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If you really want to get the best possible shave, an old-fashioned wet shave is definitely the only way to go. Now, a traditional shave requires a bit more commitment and some extra accessories and therefore, it is definitely a more expensive option.

As we all know, most of the men actually just get the cheapest disposable razor and some shaving cream every time they start shaving. But, if you plan on getting the closest and the best shave, then you need to take a bit more things into consideration.

The quality razor and top-shelf shaving cream are essential for a good shave, but, there are other important things as well. One of those things is a good shaving bowl.

Shaving bowl is actually pretty helpful thing to have when you want to achieve the best possible shave. With the little help of shaving bowl, you will be able to hold the shaving soap and water in one place and apply it every time you need.

So, let’s begin with the review of the best shaving bowls so you can choose the one that you like.

Best Shaving Bowl – Comparison Table

VIKINGS BLADEHeavy duty stainless steel9.5/10
Henry Cavendish Ceramic9/10
SchöneStainless steel8.5/10
Latherwhip Ceramic8.5/10
SUPPLY MarbleMarble9/10
QSHAVE Ceramic8.5/10

Top 6 Shaving Bowl Reviews

Now, we are going to discuss everything important about the shaving bowls we listed here as our best choice. Let’s begin.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

VIKINGS-BLADE-The-Chairman-Luxury-Shaving-BowlThe first shaving bowl that we are going to review is the VIKINGS BLADE The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl. Now, this beauty of a bowl is much more than a regular shaving bowl since it is specially designed to provide the best shave.

One of the most important things about the shaving bowl is the material that was used to make it. In that light, this possibly the best shaving bowl is made out of the heavy duty stainless steel which is basically the most suitable material for shaving bowls.

Not only that this bawl is durable and able to withstand all sorts of pressure in case you drop it, but also, this bawl will be reliable shaving asset for years to come. Also, you won’t have to worry about any corrosion or things like that.

Next, the Viking’s Blade’s patent pending design technology offers extra lather consistency and volume which most of the men actually want. The microscopic finish also offers some of the best experiences when it comes to shaving.

Furthermore, the rough and tactile surface of this shaving bowl will offer ultra grip so you don’t have to worry about any slips or unwanted drops. And to top it all off, most of the men that are using this bowl are getting the rugged manly look.

All in all, we can say that this shaving bowl is a unique and a crucial piece of the Vikings Blade shaving set. Only the real men who want a perfect wet traditional shave will know the real value of this amazing bowl.

Pros and highlights:

  • Durable and long-lasting due to the heavy duty stainless steel.
  • Rough and tactile surface provide ultra grip.
  • Microscopic finish and convenient design.
  • Suitable for different types of lathering creams.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The size of the bowl is a bit tiny and therefore, the cream might fall out if you pour too much.
  • Some spots/stains might occur after some time of use.


Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle

Henry-Cavendish-Gentleman's-Ceramic-Shaving-Soap-Bowl Our next shaving bowl used for wet traditional shave is the Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl with Handle. Namely, this having bowl is designed to provide the best wet shave and its capacity prevents any spills.

As one of the wet traditional shave fans, I recommend getting this one because the bowl is made out of the ceramic material. This means that there won’t be any stains or stops after using it for couple of times.

Also, the ceramic material is pretty good when it comes to durability of the shaving bowl. However, if you drop it, the bowl might get damaged, that is the only downside in comparison to the stainless steel bowls.

Anyhow, this bowl is actually pretty handy because it has a convenient handle that will offer you to easily use this bowl. The handle is specially designed to provide perfect grip so you don’t drop the bowl and damage it.

Next, the amazing design of the bowl will not only fit perfectly into any bathroom décor, but also, you will definitely love the looks and the elegant black color. On the other hand, the shape of the bowl is very convenient and it will keep all the lather cream in it.

So, we can say that if you really want something elegant and ‘’man like’’ as your shaving tool, I recommend getting this one. This bowl is also best used with a little bit of soap puck.

Pros and highlights:

  • Amazing design and elegant color.
  • Convenient handle offers better grip and more secure use.
  • Big capacity – enough for 2-3 pucks.
  • Pretty wide for whipping large amount of foam.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The handle might not fit everyone’s hand, especially a bit bigger hands.
  • You can see the marks where the knob was attached.


Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl with Lid

Schöne-Stainless-Steel-Shaving-BowlSchöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl is possibly the best shaving bawl on the market. Since it has a beautiful design and even better features to benefit from, this bowl surely is a special one.

The first thing that catches the eye about this bowl is the stainless steel finish that gives this bawl an amazing look. Besides that, the stainless steel material ensures great durability and you can easily clean the bowl after the shaving is done.

This bowl is not the same as the two bowls we previously reviewed. Namely, this bowl has a lid which will keep it from getting dirty. Also, the lid gives quite a nice touch to the overall look of the bowl.

Next, the ergonomically designed sides of the bowl offer great grip and they are slip-resistant. This means that you won’t have to worry about any unwanted drops or slips.

Anyhow, the bowl is capable of holding all brands of shaving soap and therefore, most of the professional barbers use it in their barber salons. I recommend getting this one if you look for a bit more convenient bowl that will meet all your standards.

On top of it all, this bowl is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to gifts or presents. You can basically gift this bowl to any men in your life and see the pure joy on their face.

Pros and highlights:

  • Ergonomically design ensures great grip
  • Stainless steel provides great durability
  • Convenient for any type of shaving soap
  • The lid keeps the bowl clean and ready for the next use

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The lid might not fit easily the first time you open it.
  • The capacity is nothing more than ordinary.


Latherwhip Shaving Bowl – Mug For Shave Soap And Cream

Latherwhip-Shaving-BowlLatherwhip Shaving Bowl is actually pretty great bowl that is specially designed to provide an amazing wet shave. Simply put, this bowl is considered as the perfect mug that is able to retrain the heat while you whip up the luxurious lather.

The field where this bowl excels the most is the durability and the long period of use. Namely, the hardy and masculine design and construction offers splendid durability and will make this bowl serve you for long period of time.

Also, this bowl is super convenient and it doesn’t matter whether you are using soap, cream, or puck. Simply, you will have the perfect shave in any case and that is something that every man wants for its wet shave.

Now, the apothecary style handle is also something worth mentioning here. Simply, there is nothing more important than having a nice secure grip while holding this bowl. Also, this bowl has pretty great stability and it is quite comfortable to hold it.

Anyhow, the dimensions and the capacity of this bowl are also spectacular considering the fact that you need to put a lot of cream in it. This bowl will be able to hold lots of cream so you don’t have to refill over and over again.

So, the only thing left to say is that this bowl is actually one of the best shaving mug models on the market. Simply, it has everything to provide a perfect wet shave.

Pros and highlights:

  • Durable construction that lasts for years.
  • Comfortable and stable grip ensured.
  • Designed to provide the perfect wet shave.
  • Convenient for soap, cream, or even puck.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The bowl is not wide enough to provide a good swirl with a brush.
  • There might occur some stains after some time of use.

SUPPLY Marble Shaving Bowl

SUPPLY-Marble-Shaving-BowlFirst of all, Supply is a well-know name in the line of making great shaving bowls and this one is actually one of their best work. Now, this shaving bowl is a specially designed and handmade which results in providing a perfect shave for any man.

The handcrafted bowl is made out of the white marble that will definitely be a handsome addition to almost any bathroom. Besides that, the marble material offer pretty great durability. However, if you drop it, this bowl might break.

Now, the interior surface is designed with micro ridges that will allow you to whip up more lather in seconds. This means that you can actually use a lot more lather while using this bowl than any other.

Next, as we all know, marble is a perfect retainer of heat which means that your lather will be kept warm and nice for a long period of time. This way, you will be able to enjoy a nice, slow, and relaxing wet shave that can last for a longer period of time.

Some of the most experienced barbers actually prefer marble shaving bowls to ceramic ones for a simple reason. That reason is because marble thermal conductivity is three times greater than ceramic. This way, the lather will be hot for a longer period of time which leaves you to have a perfect shave.

All in all, this best shaving scuttle is definitely worth every penny since it has massive value for the cash. The price is affordable at least and you can benefit a lot from this bowl.

Pros and highlights:

  • Durable marble material provides stability.
  • White marble its perfectly into any bathroom.
  • Micro-rages interior surface ensures more cream to be whipped.
  • Thermal conductivity is high which results in lather being hot for a long period of time.

Cons and potential flaws:

  • The size of the bowl actually is a bit small and therefore, it doesn’t meet the standards of some men.
  • No other cons besides that.


QSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug

QSHAVE-Shaving-Scuttle-MugQSHAVE Shaving Scuttle Mug is a little bit different from any shaving bowls that we have previously reviewed. Namely, this shaving scuttle is actually a bowl within a bowl which means that it can serve multiple purposes.

There is a convenient wood cork that will keep the water warm inside the scuttle which actually pretty great if you need a bit more time to shave. Also, when you fill this scuttle with warm water, the water will stay warm for hours because of the ceramic material.

Next, the bowl is extra large and deep enough to contain a lot of cream and lather. This means that you can use it for even 3-pass shavings. Lots of professional barbers use this type of scuttle in order to perform perfectly.

One thing is also pretty important and that is the handle is ergonomically designed to provide the best grip which is slip-resistant. Besides that, you can see and feel the excellent craftsmanship of this bowl, and that contribute highly to the overall value.

Never the less, this shaving scuttle is actually pretty amazing and it will serve you for a long period of time. Also, the overall design of this scuttle makes it look beautiful and elegant as well.

Almost every professional barber wants this scuttle in their salon in order to provide the best wet shaves possible. Simply, it is worth a lot and that is something that you can be assured very fast after purchasing.

Pros and highlights:

  • Ceramic material holds the heat for a long period of time
  • Wood cork will keep the water warm for hours
  • Excellent design with amazing craftsmanship
  • Very deep and has big capacity

Cons and potential flaws:

  • There might be some spots on the black ceramic after you use it for couple of times.
  • The handle is a bit wide and big so you need to be careful not to drop the scuttle.


Things to Consider before Buying a Shaving Bowl/Mug/Scuttle

Now, we are going to discuss all the things that you need to take into consideration in order to choose the perfect shaving bowl that will meet all your standards. Simply, these things are important and crucial and will let you decide for better.

The Material

Now, the material of the shaving bowl might be the most important factor of the quality and the overall value. Namely, there are lots of different materials that one shaving bowl can be made out of and we are going to see which are good and which are not that good.

  • Marble

Marble is possibly the best shaving bowl material since it is capable of holding heat for a long period of time. Certainly, the marble thermal conductivity is way higher than ceramics and the ceramic is also good.

Next, marble is also the material that is easily crafted and you can find all sorts of shaving bowls made out of the marble. Same as ceramics, marble shaving bowls are pretty valuable and come in different shapes and with different features.

However, marble is not that durable when it comes to drops of the shaving bowls. Besides that, marble has shown to be a perfect material for shaving bowls just because it is long lasting and ensuring.

  • Ceramic

Next material that shaving bowls are usually made out of is ceramic. Now, the ceramic shaving bowls are a bit more durable than marble shaving bowls, but they don’t have that much thermal conductivity.

In that light, ceramic is also pretty good material when it comes to design and overall looks. Namely, every ceramic shaving bowl is actually pretty beautiful and fits perfectly into any bathroom or salon.

  • Metal

When it comes to metal, especially a stainless steel, it is known that the durability will be at the highest possible level. Simply, stainless steel shaving bowls are has great durability but they are not that good for keeping the heat.

Most of the barbers actually prefer ceramic or marble shaving bowls to metal ones because they don’t worry about sudden drops or damages. However, if you tend to break stuff, a metal shaving bowl is the best choice for you.

The Design

Now, the design of a shaving bowl is actually pretty important because there are different shapes and sizes of them. Every shape and size of the shaving bowl holds its benefits and downsides and therefore, it is important to look out for the best one.

Simply speaking, the ergonomically designed shaving bowls are usually the best since they offer great deal of comfort for anyone. Since there are different hand types and one shaving bowl can’t fit in every one, the ergonomically designed one will do just fine.

Why Do You Need a Shaving Bowl?

Since shaving bowls are usually considered as a non-essential item for shaving, it is likely that most of the men don’t use them at all. But, they have very big value for those who are fond of traditional wet shave.

It is not only because shaving bowls offer you to apply wet cream on your face before shaving, but also, shaving bowls are quite good at keeping the cream and lather hot and warm.  In that light, the shaving bowl is actually pretty important in order to have a perfect wet shave.

Without an item that lets you keep all the shaving cream in one place, and keeps it warm, a wet shave couldn’t be done correctly. Therefore, it is important to have a shaving bowl to experience true feeling and a perfect shave.


All in all, shaving bowls are actually pretty important and unique items that help you have a perfect shave. Most of the men that use shaving bowls are actually looking better and more elegant than others.

Anyhow, it is now up to you to decide which one to get from our best shaving bowl review. Keep in mind that every shaving bowl that we listed here is pretty valuable and holds massive value for the cash.

Choose the one that will suit you perfectly and that will be your long-lasting companion in every shave you take.

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