream has various alternatives like shaving foam, gel, lather-up, soap etc. Shaving oil also can be used.

Most of the users prefer shaving gel as they think it helps to get a closer shave.

On the other hand, lather-ups and soaps are traditional choices. You can still use them if you have expertise.

Pre shave oils also can be used as they provide lubrication and also keep your skin well hydrated.

After shave lotion or balm

After shaving, it is very important to use a good quality after shave lotion or balm. After shave lotions are designed to restore lost moisture. You should pick the after shave lotion considering your skin type.

After shave lotion or balms are highly moisturising. For dry skin, you can use these as they stop skin from drying out.

On the other hand, for oily skin, it is better to choose alcohol based or toner based after shave products.

How to get a close shave: tips and tricks

Shaving is a painstaking task. But it will be easy if you follow the step by step procedure.

Wash your face

At first, wash your face gently. Washing helps to clean the dirt and dead skins and thus remove bacteria from your skin. Shaving in a dirty skin may cause acne problem.

Apply shaving cream

Take shaving cream on your hand. Then apply on your skin evenly in small and circular motion. A good shaving cream creates a rich creamy lather which will give your skin a perfect amount of lubrication. It also helps the razor to glide smoothly and effortlessly over your skin.

Shave with the grain

Always try to shave with the grain. To do so you have to understand the direction of hair growth. Hair grows in different direction in different locations. The Direction of hair growth will help you to shave right way.

Try to avoid shaving against the grain. While you are shaving against the grain, the shaver pulls back the hairs away from the skin and cuts the hairs too close to your skin. Possibly it will give you the closest shave, but there is a good chance of having skin irritation like razor bump, ingrown hair or rashes.

For a closer shave use shorter strokes rather than long strokes. To avoid any missed hair just do more passes with the grain.

Apply after shave lotion

After shaving, rinse your face and let it dry. Then apply an after shaving lotion or balm according to your skin type. Generally, after shaving lotions contain ingredients that prevent skin irritation or swelling up. They will also stop your face from drying and give your skin a soothing effect.

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