Braun Series 7 Shaving Machines: The Best Foil Shaver Within Budget

When it comes to electric shavers, what is your top choice? For me, it’s Braun. Particularly, Braun Series 7. Braun is undisputedly the best foil shaver out there. Why? That’s what I’ll discuss in this post while I discuss the shavers Braun brought up in this series.

This post will feature the comparison of series 7 shavers. The in-depth look at these things should help our readers to pick one that best suits them. I’ll be looking at the performances, features, benefits, and technologies used in these machines.

Without beating around the bush, let us get on with today’s topic.

Braun Series 7 Comparison Table

Let us have a glimpse into few of the features that this lineup of shavers possesses.

Model Number720s760cc790cc799cc
Fast Clean FeatureNot AvailableNot AvailableComes with this featureComes with this feature
The “Active Drying” featureNot present in this modelYou bet 760cc has this!You bet 790cc has this!You bet 799cc has this!
Can You Select Auto Programs?Not with this modelYes, You Can!Yes, You Can!Yes, You Can!
Can You Get Wet and Dry Shaving?Not with this one!Not with this one!Not with this one!Yes!
Battery Indicator Type and LevelsLCD (has 3 levels)LCD (has 5 levels)LCD (has 5 levels)LCD (has 6 levels)
Travel Storage I GetYou get a normal pouchYou get a normal pouchYou get a normal pouchYou get a normal pouch

Which Foiling Shavers are there in Braun Series 7?

Braun 7 lineup has some of the leading Shavers this brand has brought into the market. The lineup includes Braun 720s, the 760cc, Braun 790cc, and “The” Braun 799cc. Let me go over the features and benefits for each of these razors in my short reviews below:

Braun Series 7 720s

Braun-Series-7-720sBoy! What a package this product is! You’ll be amazed to know that the 720s has some amazing benefits on offer. Firstly, this trimmer/shaver can lift the lying hair and cut it for you. Thanks to this, you won’t have the problem of leaving hair patches behind.

Then you have the “OptiFoil” design. It helps you to grab more hair when you need to. The blade goes deep into long beard or facial hair to cut them seamlessly well. The 720s uses Pulsonic technology. It allows you to cut more facial hair in one go than previous models. These two aspects combine really well.

Wait, there’s more! You have “Triple Action Cutting System.” It allows you to trim long mustaches and beard hair in a jiffy. Just like the performance, it provides in case of shorter hair. Plus, you get to work with three modes. The normal mode is every bit useful as the “Extra Sensitive” mode or the “Intensive Shave” mode.

I am going to round it off with the pivoting head that I found really useful. You don’t have to deal with face bumps or any lumps. The head of this Braun 720s shaver adapts quickly to your facial contours to provide you closest shave with no nicks or cuts.

The shaver is also waterproof. So, you won’t have to worry about liquid getting in the mechanism and ruining your machine.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • The design makes this razor easy to grip for me.
  • With this waterproof razor, I can run water over this without worrying.
  • The LED display helps me gauge the battery life and charging stats.
  • This thing is a hair trimmer as well.
  • Gives you three modes catering different types of skin.
  • Trim your beard, sideburns, and even mustaches.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • Using the trimmer part is a bit difficult for the newbies.

Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver

Braun-Series-7-760ccIf you aren’t into the Series 7 720s, take things up a notch with the 760cc! First thing’s first, it has the Sonic Technology at work. This thing increases and decreases the speed of your razor based on where you are shaving and how long or short your hair is. Impressed yet? There’s more!

You have the ActiveTrimmer feature in play too. This thing picks up hair that’s lying flat. It is particularly useful when you are shaving those “Hard to Reach” areas (like your butt or pelvic hair). Plus, you have the 2X OptiFlow technology that grants you a haircut as small as .05mm. This helps you to get the perfect shave you need for any formal or informal occasion.

The Series 7 760cc comes with a pivoting head. This helps the razor to reach difficult corners of your face and shave the hair. You have the macro-motion technology. This allows 760cc to cause vibrations and adhere to the contours of your face.

I particularly liked the docking station this razor comes with. Well, it contains an “Alcohol-based” solution. This becomes pretty useful when you want to lubricate your shaver. The solution cleans the razor too if you select the accurate program. It dries Braun 760cc with a single touch of a button. Plus, this docking station charges the whole machine.

Like the earlier model on my list, you have three modes of shaving to work with. Braun 760cc allows you to have normal shaving experience with “Extra Sensitive” option for itchy skin or if you have rash problems and the intense shaving. The last option is for people who don’t mind going the extra mile for a clean shave with no patches of hair around.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • Expect this shaving system to grant you a fast shave.
  • You have the single button operation. Just click the button and start shaving.
  • I could also trim my sideburns with it; people can use this to trim mustaches as well.
  • The design is the first thing that knocked me off my feet.
  • I quite liked the docking system and various uses that it has.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • I don’t know about others, I found the motor noisier than in usual shavers.
  • I think precision trimmer has a bit room for improvement.

Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Electric Foil Shaver

Braun-Series-7-790ccIf you want the state-of-the-art razor to take care of your shaving job with the price in mind, this is the Braun Series 7 product you should get. For many, this is the best the brand has to offer (of course you have the 799cc too). Let us find out what are the reasons behind such remarks.

Every Braun Electric Shaver Review would tell you how the Sonic Technology works with this razor. As with any shaver from this series, you have 10,000 micro-vibrations to work with. This thin picks up hair that lies around escapes normal razors. This electric device is fast and efficient.

This shaver cuts my beard in a straight line. For the past 5 months or so, I never had to go over a spot more than once with Braun 790cc in my hands. It cuts the facial hair clean with minimal strokes.

With the smart adaptability and the sensor, it kind of reads my face. I tend to get bumps while shaving. The 790cc goes over the bumps and contours smoothly. Plus, I get an extra thin cut. So, no complaints here!

A big part of the shaving performance depends on the four types of shaves built in inside the razor. Once you dissect this thing, you’ll find different types of blades and setups that facilitate different styles. This machine covers everything from a clean shave, body grooming, trimming, and even stylizing.

Also, you have longevity on your side. Series 7 razors from Braun like this one are manufactured in Germany. I was assured by the seller that this one should last a minimum of 7 years before it runs out of gas.

I’m not going to leave five modes of operation while focusing on 790cc. You can trigger shaving for sensitive skin or even “Turbo” mode for a quick shave.

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This unit has some unique features with benefits.
  • I found it waterproof; so you can clean the hair out of the blades by running water over it.
  • Did I mention it is automatically cleaned by the docking station?
  • I could hold this unit comfortably in my hands.
  • People can use this with or without cords. Without cords you get 50 minutes of shaving time.
  • I could charge the batteries with different voltage ranges. One hour charge is enough.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • The package as a whole is bulky for some people.

Braun Series 7 799cc – The Elite in the Group!

BRAUN-SERIES-7-799CCYup! You read it right! It is the elite shaver amidst the Braun Electric Shavers on my list. Everything from the design, Sonic Technology (which is common in series 7) to the performance makes it one of my favorite in Braun’s arsenal.

This time too Braun has come up with precision trimmer for people who strive for something extra and smooth while shaving. The trimmer technology allows you to have a thin cut and trim your facial hair exactly as you like.

You have twin foil system as part of this product. It guards your soft face. While the foils guard your face, the trimmer in the middle does a great job trimming the hair to a perfect length. If you’ve been paying attention to my Braun Series 7 short reviews, you’ll know that the trimmers make the hair extremely short.

I guess I’ve discussed the operating time for the batteries of these shavers. Well, as usual, the battery gives you 50 minutes of shaving time when fully charged. The special thing is, you get to complete one shave even if you charge it for five minutes.

To add to that, you have a display that shows you the remaining charge of your battery and how clean the razor is at any point in time. Of course, you have the docking system that cleans your machine automatically.

Braun 799cc gives you 10000 micro-vibrations per stroke. This is more than some of the previous models on my list. This allows you to pick up lying hair while you are shaving. Do I need to repeat that you’ll not have patches of hair lying here and there on your face? I guess not!

Things I Liked About this Product
  • This thing has the IPX7 rating that makes it waterproof; the range is 5 meters deep in water.
  • You can use this in your shower; it is suitable for wet and dry shaving.
  • Macro-motion allows the head to tilt for up to 40-degree angle so you get better shaves.
  • The docking system allows the razor to be cleaned and cleansed against allergenic agents.
  • You can use it while it is not connected to power.
  • Hard leather case (premium pouch as many call it) protects it better than other products.
Things I Didn’t Like About this Product
  • You can’t use it while it is connected to the charger.
  • It can be a noisy shaver as well.
  • Cleaning station cartridges can be expensive for some users.

Why am I Advocating for Braun Shavers?

Weird, right? Why would I go for Braun? Specifically, the Series 7? There must be a reason for me to dub this lineup as one of the best, right? Well, there are a few reasons. Actually, more than a handful features and benefits prompted me to go for these shavers in my list today as a recommendation. Let us have a look.

Braun Electric Series 7 Shavers Work with Pulsonic Technology

This is one of many reasons I chose this lineup over the others. This is the best innovation in shaving that I’ve come across. These razors can judge your face. They can also gauge how thick your facial hair is. Based on that, the technique slows down the razor or even speeds it up if the hair needs an extra boost to be cut. I didn’t have to press the razor hard on my face when I wanted a clean shave thanks to this technique.

3 – 5 Shaving Modes Depending on the Model You Choose

Now, this is quite handy. Braun 7 shavers come with at least three modes of operation when you are shaving. As a part of higher models in this lineup, you get five modes. These are insanely helpful when tackling different places of your body.

For example, people have the luxury of choosing these shavers just because they have “Sensitive Skin” mode. These are great for rash-prone skin or if you have acne problems.

Then you have “Simple” and “Intense” modes for normal and extra close shaves respectively.

Also, you have “Turbo Shaving” if you choose the models 790cc and 799cc. This mode helps you to get a quick shave when and where you need it. All the while, these shavers never nick or cut your face thanks to the guard in place. How would you use these perks? The choice is yours!

Can’t Shave a Tricky Area? Here’s Active Lift!

This technology gives me (and the others) an extra lift. I mean, we all have places on our skin that a standard automatic shaver would never reach, right? For example, you have neck and back areas where hair doesn’t stand up. Normal razors don’t cut the hair properly. People end up with hair patches here and there.

But, with Active Lift, the trimmer in the middle for these razors makes 130 movements every second. That rapid movement picks up lying hair perfectly and trims or cuts them accurately. As a result, you have a clean shave no matter where on your body you are operating.

OptiFoil System is a Bliss!

Braun has engineered OptiFoil as a part of these series 7 electric shavers. This feature is handy when you want a quick and effective shave. Remember when we spoke about the middle trimmer? Well, it grabs more hair per stroke thanks to the foil system. As a result, people are able to cut or trim more hair per stroke as well. Plus, it is ergonomically designed. So you can expect it to move along the curves of your skin without creating any problems.

Flexibility is Its Key

If one thing these shavers are, they are flexible. With these ones on my list, you’ll find pivoting heads. Pivoting heads and, floating blades, and trimmers make these shavers to be easy to adjust and easy on the skin as well. You don’t get nicks and bruises. Plus, these shavers feel pleasant on your skin.

The Cleaning Dock System is a Relief!

Yup, it is! Have you ever come across a unique shaver that cleans itself? Maybe. But Braun Series 7 does the job a bit better. When you dip these razors in the cleaning system, it cleans them, you are able to charge your device, it lubricates them for a better use, and dries them for better use.

Once you dip these things, it takes the cleaning station 25 seconds to complete all these tasks. It uses a cartridge for the job. An average person needs to refill the station with four cartridges per year. So, the amazing features and benefits this little docking platform has are:

  • The cleaning solution is based on Alcohol.
  • When you dock the shaver in, it recharges the machine automatically.
  • The lubrication system I’ve been telling you about provides the cutting energy it needs.
  • It has three modes for cleaning, “Normal” one, “Short Echo,” and “Intense.”
  • Once cleaning is done, it revitalizes the series 7 razors with a lemon scent.

People Get a High-Performance Trimmer

That is one of the reasons I keep recommending Braun 7 series razors to people. There is a trimmer that comes with the standard shaving toolset. This trimmer allows you to cut your sideburns and mustaches down to .05mm height. That IS impressive!

These Shaving Machines Are Waterproof

Not too many shavers in the current era can boast of being waterproofed. These shavers can. So much so that the shavers on my list for today have high ratings (IPX5 to IPX7) on waterproofing scales. The 799cc can even withstand submerging under water for several minutes. The point is, you can run cold water over your shavers. The water won’t get in because these shavers have sealed bodies.

If you are in a hurry and need the job to be done quickly, you always have cleaning station as the last resort.

The Razors Have State-of-the-Art Display System

Yup, the display sets razors 760s to 799cc miles apart from the rest. You have digital display on the razor that shows you just “How Clean Your Razor Is? (for 799cc only)” Also, it gives you clear idea about how much charge you have left in your razor for the shave. Depending on the “Cleanliness” meter, you can choose to use the alcohol solution or normal water to clean the blades and remove the hair.

Li-On Batteries Take Less Time to Recharge

Some of the higher models of Braun Series 7 have cordless functionalities. These shavers are powered by Li-on batteries of 3.6v power. You can expect these to be powerful enough for a clean shave. Plus, the models come with incredible power sucking capabilities. Well, you can expect your razors to be recharged in under an hour. 50 minutes to be exact.

Furthermore, if you want a quick shave, just charge the razors for as little as five minutes. It will get the job done giving you one cordless shave.

What Are the Minute Differences Between These Shavers?

Right, we’ve talked about four series 7 shavers up front, went into catchy features that made me choose them, and had a comparison table for a glimpse. Now, let us look at the tiny differences that these shavers have in terms of small tweaks and feature add-ons. It’ll be fun!

The 720s from Series 7

Although it has all the features of the latter models, but in small quantities. Be it the Pulsonic technology, the “Active Lift” feature, or the OptiFoil system, everything is there. But, in an “Optimized” way. I’d advise you to add some bucks to your budget and then go for the higher models that are out there for purchase.

Differences Between 720s and 760cc

It is hard nitpicking in between two razors of the same series. But even so, the 760s costs more than its predecessor and adds some perks to the existing list. The latter model comes with the “Much Talked about” cleaning station. You can do all sorts of things with it. Braun 720s doesn’t have as many battery levels as the 760cc has. 760cc displays five levels of battery when you are using it. The 720s only shows three.

What’s New in 790cc compared to 760cc

In this case, 790cc comes with an added “Program Selection” system. You can choose fast shaving and a number of shaving modes (more than the predecessor). It is the ideal thing to have for a quick shave compared to 760cc.

Then you have the “Battery Level Indicator” that shows six bars instead of five. People get the leather case to keep this thing safe.

Are There Stark Differences between 790cc and 799cc?

Not so much actually. It is only that the 799cc can be used when you are in your shower. In other words, feel free to use this for wet shaving as well as the dry version. But, the predecessor 790cc cannot be used for wet shaving as I recall.

Final Thoughts on this Piece!

Yup, we are done with the article at this point! Braun Series 7 shavers are a delight to use and review. Each of these has its own charm when you use it. Now, there isn’t lot a lot in between these things. But, you get some extra perks as you jump from model to model.

Personally, I have been using shavers from this brand for a long time. I must say, the series 9 is a story for those with budget. But if you want something that’ll serve you for years and won’t cut too deep into your wallet, this IS the ideal lineup that you see in this post.

Shaving is a day-to-day affair, you wouldn’t want an electric razor that you need to repair or change frequently. The series gives you years of service in return of a moderate price. It is a deal maker for me at least.