Best Cartridge Razor Models You Need in 2023


Smart men crave the silky soft face just like their sexy counterparts!

While women prefer waxing and facials at the spa, we tend to go for less expensive half an hour shaves every morning. Or every other day depending on your preference.

The main tool of the trade for us is a razor. And 70% of the time, it is a Cartridge Razor. I can imagine why this is the case. A cartridge razor is small. It fits into your hands nicely. And, you can maneuver it around your face with lesser effort compared to conventional shaving tools.

Swapping through cartridges is easy. Not to mention, these razors are low in cost when compared to their traditional variants. These things are popular to say the least.

Popularity is one thing but finding the ideal one that’s specifically tailored to YOU, is another. There are numerous brands trying their hands in these things. You have unlimited choices in terms of features, different products, and brands.

Finding the best cartridge razor that suits your skin and beard is a tedious task for many and I intend to help you with that. My article will give you a shortlist of razors that fit the bill and excel at shaving.

I took the liberty of throwing in a buying guide in their as well. This will tell you what to look for in case you took matters into your own hands and do the research.

Best Cartridge Razor Choices You Have

Oh, you’ll find plenty of Cartridge Razors out there for sale. Picking the ideal one is a job easier said than done. However, I’ve taken up the challenge for you. Below you’ll find five of the top cartridge razors currently in business.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Men’s Razor

Gillette-Fusion-ProGlide-Power-Men's-RazorYou just simply cannot be a man who shaves regularly and has never heard of Gillette! Why am I emphasizing the brand? Because they have outdone themselves yet again. This time by bringing perhaps the best cartridge razor in the market.

The manufacturers have included the flexball technology to enhance your shaving experience even more. Thus, Gillette Fusion adjusts to the contours of our faces just fine.

One can rely on Gillette for the performance when it comes to running on AC power. There is a microchip inside this product that maintains voltage consistency and furthermore a stable frequency to give you a classy smooth shave every time.

That’s not all, It also runs on batteries! This razor also has an auto shut down technology. The feature turns off this razor after exactly 8 minutes. It will lessen stress on the shaver and your batteries at the same time.

To glide smoothly on your jaw the Micropulses help you to avoid unwanted friction. Trust me on this, you won’t even feel the blades.  The Precision Trimmer can be used with or without drawing power from the batteries.

After hearing about all these features, you might be thinking a bit about battery longevity. Just to help you out, Gillette has included a low battery indicator which flashes to let you know when the time’s up! As a result, the battery lasts a long time before giving up.

All Gillette Fusion Blades are compatible with every Fusion Razor. So no need to worry about compatibility. Just to put a smile on that smooth and glamorous face of yours Gillette throws in One Razor Blade refill with this purchase.

Things You’ll Like about this Razor
  • I loved the fact that Gillette has put some of the thinnest of its blades on show for this razor.
  • When you are done shaving, the “Auto Shutoff” feature stops the razor conserving battery life.
  • The blades of this machine can glide all over your face smoothly thanks to the micropulses.
  • When running on AC current, the microchip inside it provides consistent voltage.
  • This thing has a precision trimmer that doesn’t require batteries to run.
Things You Won’t Like about this Razor
  • This is one of the pricier cartridge razors out there on the market.

Micro Touch Triple-Blade Razor

Micro-Touch-Triple-Blade-RazorIf you are looking for the finest balance between affordability and comfort, then this razor might just be the thing for you. Micro Touch prioritizes comfort over all else.

Are you bothered by bad shaving experiences due to rough razor blades that don’t really cut it for you? Then say hello to long-lasting comfort which will be easy on your wallet and skin too!

The MicroTouch technology works in three steps. Lift, cut and finish with three blades consecutively. There is absolutely no chance of missing anything. And the micro thin non-stick surface strip allows ample lubrication and a far smoother experience in shaving.

The primary perk of a razor is the quality of the blade that it uses. Micro Tech brings you German high-quality stainless steel blades that give you the cutting edge slide. Also, it has zero chances of causing irritation on sensitive skin.

This little product provides you with a Micro Tough trimmer and 12 extra cartridges. So, you can keep on shaving for a long… long… time without having to go to the nearest store for a proper refill.

You get 12 cartridges of blades with this razor. You don’t need to buy blades for at least a year.

The manufacturers also give you comfort when it comes to gripping it. The ergonomic handle of the razor is easy to grab onto. One can handle it easily as well. It goes over your facial contours like a breeze. I didn’t face nicks and bruises while using this thing.

Frankly, this razor is all you need to have a proper shave. Micro Touch offers you a package that almost sounds too good to be true providing sufficient thoughts for the needs of everyday men.

Things You’ll Like about this Razor
  • The non-stick strips lubricate your face to allow you comfort while the razor glides over.
  • People get 12 razor cartridges that is easily a year worth of supply of blades to work with.
  • The Micro Touch Cartridge Razor allows people with sensitive skin to use it without any troubles.
  • The blades are sharp and made of stainless steel; you’ll experience quick shave in no time at all.
  • It lifts the beard, cuts it, and doesn’t cause rashes or red spots on the skin that many try to avoid.
Things You Won’t Like about this Razor
  • I couldn’t find any fault with the blades or the razor whatsoever in my time of using it.


Schick Hydro 5 Razor for Men

Schick-Hydro-5-Razor-for-MenAs we move down to the third product on my list of Best Cartridge Razor Choices, I have Schick Hydro 5.

Schick brings you unique razor for men with flip trimmer and 2 razor blade refills. The blades are combat ready with any kind of razor in the market when it comes to skin care. With the Schick Hydro 5, you can say goodbye to skin irritation and annoying friction for good.

This is a complete evolution when it comes to skin protection using lubrication. This razor has upgraded gel reservoirs that provide excellent lubrication giving you a more comfortable and clean shave.

Lube strips will become a thing of the past, as this new technology works 80 % more efficiently. And guess what? This will allow your skin to remain hydrated even after an hour of your shave. Thinking about friction? Well, it’s guaranteed to be 40 % less than anything you could have possibly used.

The blade count is a whopping five! And to make matters interesting, there is an advanced skin guard equipped with each blade. This doubles the number of contact between the skin and blade, resulting in an ultra-clean shave. The guard bar is redesigned as well. This will ensure a bit of extra skin stretch. The blade spans are reduced too. There is absolutely no risk of skin bulge.

The top quality glossy metal and the perfectly designed ergonomic shape allows you to have solid grip on the handle. And the brilliant look is just a bonus that comes with this amazing little product. There is even a flip trimmer added to the razor so you can easily trim hard to reach areas.

Things You’ll Like about this Razor
  • You have the flip trimmer that accounts for all the hard reaching areas that you may find.
  • The makers redesigned the guard of this thing to allow your skin some stretch while shaving.
  • I could grab this razor just fine thanks to the ergonomic metal handle.
  • There is a Lube Strip as a part of the razor. Your face will remain hydrated even after shaving.
Things You Won’t Like about this Razor
  • I couldn’t find any fault with this little razor.


Dorco Pace 6 Plus

Dorco-Pace-6-PlusKeep it close, clean and super-fast while shaving with Dorco Pace 6 Plus. This baby here is the world’s first six blade shaving solution that allows you to have a clean shave with a single stroke. This razor doesn’t joke around when it comes to effective shaving and it’s also jam-packed with awesome features.

You have to hold it to believe it. The ergonomic shape of the handle and the weight offer people total comfort and control over the razor while you are shaving. The awesome feel is a substantial part of Dorco’s wet-shaving technology.

The lubricant strip of the razor is loaded with vitamin extracts and all the herbal goodness that you need to keep your skin healthy and young. Yes, I’m talking about Aloe, lavender, oil, and vitamin E. Whether you are looking for anti-oxidants or skin moisturizers, this razor has it all.

The open flow cartridge allows your blades to stay super clean. The hair follicles and shaving cream soaps don’t have a chance of sticking around. This means a longer blade life as corrosion chances are totally obliterated.

I told you there will be something extra, didn’t I? People will be glad to know about the tilting head this razor has. The head allows it to adjust to your facial structure just as it moves. Plus, the big and soft rubber fins provide a bit of extra skin protection.

Thinking about bonuses now are we? Well then, this product has got you covered with 10 extra blade cartridges that come totally free with the purchase you make.

Things You’ll Like about this Razor
  • It is a “Six-Blade” razor system that gives people closest shave that they can ever hope for.
  • This razor is hygienic with the “Open Flow” technology. Hair and soap don’t stick around.
  • The tilting head of this razor allows it to adjust to your facial contours smoothly.
  • I loved the ten extra blades this razor comes with. It saves the blade expenses for at least a year.
  • The razor strip is laced with vitamins A and E. With Aloe Vera in the mix, your skin is moisturized.
Things You Won’t Like about this Razor
  • If you use one pack of blades for too long, they will lose their edges and become dull fast.


Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Gillette-Mach3-Turbo-Men’s-RazorInto classic razors that are still pure gold when it comes to clean and silky smooth shaving? Then this razor might just be the best cartridge razor that you could ever hope for. This amazing razor is pure gold. It comes with blades that are stronger than steel.

This one has three times the charm. Because the three progressively placed blades give you a clean and close shave. This means, three strokes with the effort of one.

These blades are specially designed to cut hair with geometric efficiency and to make things easier. I found a stroke guard for a far more comfortable shaving experience.

The micro-fin technology helps to smoothen the skin before the blades touch your skin and deal with the first hair. Heard of the LubraStrip? Yes, this strip does just what it sounds like. It lubricates your skin for that extra care that every man deserves.

It releases lubricants on your skin while you shave, giving you a totally smooth glide. If the strip turns white, it’s a signal that you should change the blade.

Looking for that free gift? Well, you won’t be disappointed as this handle comes with one extra blade cartridge. And not to worry, all Mach 3 blades are compatible with the Mach 3 razor.

Gillette razors are well known for their awesome quality and durability. For example, this Mach three razor will serve you better than a new disposable one after even 10 months of uses.

Things You’ll Like about this Razor
  • This thing is fairly easy to handle as it adapts well to your facial contours. You won’t get any cuts.
  • The razor doesn’t leave residue or hair behind after people are done shaving with it.
  • The lubrastrip contributes a great deal to enhance your skin’s smoothness after shaving.
  • This is a budget-friendly razor with sharp blades that’ll give you clean shave each time every time.
Things You Won’t Like about this Razor
  • I’d not recommend this blade for beginners or first-time shavers in any condition.
  • This razor is not suited for repeated use per day. The blades get dull pretty soon.


How I Chose These Razors?

It may look easy but cycling through product after product until you hit the jackpot is difficult. I did face the same level of difficulty in my first turn. Fortunately, I tested my razors and noticed a few things that should help my readers making the best purchase. So, here’s my little buying guide for you guys.

I Checked for the Weight

While choosing my list of cartridge razors, I measured the weight. I prefer my razor to be lightweight. Bulky razor can put a dent on your shaving experience. Also, heavy razors can cause the blades to bend. Some of the blades even break or chip due to the excessive pressure they have to endure.

Heavy razors aren’t ideal for a good shaving experience. The weight can pull down on your face and can cause cuts, nicks, and bruises.

I Was Privy to the Construction of the Product

I couldn’t pick “Just Another Razor,” could I? The construction of each razor on my list had to be top-notch. How a razor is built bears an impact on its performance. Cheap materials can will doom your razor’s lifespan. Razors with plastic body can break down mid-shave and cause you troubles.

Stainless steel construction is great for longevity. But it increases the weight. I chose to go for light but durable metals. Stainless steel is also good provided you have an ergonomic handle to grip the product comfortably. Otherwise, shaving can be a bad experience for you guys.

I Selected Ones with Stainless Steel Blades

Stainless steel blades are great when it comes to the longevity of the cartridge itself. These blades are sharp in general. You can have quite a number of shaves with these before they give into dullness.

The razors on my list feature blades that are spread out. These cover more area on your face. Having four to five blades on a razor can cause stubble and patches of hair to get stuck in between the blades.

A razor with three blades is good for most occasions. Especially, when you are looking to keep the beard for a few days. If you shave per day, go for a razor with more than three blades. Your facial hair will not have time to grow. As a result, little to no hair will get stuck in between the blades.

I Took My Skin Sensitivity into Account Too!

I suggest you do the same. Let’s face it, skin types vary from person to person. Some of us (like me) have sensitive skin compared to others. That’s why you need to select razors that counter sensitivity.

I found products that use Lubra Strips. These are strips that facilitate the movement of razors. These strips also hydrate your skin. These are often laced with vitamins A and E. You’ll also find Aloe Vera among the ingredients. These ingredients allow your skin to be moisturized.

As a result, people will not have to deal with rashes or skin bulging. There’ll be less cuts or bruises while shaving as well.

The Number of Cartridges Interested Me

The more the cartridge number, the greater the value. Cartridge razors don’t cost you that much when you consider the dollars. Normally, it’s the cartridges. Shaving daily can cause them to get dull fast.

I knew that. That’s why I selected razors that come with extra cartridges. Some of the products in this list have as many as 12 cartridges. These are more than a year’s supply to some of you guys. This means, you won’t have to spend a huge chunk of money buying new blades. It’ll save money for a year at least.

Final Thoughts

Shaving is not a complicated task once you know the basics. But choosing the best cartridge razor is. Many of us feel confused while shopping for one. I hope my little buying guide and recommendations helped to some extent. I certainly don’t want to be pushy but Gillette’s ProGlide is the one I favor.

It has all the components one needs for a classy shave. It ticks all the boxes. Even if one needs a budget-friendly version, Gillette is there. You can get yourselves Mach 3 at a minute price and still get the quality you’ve come to expect from this brand.

Remember, quality shaving is 50% equipment, 30% skill, and 20% timing. Choose wisely!

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