Best Double Edge Safety Razors in 2023: A Buyer’s Guide for Your Best Shaving

You might want to go back to your traditional shaving experience or want to go the old-school shaving. Otherwise, you might be looking for solutions that will help your sensitive skin improve.

I appreciate that because that is what double edge safety razors are for. If you take a look, there are so many safety razors in the market.

But which one to choose?

Well, I have made reviews of 7 best double edge safety razors that have been at the forefront of shaving experience in terms of grip control, precision and contour following and even cooperative to your skin.

Feel free to check these safety razors here.

In a hurry? Check out our top pick: Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edged Razor

Double Edge Safety Razor Comparison

Model nameWeightOur RatingPrice
Feather Model AS-D290 G4.9/5
Merkur Classic77 G4.8/5
Parker Variant110 G4.7/5
Merkur Futur128 G4.7/5
Muhle R4172 G4.7/5
Parker 99R96 G4.7/5
Edwin Jagger75 G4.7/5

Top 7 Double Edge Safety Razor Reviews

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edged Razor

Feather-All-Stainless-Steel-Double-Edged-RazorOne of the most sophisticated double-edged razors to me is this one; Feather all stainless model AS-D2. Whenever you think of spending extra few bucks and get the most smoothing shave, I would love to recommend this one for you. The precise construction of the double edge provided me a gentle shave with every stroke I gave. Even I was impressed with the feather as it was very much easy to grab on.

It is worth mentioning:

The entire design of the razor is made of stainless steel, the handle and the razor plate will never get oxidized. Meaning, you can have the razor last so long that you will forget the time you bought it.

Even the blades are extremely sharp, you can have the precise & gentle shave with each stroke you give on your contours.

The edge can be honed to more aggressive angles. Because of that, I needed some time to master the angles and remove the hairs on my face within one stroke. Well, you can apply your tactic easily and get a much effective shave. Not only that, you can have a close shave without having any kind of irritation to your skin as the blades curve to angle as it is necessary.

And the best part?

Other than multi-blade cartridge razors, you can easily have control over the razor as it is specialized with close shaving. If you want to go for old-school straight shaving and be economic in terms of cartridge replacement, this shaver might be for you.

Though the price is a bit rough to all of us, it gets better when the stainless steel design can make the razor last for a big lifetime.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:

  • Comfortable Grip.
  • Stainless Steel design.
  • Less irritation.
  • Closer shaving experience.
  • The handle is a little bit short.
  • The aggressive edge which is not suited for beginners.
  • It’s a little bit expensive.


Merkur Classic 2-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur-Classic-2-Piece-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorThis upgraded Merkur Classic 2-piece double edge safety razor comes with 3 finishes including gold, chrome and stainless matte that you can choose according to your style. This world-class razor gives me a closer, free from irritation shave whenever I go for wet-shaving.

The handle was quite smooth and knurled. It helps me to grab it perfectly even if my hands are wet and I can fully concentrate on my shaving during the shower.

This is crazy:

I was amazed at the single cutting edge that helps me cutting off my hairs without leaving any irritation on my skin. Unlike the other multi-blade cartridges, this razor never pulls off any hair from my skin so that I never feel annoyed while shaving.

If you are a fan of straight-cut shaving, this model gives the perfect job for you. Just apply & install a sharp blade and it will help you cut off more ingrown hairs on your face. With every stroke, I never found any razor burn or any irritation at all.

But there’s more:

Named as the heavy duty, this razor has the fixed blade gap that gives a little bit of aggression on your shaving. The aggression is not too much, so it’s quite good for beginners as well.

Even the 120 grams of heavyweight focuses on positioning the blades on the skin very precisely.  And with the combination of the knurled grip and its weight make the shaving more precise within one stroke. All you need to do is put the razor on 30 degrees and see what it does.

Let’s see what this razor has as its pros and cons:

  • Knurled grip to hold perfectly with wet hands.
  • Single-cutting edge to cut hairs perfectly without skin irritation.
  • Straight-cutting shaving to avoid razor burn or any other irritation.
  • Fixed blade gap giving mild aggression on shaving.
  • Heavyweight to focus on cutting more hairs within one stroke.
  • Quite Affordable.
  • The short length of the razor.
  • Less aggressive, not for men desiring for an aggressive shave.


Parker Variant Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker-Variant-Adjustable-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorMy favorite pick for double edge safety razor would be Parker Variant 2- piece Adjustable razor. This razor has some unique features meeting the criterion of men who want to go old-school shaving.

The design of the razor is quite attractive, the black & satin color plate in the construction looks like a class, makes me feel like a gentleman while shaving.

I was very much impressed as the adjustment of the blade angle that you can give by simply twisting the knob on the bottom of the handle. To cut short, you can make custom shaving angle by your preference and have the best shave of your own. I can say, it is well perfect for people who are beginners and people who are expert in their shaving. It is worth mentioning, this razor works with any kind of replaceable blades in the world.

And the best part?

The razor has 1-5 adjustable settings where 1 gives you a mild shave and 6 gives you the highest exposure of the blade. You can go for 6 if you have dense beards, curly & ingrown hairs. To cut short, you can go with the setting that adjusts your skin type.

This 110 grams heavyweight razor with the combination of adjustable settings made me cope up with the adjustment so that I did let the blade do the work with its weight. Surely, you can change the aggressiveness if you want to put less pressure on your skin to avoid razor burn.

And the durability?

This razor with chrome finishing always gives you the highest quality for a lifetime. You can have a smooth and elegant shave every time you use this razor because the shaving quality is always kept constant.

Let us see what we have in pros and cons for this razor-

  • Smooth grip with beautiful design.
  • Adjustment of the blade angle that you can change according to your preference.
  • 1-5 adjustable settings to go mild and expose blades according to your shaving style.
  • Both mild & aggressive shaving.
  • Constant quality in shaving for a lifetime.
  • Quite affordable in price.
  • The handle is a little bit short.
  • The head is quite bulk for small areas such as upper lips and neck patterns.


Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Merkur-Futur-Adjustable-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorMerkur Future Double Edge Safety Razor has been the best double edge safety razor of the market regarding its adjustable blade gaps, giving a flexible aggressiveness to your shaving. I was quite impressed by the matte design & the look, made of world-class Solingen steel. The smooth grip of the handle gets you a clean & smooth shave during the shower; even if your hands are wet. Forgot to mention, the handle is quite longer than any other razors.

It gets better:

This razor works great with its unique adjustable settings that are 1-6. The 1 blade gives a narrow gap while the 6 gives you an aggressive and bigger blade gap. Meaning, you can control the aggressiveness & closeness of your shaving as you want. People who like aggressiveness and who don’t can easily comply with the adjustable control.

It really amazed me the most as I used the 1 gap setting to go mildly when I shave sensitive spots like head or neck areas. Even if you want to shave your nether areas such as leg shaving or else; you can go for the mild shaving adjustments as well as you can do aggressive shaving after your morning routine.

The snap-cap system makes it quite easy to install blades. All you need to do is open up the upper cap, throw in a blade, lock the upper cap, screw in the handle knob- and you are good to go!

The finishing of this razor is quite impressive; as it’s fully covered with chrome design. Moreover, this best double edge safety razor has gold-plated, satin and chrome finish and you can choose depending on your personal preference. As mentioned earlier, the Solingen Steel can give you a lifetime of smooth & irritation-free shaving.

Let’s see what this razor has regarding pros and cons:

  • Elegant design.
  • Adjustable blade gaps with 1-6 adjustable settings.
  • Smooth handle grip.
  • Snap-cap installation system.
  • Lifetime durability.
  • Quite affordable.
  • The head is quite huge for upper lips & nose.
  • The long length of the razor is not preferred by people who prefer short razor length.


Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor

Muhle-R41-Open-Tooth-Comb-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorIn terms of design: Muhle R41 is the best double edge safety razor. It beats all the other razors regarding its aesthetic design with a wheel at the bottom of the handle and craft with chrome-plated metal.

The grip is quite gentle. Once I hold it, I can concentrate fully on giving a perfect stroke on passes because I love to make lather on the palm of my hands and they are wet all the time during shaving.

The razor has an open tooth comb system that is made for people who prefer wet shaving. The overall construction of the blade angle makes a straight cut shaving system for any type of skin. What it does is simply drains away the foam or lather through the blade gap while you shave. I liked the blade system very much as the stubble never gets stuck on the blade I do not need to rinse it frequently during the shave.

It gets better:

As this lightweight razor weighing 62 grams can give you less pressure on to the skin and you can customize your force according to your own. This is generally good for people who prefer to shave after having 2 or 3 days beard.

About the aggression?

This double edge razor gives much aggression as the blade is quite exposed to the skin surface. I recommend users who are looking forward to having the aggressive shave master angle technique of their own and go gently across the skin level. It would be much better if you hold the angle to about 30 degrees and see how this razor rampages every ingrown hair and dense beards on your face.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this classic double edge razor:

  • The aesthetic design of the razor with chrome plated metal.
  • Gentle grip to go shaving with wet hands.
  • Open tooth comb system to drain foam through the blade gap while shaving.
  • Pretty lightweight complying with your shaving tactic.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Pretty aggressive for people who prefer mild shaving.
  • The handle is quite shorter.


Parker 99 Double Edge Safety Razor

Parker-99-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorYou can call this razor champion in case of comparing weight. This razor weighing 3.36 ounces does great with its super-duper heavyweight and does not make you worried in terms of putting much pressure on the skin.

As being heavy, this razor does great in giving much aggression to the shaving. It took me a little bit of time to get along with the razor but once I did it, my attraction for the lightweight razors started fading away. Because hanging out with the aggression of the heavy razors can give you a precise shave without leaving any ingrown hairs on your face.

What made me amazed was:

The handle of the razor is quite textured, so it is really easy to hold the handle. No worries, you can even grab it if your hands are wet and the handle will not slip.

This razor has the “Butterfly Open” in which you can just twist and open the edges quickly. This design really helps to replace blades quickly when you are in a rush. All you need to do is twist the lower knob of the handle, open the upper edge and drop a sharp blade- you’re done!

The entire construction of the razor is made of chrome, so the razor can last longer than anyone can think. Even you can disassemble the parts in an easy way so you can surely utilize the razor very precisely and the durability lasts much longer.

Let’s see what we have for this razor:

  • Easily disassembly system of the razor.
  • Super heavyweight, giving much pressure on the skin.
  • Chrome plated construction to last longer.
  • Butterfly design for easy blade replacement.
  • Textured handle for easy grip even in wet hands.
  • The regular finish on the razor.
  • Not for men who do not like heavy razors.
  • Not preferred by people who like short razors.


Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin-Jagger-Double-Edge-Safety-RazorEdwin Jagger has been the best double edge safety razor for its angle suitability during shave for both beginners and experts in double edge wet shaving.

This shaver is perfectly accurate in design and weight. The design comes in 4 different colors- ebony, chrome, ivory, and chrome lined. The chrome lined razor is covered up with chrome and handle has the lined pattern. It helps me to grab it with my wet hands and I can have much accurate & close shaving accordingly. I really liked the name Edwin Jagger carved on the collar of the handle, gives a much classy authenticity as well.

And the best part?

I was impressed by the closed comb head that is quite perfect for people who have sensitive skin. Not only that, if you are looking for gentle & mild shaving instead of having an aggressive one, this razor is perfect for you.

The straight cut blades with the combination of closed comb head system go through the skin gently & smoothly; cutting off beards ingrown hairs without leaving any razor burn. People who like to shave after 2 or 3 days of their hair growth, can get used to this razor. Needless to say, this razor is quite impressive for sensitive skins as well.

The razor has 2 parts of DE razor head that can comply with any other double edge safety blades and you can replace easily. This is universal, you can spend wisely and install reasonable blades easily as all of them are compatible.

Let’s get straight to the pros and cons that this razor has-

  • Angle suitability during shave for both beginners and experts.
  • Accurate design and weight.
  • Chrome lined pattern to grab with the comfort with wet hands.
  • The closed comb head that is quite perfect for people who have sensitive skin.
  • Compatible with any replaceable cheap double edge safety blades.
  • Pretty affordable in pricing.
  • The handle is a little bit shorter.
  • Not for people who prefer aggressive shaving.
  • Not for people who prefer open-comb razors.

Double Edge Safety Razors & How These Razors Are Different from Other Razors

You might have heard the term “DE” which basically stands as the “Double Edge”. This means the razors that have two edges on the head.  Double Edge Safety Razors focus on gliding along your skin line without pulling your upper skin layer so you do not have any chance of having razor burn or irritation. That’s how these razors give you the safety assurance.

How these razors are different from others is that these heads are classified into 2 groups- open combs and closed combs. Open comb razors have more exposure to blades than the closed comb razors and they are quite aggressive. If you want to go aggressive shaving, this works the best. Open comb razors have teeth that drains stubble and foams while giving a stroke so you do not have to clean it frequently during shaving. On the contrary, closed combs or safety bars are quite focused on skin sensitivity and gives gentle shave on your skin. Safety razors have 2 kinds of the bar. One of them is solid and the latter one is a scalloped bar. Apart from that, DE safety razors are different in piece constructions- 1 piece, 2 pieces and 3 pieces; depending on the permanent adjustment of the handle, base plate, and the head cap.

What to think when choosing Double Edge Safety Razors

As we have seen the 7 best double edge safety razors in the review, there are a few I would recommend you to consider before you buy any of them. These facts will not only give you best shave but also will improve your shaving style & economy. These are as follows:

Efficient grip and effective control

It’s best to consider the grip control when you buy a double edge safety razor. Obviously, you would not want to buy any razor that would be hard to grab on. Some of the razors I have mentioned earlier have lined pattern grip system, textured grip system, smooth grip system and so on. These blades help me grip efficiently even if my hands are fully wet. In case you do not want your razors to slip while giving a stroke, you can buy one that has efficient & ergonomic grip control.

Free from razor burn & irritation shave

Razor burn, skin irritation would be the main reasons you would like to buy double edge safety razors in order to avoid. The DE razors which consist of closed combs concentrate on giving mild shave whenever you give a stroke. Furthermore, these blade system will even help you glide over your skin line if you have skin sensitivities. So, I would recommend you to choose Double Edge Safety Razors that can get rid of skin irritation and give you a close shave.

Easy Blade Replacements

As like other users, I would recommend myself to those razors that have easily blade replacement system. Basically, the double edge safety razors that we have discussed earlier are easy to install blades and put on the caps. These 2 or 3 pieces of razors are quite easy to replace blades. Whenever you buying one of these, make sure they can comply with any universal double edge blades so that you can be economic in a proper manner.


If you are looking for heavy duty on every stroke, make sure to buy those razors that are heavy in terms of weight. These heavyweight razors positions their blade on your skin aggressively and you can give a slanted cut thoroughly. By contrast, if you desire for a mild shave, then go for lightweight razors that are quite light and you can use your tactics to get a mild shave without harming your skin line.

How you can shave with a double edge safety razor, step by step

You might be wondering how you can use a double edge safety razor to get a clean, smooth and gentle shave. Well, I am here to help you. Whether you would like to have a traditional or old-school shaving, the basic tactics are all the same. Let me guide you step by step to get the best shave you desire. Let’s dive right in-

Inspect Growth Pattern

First, inspect your face’s facial growth pattern. Gently rub your face, neck, jawline to detect the direction of your hair growth. You can do this with your fingers or the palm of your hand.

Apply hot towel or shower

Before you start shaving, it is better to shower. If you do not have enough time, you can apply a hot towel to your beard and keep it for about 30 to 40 seconds. By that, your hairs will be smooth and the long-lying hairs will be uplifted.

Clean your skin

After you apply the towel or shower, clean your face with a face wash gently so that your dead cells and dead hairs will be removed and your skin will be ready to get a smooth shave.

Install a blade on your razor

Install a sharp, clean blade on your razor before you start. Twist the knob of the handle to remove the base plate, drop a blade inside the cap. Make sure the double side is facing the blade. One thing to mention, the double side is what makes the blade lift the hairs. Install the upper cap and you are good to go.

Apply lather

Make your brush fiber wet with any shaving gel and foam. Rub it onto the palm of your hand to make a rich, creamy lather. Now start applying the lather on face contours, neck, jawline and upper lips. Make sure to let the cream sit for about 30 seconds so that the hairs will be softened and ready to be cut off.

Set your razor on the skin

Now set the blade of the razor onto your skin straight. Now set the angle of the razor to your skin to about 30 degrees and give a stroke from the sideburns to your jawline. You can even go further to your neck areas on the first stroke. Do not apply too much pressure or the top layer of the skin will come up and you might have razor burns.

Go sensitive

Some of your face contours might have different hair growth direction. In such case, go along them smoothly & gently. Especially, give a stroke to your neck areas as it might have different hair directions. Master your technique and you will be able to get rid of ingrown hairs & razor bumps.


After you finish shaving, wash your face and apply a dime-sized aftershave onto your face and neck areas. I recommend using alcohol-free aftershave, ones that have ingredients such as Aloe-Vera, coconut and so on. These aftershaves will get you rid of skin irritation as well.

Are Double Edge Safety Razors good for your sensitive skin?

Well, the term defines the matter- ‘safety’. The best Double Edge Safety Razors have closed comb system that is focused on giving mild & gentle shaving on your skin line. If you are having trouble with your skin sensitivity, I would suggest you buy closed comb double edge safety razors, while they have solid and scalloped bars. Basically, these bars are focused on getting rid of skin irritation and razor burns. Unless you are not giving much pressure on your skin, these double edge safety razors will help you get a cool & mild shave without harming your sensitive skin.


Now that we have seen the Best Double Edge Safety Razors in the market, you know what to find according to your personal preference and skin needs. Double edge safety razors have always been the instruments to your old-school shaving and these are unbeatable in performance. Needless to mention, these blades are quite economic & reasonable and you will be saved a lot of bucks every day, with the best shaving experience that you desire.

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