Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver Reviews and Comparison: The Elites in the Business

Oh Braun, My Braun!

This brand surprises me when I least expect it to!

Just when I was settling in with Series 5 and Braun Series 7 Shavers, it got me with the latest Series 9.

Now, I know, people are drooling over these things. Yet, they helplessly stare at the barriers. For one, these are expensive. People won’t buy these unless they have a thing for high-end technology.

I am not saying these technological gems are not needed. No! It’s just that they are a bit out of reach for the common folk. Once you DECIDE to get one of these, it is a lifetime deal!

These models perfectly reflect the vision of Braun and the clean shaving which, at this point, is science to them. These electric shavers are perfect in design, packed with features, and easy to handle.

Wondering what Braun Series 9 shavers have that others don’t? That’s what I’ll discuss in this piece of mine. I’ll review the top three models of this series in short. Add to that the Braun 9 Comparison chart and the distinctive one-on-one face off involving each model.

Let us embark on this exciting journey!

Braun Series 9 Comparison Table

If you are not into detailed rambling about features, benefits, and quirks of these babies; I suggest you take a look at the following table. This table gives you a “Bird’s Eye” view on what you are in for in case of the top three models from this line of products.

Model Number9090cc9093s9095cc
Wet and Dry ShavingDoesn’t have itDoesn’t have itYes it Does
Active Drying SystemDoes have itDoesn’t Have itDoes have it
Automatic CleaningDoes have itDoesn’t Have itDoes have it
Automatic Program SelectionDoes have itDoesn’t Have itDoes have it
Cord/Cordless ShavingBoth are availableBoth are availableOnly Cordless Shaving

Which Shavers Are We Talking About in Series 9?

If you are thinking you’ll have a lot of razors belonging from Series 9, you’re wrong. There are only three high-tech razors that belong to this prestigious faculty. Yes, only THREE! Let me give you a brief rundown on these razors.

Braun Series 9 9090CC

Braun-Series-9-9090CCIf you want a perfect shave to kick-start your day, 9090CC is the wonder machine that can get you there. I could use this thing for wet shaving as it is waterproof. Not only that, you can even submerge it 5 meters deep in water. It will still turn out okay.

I could wash the shaver completely without fearing for any damage. Also, I could clean off the hair under running water. Trust me, water doesn’t harm internal mechanisms.

Let’s be honest, what do you need for a great shave? A blade that closely shaves in-grown hair. Another one that shaves normal hair. I am talking about Micromotion and Macromotion blades. The Series 9 9090CC brings that within the grasp of your hands!

Balancing these two types of blades is a head that pivots back and forth. This shaving head gives you closer shave by assuring better contact with your facial skin. While doing that, it doesn’t cut or nick you the slightest! You have to thank its ability of adapting according to the contours of your face for that.

Now, while shaving the beard or mustache, the 9090CC doesn’t forget your sideburns.

In fact, there’s a precision trimmer blade in place just for them. This blade moves back and forth along with the head. This, in turn, trims he sideburns to your liking.

What’s left after you are done with shaving? Ah… the cleaning part! The manufacturers take care of that as well. This model comes with an “Alcohol-based Cleaning System.” The cleaning pod dips your razor in a solution and cleans it. The next thing it does is lubricating the blades for performance while charging.

You can even select programs based on your preference and dry the razor while you are at it.

If you are thinking of traveling somewhere this weekend, this thing comes with a pouch. You can take it with you for the journey.

Things that Intrigued me about Braun 9090CC
  • This electric foil shaver is extremely well built to resist damages and lasts the test of time.
  • The design lets you shave beard easily and quickly unlike the competition on market.
  • You can use it on both wet and dry shaving adventures anytime during the day.
  • 9090CC allows you to clean, lubricate, cycle through functions, and dry the razor with one touch.
  • You can lock the head in place to give yourselves good grip over hair you shave.
Improvements that Could Make 9090CC Better
  • The shaver doesn’t perform too well when you pair it with foam or cream.
  • The power cord could have been a bit bigger.

Braun Series 9 9093s

Braun-Series-9-9093sThis one is sort of a middle ground between the 9090CC and 9095CC from Braun. The best thing about this electric foil shaver is that the makers tested it on beards as many as 3 days’ old for performance. Guess what? It passed with distinction!

The thing I like about 9093S is that this foil shaver comes with 5 elements that help cut your beard. You get four cutting elements and a guard that protects your skin from any type of harm. I can vouch for the fact that 9093S won’t cause rashes or red spots on your skin.

I was overjoyed to find out that 9093S has two trimmers. This makes catching in-grown hairs even better. Not to mention, these two trimmers come with titanium coating. This allows your blades to be rust free. Also, these will not get dull anytime soon.

Believe it or not, Series 9’s 9093S comes with 10000 Micro-vibrations that will catch every hair on your face. No matter how dense your beard is, this thing will cut every hair it comes across.

Furthermore, the 10D  tremendous job of adapting to your face’s contours. The shaving elements and the pivoting head can move fluidly to ten directions. What you get is the razor flawlessly adjusting to every bump your face might have. The result? You won’t face nicks and cuts.

I almost forgot to mention the cordless feature of this shaver. That’s right. You can get as many as 50 minutes worth of shaving on batteries. The unit recharges quite quickly as well.

Things that Intrigued me about Braun 9093S
  • This is the perfect shaver if you are dealing with sensitive skin.
  • There are four different blades that don’t get dull anytime soon thanks to the titanium coating.
  • 10000 micro-vibrations allow you to shave off every hair on your face even in tricky places.
  • 10D contour adaptation technology helps this razor to adapt to the curves of your face better.
  • The battery offers you 50 minutes of cordless shaving time which is great for the bargain.
  • Titanium coating makes the trimmers impervious to dullness and damage.
Improvements that Could Make 9093S Better
  • Reviewers have mentioned that this shaver pulls on long hairs of theirs.

Braun Series 9-9095cc

Braun-Series-9-9095ccBraun’s 9095cc is the best the series 9 could offer. For various reasons of course. First of all, it can work its magic on beards that are at least 3 days’ old. As expected from Braun, it is one of the most comfortable razors to work with. This one doesn’t cause rashes on sensitive skins.

In case you are dwindling about the quality of this thing, Braun 9095cc comes with four blades that move well within your facial contours. These things help bring down your facial hairs quicker than the previous models on my list.

We all have different types of facial hair and Braun recognizes the fact. That is why you get 9095cc with 40000 cross cutting actions per minute that work well with 4 cutting elements. Everything remains in sync thanks to the Sonic Technology. This feature allows you to cut straight as well as in-grown hairs.

If you didn’t have enough already, this little devil comes with OptiFoil technology. This technology makes sure you size up the facial hair without nicking or cutting the skin. This machine is praised for the closeness and ease of shaving that it provides to the users.

Like all the other models on my list, this one too comes with the 5-Action Cleaning Dock. The dock cleans your razor hygienically, you can choose various programs, recharge the battery, and dry up the razor for your next outing with it.

Using this dock, you can charge the battery for five minutes. This will allow you one quick shave. Got a meeting in two hours? One quick shave from this thing is all you need to tidy up.

Plus, you have the LED battery for cordless shaving. Besides that, the screen on the razor shows you a bunch of info like battery life, hygiene status, and program level.

If all these things aren’t enough, Braun 9095cc protects you with 2-year warranty against all the damages and mishaps.

Things that Intrigued me about Braun 9095CC
  • It provides you 40,000 cross cutting actions per minute.
  • The OptiFoil technology lets you have the closest shave that you ever desire without cutting you.
  • The razor has an LED indicator that shows hygiene status, battery life, program selection, and more.
  • I am a fan of the 2-year warranty that comes along protecting me from all types of hazards.
  • This foil shaver remains clean post shave. You won’t find any hair patches around.
Improvements that Could Make 9095CC Better
  • The only thing that will bug you about this electric foil shaver is the price it comes at.

Why Would You Consider the Series 9 Shaves from Braun?

Well, it is a step up from Braun Series 7 for starters. Series 9 ups the game with a host of new features and benefits for the users. Care to know what they are? Let us find out!

The Sonic Technology is At Play

I guess you guys already know this but the Series 9 from Braun utilizes Sonic Technology to the fullest! This is a step up from Series 7 as we see 40000 Micro-Vibrations per minute at work. These vibrations help you to pick up more hairs per stroke than you previously could.

These vibrations help the shaver head to adapt to the contours of your face. No matter how bumpy your face is, these wonder machines will cut through beard nicely.

As a result, you get a smooth shave. Just what you need to kick start your day.

The Head Pivots

Okay, I’ll admit. I am being repetitive here. I’ve pointed out so many time that this series has a pivoting head that it’s annoying at this point. But hey, it is a key feature.

Thanks to the pivoting head, the four blades can move around freely. I call them, floating blades. This helps when you need to cover more ground with each stroke.

The floating trimmers also help when you are about to adjust the length of your sideburns. Thanks to this, your skin won’t drag when you are dry shaving. The shaving process won’t leave red marks on your face.

The Technology to Lift and Cut Flat Lying Hairs

No matter how well you think you’ve shaved, there are always few hairs that lay around your face. Sometimes in patches. We call these “Flat Hairs.”

The “Series 9” shavers do an exceptional job in picking these hairs up and cleaning them. The shavers come with a back panel that helps raising these hairs off your face’s surface.

Then you have trimmers at your disposal to cut them efficiently. Believe me, at the end of the shave, there won’t be any hair left on your cheek, shoulder, and neck.

Blades Move in Eight Directions to Cut Hair Efficiently

This feature is exclusive to Series 9 of Braun foil Shavers. Flexible head of these three machines allow the trimmers to move in eight directions. As a result, they cover more ground and cut more hair.

What’s important is that these blades move independently. Plus, they tackle hairs that grow in different directions. All these things happen thanks to a floating head and ample room inside of it.

There’s The OptiFoil Technology

OptiFoil technology does exactly what it’s meant to. This is a feature borrowed from Series 7 Shavers. This little thing is a technique that lets the razor stay close to your face. No matter how many hairs your trimmer picks up, OptiFoil’s smooth gliding feature allows you to stick the razor close to your face.

At the end of it all, I didn’t need to go over an area of my face multiple times. Be it wet or dry shaving, I glided the shaver just once on my face. That was it!

Clean and Charging System

I’ve got to mention this! The clean and charge system is not unique to series 9. But the manufacturers improved on it. With this, you’ll get a number of features that need quick addressing. So, here I go:

  • Alcohol based cleaning solution in the dock cleans your razor. Also, Alcohol is a disinfectant. If you are worried about bacteria punks jeopardizing your life, forget about it!
  • Then you have the “Recharging” station. You get a power cord that recharges battery while the razor is in the Dock. Depending on which model you choose, the Series 9 Razors can give you up to 50 minutes of shaving time while they are unplugged. Also, depending on the mode, the station can range from simple charging docks to full-fledged recharging stations.
  • Don’t forget that you can select different programs for shaving on advanced models. The cleaning station also lubricates the model of your choice.

Oh.. You Get A Travel Pouch Too!

Yay me! I am a travel freak! While it doesn’t mean much to you, a travel pouch means the world to me. The fact that Series 9 grants you a travel pouch, is a blessing. People can take the razors anywhere without any fear of damaging them.

As you move up through the models, the travel pouches become more aesthetic and functional. Beginning from a humble leather pouch, as models go up, the pouches evolve in well-crafted boxes.

Comparisons Between the Three Models

You might be thinking, “Oh these Series 9 Foil Shaving Machines! They’re just one machine with different numbers.” No sir! Each machine is different. Each has its own specialty and weaknesses. In this section, we will draw a comparison between Braun Series 9 Shavers based on their benefits and perks.

Braun 9090CC vs Braun 9093S

You’ll find “Four-Stage Flex Cleaning” in both the models. This is a process that utilizes the four blades effectively. Remember I’ve been speaking about “Closeness” that these razors provide? Well, it is because of this trait.

Then you have the Sonic Technology at play. It provides motors the power to work with. Also, the technology controls at what speed the motor will move through certain contours of your face.

These two models have similar cordless runtime of 50 minutes. You also get the middle trimmer. Then you have the display that shows vital information like battery life and hygiene status and waterproofing.

That’s it for the similarities I am afraid. Now begin the subtle differences.

First of all, with 9093S you get a clean and charge station. 9090CC on the other hand, comes with a 5-action cleaning system that recharges the battery too.

When it comes to travel pouches, 9093S is my clear favorite. 9090cc comes with a normal leather pouch while the 9093s comes with more secure pouch.

The 9093s vs. 9095cc

Before I indulge myself, both the models are improved versions of 9090cc. Just throwing it out there. You get the 4Stage cutting system as part of both the machines. Of course there is the pivoting head and superior cutting technology installed in both the models.

While you get all these things, Micro Comb Technology and Active Cooling. Obviously, Sonic Technology and OptiFoil make their way as part of the Braun Series 9 Specialty.

The similarities extend to how much time you get while shaving cordlessly. The cordless shaving time is a standard 50 minutes for both the models.

As an addition, you get a premium trimmer included in the mechanism. This is where the similarities in. Now let us see which is better and why? Yup, let’s nitpick a bit.

While 9093s gets a standard Clean & Charge system, the 9095cc gets you a 5-action Clean and Charging system. Also, 9093s isn’t fit for wet shaving while 9095cc is! With the latter, you can shave while taking a shower.

Braun 9090cc vs. 9095cc

To be honest, these two are remarkably similar with just a few improvements done to the latter model. You get the Sonic Technology for both of these machines. Yet, Braun gives a pass to the Active Cooling Technology for these models.

Same thing can be said for the Micro Comb Technology. The absence of this thing can cause both razors to be slightly aggressive towards your skin.

You get two trimmers in both the shavers. One of them is good for lift and cut system. The other is great when it comes to Direct and Cut.

Both of these wonders come with pivoting heads that move smoothly on your face. You get the closeness thanks to Optiflow and a clean shave thanks to sharp blades.

Both of these models feature 50 minutes of battery time. People can “Quick Charge” the battery for five minutes for a single shave. Yes, on both models.

These two are washable in water as they are waterproof.

The things I found different in the two model is that one has got wet and dry shaving compatibility (The 9095cc) and the other is only good at dry shaving.

And, the travel pouch. The one that comes with 9095cc is far better than one accompanying the 9090cc model from Braun.

Done Buying One? Follow These Tips to Make Sure It’s a Worthwhile Purchase!

I could have ended the article here and now. But I’ve been using Braun products for a long time now. So, I couldn’t resist throwing in some of my own tips. These will ensure better using of the model you buy.

  • You get an extra set of cord with each of these models. The cord is good for low voltages. Don’t tamper too much with it. You’ll be in for an electric shock.
  • We all like to clean our razors under running water, don’t we? While doing the cleaning part, make sure you don’t keep the power cord connected to the source.
  • With Braun 9095cc and 9040s you get the opportunity to go for wet and dry shaving. In case of these two models, you can only use them while they are cordless.
  • You’ll do well to keep the charging equipment out of the reaches of the children. Also, don’t shave with them if you find a fault with the Power Cord.
  • My advice to you would be to keep the cleaning and charging station on a flat plain. Don’t go tossing this stuff around. Keep it on a secure surface.
  • I request my readers to use original Braun Cartridges while refilling. Also, inside these cartridges is a flammable material. Keep the cartridge away from sources of fire.

So, Which One is Your Pick?

It is a stiff competition, isn’t it? Braun Series 9 has some competent products that rival each other in price, features, benefits, and convenience. Mind you, there are a lot of shavers belonging to series 9. I only reviewed the top three in line.

Among these three, the 9090cc and 9095cc are “Almost” identical. I say, “Almost” because 9095cc beats its competition with Wet and Dry shaving capacity. It is a crucial advantage to have. If price isn’t a concern for you, I suggest you go for the 9095cc.

If you can do without wet shaving, 9090cc is your best bet with similar features and a lesser price tag. The choice is yours.

My Last Words

I’ve been yapping about Braun Series 9 Shavers for quite some time now. It is time to put a stop to the discussion. Series 9 is essentially an upgrade from Series 5 or 7 in terms of feature and convenience.

This is the top tier line of products this franchise has to offer. Buy any one and you’ll not make a faulty bargain. This much is confirmed.

I agree with my readers that there is no “Perfect Shaver” when you put it that way. Yet, Series 9 foil shaving machines take a step forward towards perfection. Depending on what you want, the models cater to different needs and customers without letting anyone down!

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