A Complete Guide on How to Shave Your Head

How-to-Shave-Your-HeadAre you looking for a solution of your half bald head due to hair fall or ready for a new look?

Then shaving your hair is the best solution to look bald and shiny. Before shaving you need to take some preparation. Gather your essentials things nearby which will be needed for shaving and make sure that you aren’t missing anything. Getting everything at your hand will make your job easy.

Right tools for shaving your head

Hair trimmer

You will need a hair trimmer to give your hair a quick trim. Hair trimmer is not mandatory but it will make your shaving process bit easier.

A quality razor

Choose a clean, high quality razor for head shaving. A quality razor can ensure you the quality shaving. On the other hand, a dull razor can cause cuts or skin irritation.

Shaving cream or oil

Shaving cream lubricates and softens the hair which allows the razor to glide smoothly across the scalp. And helps to protects your scalp from cuts and nicks.

After shave cream

After shaving lotions moisturize the skin and helps preventing skin irritation. Choose the best aftershave according to your skin type.

How to Shave Your Head: Step by step guide

Trim your hair

Long hairs (longer than 1/4inch) are difficult to shave as they are more likely to get tangled in the razor blades. Sometimes they also make the blade ineffective.

So, it will be wise if you trim your hair as short as possible before shaving. Just set your hair trimmer at its shortest length and start trimming.

Wet and apply shaving cream

Wet your hair with water and wait for 2 to 3 minutes to soften the hair. Then apply shaving cream and massage thoroughly into your scalp prior to shaving. This cream will also help to soften your hair.

Shave your head

Take your razor and start shaving from the front to back. As the hairs in front of your head are thinner, these are easy to shave.

Go with the grain while you are shaving your head to avoid unwanted ingrown hair and razor bumps. Shaving with the grain means that going through the same direction of hair growth. In case of thick and curly hair you can shave against the grain, but there is increased chance of skin irritation.

Take your time and use slow and small strokes instead of long strokes. Do not apply extra pressure. Smoothly glide your razor over the head. Use a shower mirror to check if you have missed any spot.

Rinse your razor with water as often as needed to clean the hair.

Rinse your head

Once you are done, take a look with a mirror to check if you have any missed spot. Then rinse your head with water. Pat it dry with towel.

Apply aftershave cream

Once you are all done, don’t forget to apply aftershave cream. It will help to prevent your scalp from drying out and sooth your skin you have any cuts and nicks.

After completing shaving you have to take proper care to keep your scalp shinny and polished. You can wash your bald head with body soap or any gentle shampoo. Just avoid anything which can dry up your scalp.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizing lotion. Especially after shaving first time apply sunscreen before going out to protect your scalp from sunburn.

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