Braun Series 9 9090cc Electric Foil Shaver Hands on Review

Braun-Series-9-9090ccI am a guy who likes everything ready at hand. And so I always go for electric devices. Like everybody else, I began shaving with the regular handheld razors. But when I came across the electrical shavers, I said goodbye to my old shaving tools for good.

Since then I have tried many brands of electric shavers. But none of them felt as good as the Braun Series 9 9090cc. Last year I stumbled upon this thing in an online store.

Braun became one of my favorite body grooming product line ever since. This shaver, in particular, has a lot to offer, with little or no complaints. I hope this review will be enough to demonstrate that.

4 Blades for All Types of Hair

Let’s be brutally honest about one thing: we don’t purchase electric shavers to shave facial hair only. Today, electric shavers are more of a “Whole Body Grooming Products” than anything else. They cut different hair types found in different parts of our bodies. That is why the Braun 9090cc uses different blades for handling these things. Three types of four blades are placed side by side to have the perfect cut.

On the two outer sides, you will find OptiFoil enhancements. These arc-foils help to cut the smallest hairs without causing you any irritation or discomfort.

In fact, these foils provide the finishing you need after a shave. In between them, there are the Direct & Cut Trimmer and HyperLift & Cut Trimmer. The former directs disarrayed hair into straight lines for easily cutting them off.

The latter lifts up hairs those lie flat over the skin and then it cuts them off. This blade is best for shaving in the neck region.

Complete Contour Control is in Your Hands

As well as cleaning all the hair types, Braun Series 9 9090cc needs to deal with the contour of curves of the face. We cut ourselves during shaving mostly because the shaver head fails to adapt to the shape of our face. However, with Braun 9090cc you can shave with your eyes closed.

So, how does this happen?

The answer is a pivoting head. It can move back and forth and sideways. That’s not all. The four blades I mentioned earlier can individually adjust to your facial curves. It’s as if they are floating and they simply glide along your skin.

Wait, there’s more! The 9090cc provides maximum skin contact. And then, it reduces, in fact, leaves no room for cuts or wounds.

Super Waterproof Piece of Tech

This Series 9 electric shaver is tested to be 100% waterproof. In fact, according to the manufacturers, you can dip the shaver 5 meter deep into the water. I never got to dip it that deep, but I run it under all the time.

This waterproof feature, however, does not mean that you can use the 9090cc in the shower or on wet skin with gel/foam. I never liked foam much, so it does not bother me.

On the bright side, you can rinse clean the shaver head while shaving. However, make sure that the shaver is not dripping wet when you set it up on the charging station. The station is not waterproof, so it might get damaged.

Lithium Battery is Something Else!

Lithium Ion Batteries are super reliable and they last a long time. They do not produce any cell discharge, so it is environment-friendly and safe. But the best thing about these batteries is that they can deliver full-throttled performance for as long as the charge lasts.

The Braun Series 9 9090cc uses Li-ion batteries to make sure they run with perfection. The battery takes about an hour to get fully charged. And when it is fully charged, it runs smoothly for a whole length of 50 minutes. Depending on your frequency of shaving and how long you take to shave, you can shave 2-3 times with one charging session. The battery is replaceable; so if necessary, you can change it anytime.

The Cleaning Station Knows its Job

The 9090cc Electric Shaver is a maintenance free utility. In the package you will find a Clean & Charge Station, which is compact and space saving. The station is alcohol-based, that is, it uses alcohol solution to do its job. And it cleans up your razor in five steps.

Firstly, the station cleans the shaver head. After cleaning it, the station lubricates the head for seamless functioning. Moreover, it can select a particular cleaning program by simply pressing a button. And then when it’s done, it dries of any liquid residue. So, when you take it out, the shaver will feel as good as new. And of course, the station charges the battery while doing all of this.


  • 4 Blades for cutting different hair types
  • Direct & Cut Trimmer – lines up hair growing in different directions and then cuts them
  • HyperLift & Cut Trimmer Lifts up flat lying hairs and then cuts them
  • 2 OptiFoil Layers Cut the smallest of hair without causing any discomfort
  • Cuts maximum hair with every stroke with the help of the blades, Intelligent Sonic Technology and Sonic Micro-Vibrations.
  • 40,000 Cross Cutting Actions per minute.
  • Fully pivoting head with flexible blades adapt to every contour of your face providing maximum skin contact.
  • 100% Waterproof and Can be submerged into 5-meter-deep into the water
  • 5-Action Alcohol-based Clean & Charge Station cleans the shaver head, lubricates it, Charges the battery, can select cleaning programs and eventually Dry the shaver head.
  • Lithium Ion Battery gets fully charged in 1 hour and delivers consistent peak performance for 50 minutes.
  • Precision Trimmer is a massive plus.
  • You can clean the shaver head under running tap water while shaving.

Negatives that I Found

  • The price is higher than most electric shavers.
  • It is best for dry use, can’t be used with gel/foam even though it is waterproof.
  • It does not show battery charge percentage.
  • This one is bit heavy but is ergonomic.

Final Thoughts

Some people believe that the higher the price the better the product. Now I agree that it’s a show of extravagance. But there are some things, which are worth their high price rate. The Braun Series 9 9090cc is definitely one of such products. That is why I don’t regret being so luxurious with my shaving tool.

If you have no fixed budget and ready to try out the best, the cordless 9090cc Electric Shaver is your thing. The three kinds of blades are the best things I found about this shaver. They make sure that you get the closest shave you always wanted.

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